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I know bread is going to be tough, but Is Pizza out of the question?

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Just wondering from all of you that have had your bands for awhile, do you ever eat pizza anymore? I have seen that many people do not tolerate bread well at all, but is it the same for pizza? I know that it is not the best choice of food, but i loved pizza and I am just wondering if I will ever be able to eat it again? Not that it's going to happen for me for a long long time. Just wondering!?

I love my breads and hadn't had any since I had an overfill and fill removal in Jan. but I did eat a breadstick 2 nights ago and it was WONDERFUL!! You have to chew super-well and take uber-small bites, but you can do it. I would recommended it as an occasional treat. I haven't been able to eat rice since I was on my mushy diet, it just sticks.

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Just wondering from all of you that have had your bands for awhile, do you ever eat pizza anymore? I........ Just wondering!?

I'm the guy for this question. pizza was and still is my favorite food. As a matter of fact, I can thank the good 'ol pie to me eventually getting the lapband... Damn you pizza, your so good, but bad?? I unfortunately could handle pizza. Only thin crust, and chewed well obviously. the only thing different, i only eat about two slices at the most instead of the usual 7 slices.. I dont reccommend it, but like i said, you won't be able to eat much. Just focus on all your post-op directions and remember, you will be able to enjoy some of the same foods, but it in a healthy moderation. for the record, ... it's best to stay away from foods you were hooked on. good luck, god bless.

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I can eat thin crust pizza too. I usually just eat about half of the crust and pull the toppings off the other half. I eat this with a salad and don't feel bad about it. I have lost 60 pounds since Sept. 2010 so I must be doing something right

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Funny Stuff.

Some People here acknowledge that pizza is NOT a good choice for someone trying to lose weight. But look at all the people who went ahead and did it anyway.


I have heard of no unsuccessful banders. It is merely a tool to help us reach a goal. As long you don't overindulge there is no issue. Personally, most days I cannot eat bread, but my band is tight - IMO - but I did have a breadstick the other night and it was DIVINE.

again I say it's subjective


And people wonder why the actual success rate of the lap band is so low.


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"I have heard of no unsuccessful banders"

You have got to be kidding. The world is full of people with the Lap band who have never even come CLOSE to their goal.



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I make a pita bread pizza when I'm craving it! Just slice a whole wheat pita in half, spread a little Tomato sauce on it, and then I rip up a light mozzerella cheese stick... add a little oregano and sometimes a sprinkle of ff parmesean cheese... pretty low in calories and it hits the spot.

I'm also a fan of pizzafree.com GREAT no fat, no cholesterol high Protein pizzas!

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No reason to mourn pizza. You're just taking a break. I had a hamburger last night (sans bun - band unfilled for tunny tuck) after well over a year. I loved every bite of it, but don't feel the need to have one again tomorrow or anything. I lost my weight partially by not eating carbs. I recommend it because it's pretty crisp and easy to follow. Then again, now that I've lost the weight, if my band would allow and I was in the mood, I'd definitely have a slice. I'm not sure what I'm saying here. I guess that you just need to figure out your style and take it from there. I would say that a good doesn't doesn't involve a whole lot of pizza. But no reason to deprive yourself for eternity either! Just tell yourself you won't have pizza for a certain period of time and then reevaluate.

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      Hate thinking about foods I used to love... Burgers & wings. Gotta stay focused. 😤
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      Went to see the Star Wars movie yesterday. (Glad I waited as no one else was in the cinema for the midday session - yes!) Hadn’t been to the cinema for a few months and OMG I suffered the most terrible butt pain.  So uncomfortable. Started after 30 mins. Was in the premium cinema so grabbed a cushion to sit on but it didn’t help. Ended up sitting sideways in the chair, stretched out on an ottoman. Soooo super glad no one else was there. Sometimes I do miss my old butt fat cushioning... but not really. 
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      I have a surgery date, I have my next doctor appointment on Wed and then Thursday I start my 2 week liquid pre-op diet. I am very nervous right now. I know it's going to be a tough mind game. 
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      1. GreenTealael

        💚 Congratulations, you'll do great 💚

    • SabrinaGoddess

      Week 5 Post Op Report

      What a journey! I am 5 weeks from surgery and a total of 24.4 pounds down!

      I feel amazing! I’ve incorporated a ton of walking and I’m using my Apple Watch to help me along! I have closed all three of my fitness rings for 11 days straight! Ok, so I am in LOVE with my Apple Watch. I've had it for almost a year and I am just now tapping into it's fitness power!

      I keep on top of my protein, vitamins and biotin!

      I struggle with water but I average about 50 ounces a day. I have only had one day where I had to “purge” because something did not agree with me. Tuna and my Tiny Tummy still do not agree so I’m going to leave it alone for a while!

      I walk on average a little more than 3 miles a day for my exercise but manage to get in at least 13,000-17,000 steps a day depending on how my schedule goes.

      I get up every hour and walk around for at least five minutes. Then if I’m watching a show I get up and walk in place during the commercials!

      I meet with my doc this week for a progress report.

      I have one more week before I graduate from soft foods to the final phase!

      I’ve got my cookbooks ready, my food scale ready and my measuring plates ready!

      I could NOT be more happy with my progress! I feel amazing and I’m grateful to have this tool!

      None Scale Victory: My rings on my finger are spinning!

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      1. Krimsonbutterflies

        Sabrina, you are doing so well. I'm truly inspired and equally excited for you. The view you shared is breathtaking and relaxing, I'm in love with the ocean. Please keep sharing. Where did you find the trackers and how do I access them? My date is approaching the 31st, I'm in liquid diet mode. I see my surgeon on the 17th. Any advice?

      2. SabrinaGoddess

        You got this sis! You totally do.
        The ocean is so peaceful. Some days I get blessed with seeing whales, dolphins and seals. It is truly amazing.

        You can go to under our name at the top left section and click "TICKERS" you can create them there. Then when you lose weight you just go to "my surgery" and change your weight and they will adjust.

        On the liquids, do sugar free pop-cycles. They are more like a treat than a liquid and they count as 2 ounces each! Liquids not the funnest part of our journey but who cares....LOL. I do like the IsoPure clear liquid protein drinks, you can get them at GNC. The flavors are ok. I also LOVED Kettle and FIre Broth and Epic Broths so I drank them all the time, it's good for you. It's BONE BROTH. Kinda pricey but the good stuff usually is.

      3. Krimsonbutterflies

        Thank you for the encouragement/positivity!!! I'm going to conquer this liquid phase, moment by moment. I also appreciate the mini tutorial of how to get the ticker. I'm thinking of starting status updates after my pre-op visit with the surgeon on Friday. I really enjoy the personal perspective and experience being shared, without feeling like the thread is being dominated. I look forward to how each person is approaching the wls lifestyle. Thank you lady, good night. Happy Whale watching. I love seeing the dolphins at Hermosa Beach.

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