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1st trimester and I'm afraid I am gaining too much weight too fast!!

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I am almost 10 weeks and got an unfill. I had already gained 7-13 lbs. maybe more. I started freaking out having anxiety attacks about how much weight I am gaining. I am getting big fast. Before my new found pregnancy. I was 170 lbs I had lost 80lbs total 2 years post opt, and I hadnt been that small since I was a kid. I shopped all the time and love all the clothes and my size. My husband and I have been married 4 years so I guess it's time. Anyways, I am reading now and I see all these comments about how others didnt get a complete unfil. I kinda wish I didn't get it all unfilled. I was just so hungry before my unfil. I hope I can lose it all. I already finding my pants not closing. I read in the some of the books you are suppose to only be gaining 3-4 pounds in the first trimester and I still have time to go, just getting bigger and bigger. My husband is happy to have me eating regularly again. I am just terrified about getting me back!! I am eating salads and trying to get the right foods in. I don't ever know what to eat now so I guess I am eating everything. It realy doesn't seem like I am eating everything, I am eating alot more than I used to, but I am HUNGRY!! Anyone have suggestions on what I should be eating?:confused:

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You should be eating the same healthy meals you were before you got unfilled. That's what I was told and what I do. I just eat more. And when it comes to snacking, I eat healthy Snacks like fruits and veggies. Although I do have these things called fruit chillers. I love those....I'm pretty sure they are a craving though. I still have to make the concious decision to eat healthier, even if I'm craving something not so healthy. It's better for me and the baby in the end.

I only had a partial unfill. 1.5 cc's was taken from my band and that's only because I was having problems eating.

Don't give up on exercise even though you're tired (or will be). Just walking around the neighborhood is great.

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