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  1. WrenBird

    Reached your personal goal???

    I've surpassed my goal
  2. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've visited, so I thought I'd pop in and share something with you. The other day I ate KFC for the first time in about a year. The smell of it actually made me want to be sick and as soon as I put a greasy piece of chicken into my mouth, the taste and fat of the chicken was unbearable. These days I mostly eat salads and lean meat. A few years ago, when I got my first job, all I would eat is McDonalds and KFC chicken. The thought of eating salad or vegetables disgusted me and I never thought I'd be a salad lover. I never thought I'd come this far and I considered I'd be a junk food addict for the rest of my life. The thing that lead me to wanting to try KFC again was that I'd gone to a party and eaten greasy finger food (it was the only thing to eat there) and was craving it for a few weeks afterwards. I'm going to stay away from this kind of food for the rest of my life. I actually think sugary and fatty foods can be addicting and when you cut them out of your diet completely, you forget about them and start enjoying the foods that your body deserves. I'm interested to know if anyone else has had an experience like this.
  3. WrenBird


    Coffee helps for me. I also drink this breakfast milk drink here in Aus called 'vive', which helps me a lot. Fruit and vegetables are your friend too. Are you on solid foods yet?
  4. WrenBird

    Who Has Lost Over 100 Pounds?!?!

    Hi Awanda, If your band has failed, that's unfortunate. I'm really sorry to hear that. Bringing other people down to your disappointment isn't the answer though. I've lost 154 lbs and I did it in a few years time. I'm happier and healthier then ever. If the band didn't work for you, then maybe you need to find another forum to complain on.
  5. The before photo isn't really a before photo because I'd lost 25 kilos, so I'm not at my biggest. But here it is! Also, I've lost about 10 kilos since my after photo.
  6. WrenBird

    It's been a while

    Ahaha yesss! Mustard is my favourite :-D
  7. WrenBird

    It's been a while

    Thanks :-) It's good to see you again. You probably don't remember me, though.
  8. WrenBird


    Agreed. I don't drink AT ALL for this reason. Also, I probably wouldn't be drinking while eating. It's a personal decision that you can only make for yourself, though.
  9. Since I've visited this forum. I've lost 33 kilos! I looked in the mirror this morning, curled my hair, put my best skirt on and jacket and went for a job interview. I went to McDonalds afterwards because my fiance wanted a burger and low and behold, when my fiance went to the bathroom a guy walked in and looked straight at me for a while, I smiled and he blushed...Then he checked me out when he thought I wasn't looking. Best feeling in the world! I just hope he wasn't looking at something like a booger on my face or something like that. I've got another 30 or so kilos to go, but I'm feeling pretty good right now :-)
  10. WrenBird

    What's your Band's name?

    Betty. Only because I'd love to look like Betty Page someday.
  11. WrenBird

    Can you feel your port?

    At the moment, yes. It feels very different to how it was before, though...Like sharper and more triangular almost. When I first got my surgery I could barely feel it when I touched it, but it was very very painful to touch...If that makes sense lol.
  12. WrenBird

    The little things!

    Aha. My butt is getting boney too. Does yours hurt when you sit down for a while now?
  13. :w00t: She's trying to make you fail at your weight loss! Nah. Anyone who would do that sounds a little creepy to me...So either way, she sounds a bit creepy lol. I've got a friend like that...Alwayssss tries to give me advice and I just think to myself, "if you know so much about it then go out and lose weight, it's not fricken easy"...At the end of the day we win, because we're losing weight and they're not...I hateeee it when someone who knows nothing about me, or what I'm doing tries to give me advice...Especially when they;'ve failed, or have lost weight with liposuction (yes, I know someone who's had liposuction and tries to give me advice). I don't complain about weight loss in real life, so I'm wondering why the hell everyone thinks they have a right to tell me what to do. :blushing:
  14. I can imagine that if I worked fulltime I'd be too tired to do any exercise at all. I'm making the most of it before the end of the year. Awww, I'm so sorry to hear about your knees. Are they still bad? My mum had a foot and knee reconstruction and I started aqua aerobics with her which is how I got into it. She can't walk for a long time or anything, so it's good for her. Have you tried aqua aerobics? It's awesome :-D Zumba is great, but like most workouts, it gets a bit boring after a while. I started doing Zumba and then switched to walking because I got sick of it. It's fun at first, but if you're watching the tape over and over again it can get a bit blerghhh. lol. I would rather go to a gym to do it so the workouts change each session. I need to work more on my arms and my upper torso...It's starting to look a little imbalenced...Plus one of my legs is losing weight faster than the other (lol, what the?). I think my weight loss has been the way it is because I've had time to do those kinds of things. I respect anyone who can work full time and still have the energy to workout.
  15. Hey Porter, I was banded in September on the 27th. I've lost 33lbs (15 kilos) and started seeing results recently. I've had 2 fills, but need another to make my band tighter. I exercise 10 hours a week. I walk for an hour 4 times a week and do 2 hours of aqua aerobics 3 times a week. I'm in a plateau stage at the moment, so I've found that I've had to replace walking (which doesn't really burn that many calories) to doing Zumba. Last night I'd noticed I'd lost a kilo, so I'm guessing that's worked. Everyone's different. I think you're doing fantastic and try not to compare yourself to other people. People lose weight faster than others because everyone's body is different. Your doc wasn't lying, you are doing great :-) I'm lucky because I have time to do stuff like exercise because I'm a student. Others aren't so lucky.

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