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  1. Happy 49th Birthday hopeandfaith!

  2. Happy 48th Birthday hopeandfaith!

  3. 1 years has passed since you registered at LapBandTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary hopeandfaith!

  4. 1 years have passed since you registered at VerticalSleeveTalk! Happy 1st Anniversary hopeandfaith!

  5. hopeandfaith


    Milk of Magnesia is my BEST FRIEND!! LOL ONLY when I need it!!!
  6. hopeandfaith


    The best way to see if you are losing weight is to TRY on your old Pants. I felt like I wasn't losing either but then I put on my favorite pair of pants from before surgery and they were WAY TOO BIG!!! ONE thing just because something says NO SUGAR ADDED that doesn't mean it doesn't have sugar. FRUIT makes its OWN SUGAR. Also, my NUT told me to eat Protein ONLY for the first few months. I found that if I do just PROTEIN I'm not near as HUNGRY....CARBS make me HUNGRY!!! Stay AWAY from juice it is loaded with hidden SUGAR!!! Sometimes during this journey you will not lose the weight but you continue to lose inches! Don't beat yourself up....I know I did it to myself too. You did the RIGHT thing by coming to the website for help! There are a LOT of GREAT people here that are here to SUPPORT you and HELP you in any way they can. THIS WEBSITE HELPED ME SO MUCH!!! Also, to help you follow your diet and calorie intake use some of the FREE websites that are available on the internet. Don't forget your HEAD HUNGRY is still with you but your SLEEVE will not allow it to WIN....the SLEEVE will win everytime. If you over eat you will get sick. The next time you will listen to your SLEEVE! LOL GOOD LUCK and don't worry you will do fine!!!!
  7. hopeandfaith

    From: My Plastics Journey - My first one (of several)

    I'm GLAD you are doing so well!! I'm VERY HAPPY for you!!!!
  8. My doctor did give me Nexium in case I needed it. I think I took them for a couple of days but that was it.
  9. Went shopping and for the first time in YEARS I purchased 3 Skorts in the MISSES Section! What an AWESOME feeling!!!

  10. Are you walking around? I had to walk a lot to get rid of the gas! I'm 47 as well and I found SIP SIP SIP makes you feel better too. Get your FLUIDS IN!! I also made my own Soups with fresh veggies and that helped keep me REGULAR!! LOL You will LOVE YOUR NEW SLEEVE!!! Welcome aboard!!!
  11. I NEED to make time to get on this website more!!! I didn't realize how HELPFUL the support is! Without it you can FALL!! I'm still feeling GREAT just on a BIG STALL but it IS my fault! It's been SO HOT and I've gotten LAZY with the exercise!

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    AWESOME that is GREAT NEWS!!!
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    PEEPS: Be SURE to drink ALL you water

    Hey I know your pain!!! I pass Kidney Stones often but mine are from my parents. LOL I'm SO GLAD to see EmergenC is good for me. I drink them a lot!! I'm GLAD you are feeling better!!! I was SO SCARED to have my VSG surgery because of my Stones. After talking to my Doctor he told me this weightloss surgery would be on the ONLY one he would do on me. GOOD LUCK!!!
  14. hopeandfaith

    JUST CURIOUS....6 months out!