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Rabbits and Turtles United New Year Challenge

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OK, Here is a restatement of my goals from the beginning of the challenge:

Starting weight - 256

(what I weighed when this challenge was issued, and I accepted -)

Goal Weight on March 1, 2006 - 244 pounds

= 12 pounds down or 1.5 pounds for almost 8 weeks - (Barely enough to keep me from being disqualified as a bunny, and just enough to avoid qualification to join the turtle club)


245 current weight = 2 pounds short of goal, or 11 pounds down! With the little ups and downs that happen every day, one easily loses site of the fact that given time, the weight keeps dropping. It requires just peacefully dealing with the stress of watching what I allow to go in my mouth, while waiting for time to pass. Then, when you look back in retrospect, you see the scale moved, and reaffirm that the band is a great friend.

When I did the math to figure out the goal at the beginning of this challenge, it was hard to imagine, let alone put down a committment. Why? Well, we all know - people with weight problems, for most of their life, have never even dreamed, and almost never achieved, any real weight loss. Just a few months ago when this challenge began, in the back of my mind, I was thinking "Ya, right" - lose that much weight in a quarter. But, oh well, I'll play along."

It's amazing to see the weight actually continue to come off, even though I fall down on my "diet" all the time. I can always get back on, exercise more, and watch it. And the band continues to reward any/all good behavior.

I am sure an 11 pound loss, reported a week after the challenge ended is not going to be any barn-burning, prize winning loss, but nonetheless, in my own life, it's been another great step.

Biggest NSV - I have started skiing so much lately, that I finally bought a half season pass at my favorite ski resort. I have been averaging 2 ski days a week, and I really don't tire out after skiing hard all day. I just want more.

Thanks for a great support community. You all help.

Life rocks!

Best, Brad


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It sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work.

I have never been skiing. That has to be a good workout.

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starting weight = 305

current weight 280

-25 lbs.

NSV - I went through my clothes again this week & I decided to pull out the "really cute, but way too small" clothes that I have been storing in the back of my closet. I was able to wear a shirt that my Mom gave me when I was banded. It's a 1x! SWEET!!

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