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  1. Seanamw

    One Year And Going Strong

    Beautiful post! Congratulations!!!
  2. Seanamw

    First "puke!"

    I have been banded for almost 2 years and I still have issues with eggs and meats like sausage. "Bandolina" also doesn't like milk products or steak, even filet mignon! You'll learn what works and what doesn't as you go along. Good luck!
  3. Seanamw

    Who Is She Talking Too?

    Wonderful! Congratulations!!!!
  4. Seanamw

    New Found Food Obsession!

    So about a week ago we all found out one of my dear friends has ovarian cancer. While watching "The Revolution" last week, a woman who has beaten thyroid cancer came on and shared her recipe for a juice that she attributes her wellness and cancer free body to. My son got a juicer for Christmas (his favorite present!), and he said "Mom, we can make her that juice every day". My son has known my friend for his entire life, saw my stress and sadness for her, and found a way to to feel useful in an uncontrollable situation. So off to the store we went! I have been bringing her this juice for a few days now and figured I could probably benefit myself from this green goop I was making her drink. I'm not sure if my friend (who had a complete hysterectomy and is preparing for chemo) is feeling the benefits - but I bet her body is responding. What I wasn't expecting was the way my body would respond to this concoction! Day 4 of drinking this juice and I feel like a new woman!!! Since day 2, I awake alert & perky, not sluggish and without energy. Today I had the BEST workout I have had in 10 years! It's like a fog haze has been chased from my head and the old me (me in my 40's) has returned. Now granted, it's just day 4 and my body might just be in shock from all the good stuff I am pumping into it, but who cares! Even if this feeling goes away in a week, I am going to keep up with my magic juice! What will be interesting is if it has any effect on the scale....I will keep you all posted!
  5. Seanamw

    New Found Food Obsession!

    I should have checked this earlier! 2 posts above this (thank you jayres14!) is the recipe, except she used romaine lettuce instead of sweet pea sprouts. It is actually quite tasty. It makes about 4-6 ounces and I drink it once a day.
  6. Seanamw

    "what's 5 More" Then And Now

    Hi fellow bandsters! I had another one of those "then & now" moments today while I was out riding my bike. We were at mile 10 when my son asked if we should stop or do 5 more. What's 5 more was my reply! And off we went. Back before Bandolina became part of my body, that was my reaction when I would get on the scale and it was up 5 pounds. Or when I was eating just about anything....never about moving my body! Thought I wouls share!
  7. Hi fellow bandster bloggers. It's been a while since I have blogged, not much has happened until this week. Still trying to ditch the last 15 of my 90 lb goal. Haven't been able to exercise because of a hernia that will be repaired at the end of the month & honestly, I haven't been watching my fat intake with my calories. I have indulged in chicken wings on Sundays while watching football, Mexican food, oreos (just one time!), and other bad choices like that. I have kept my calories in check though...so what's the harm, right? If I eat 5 wings at 600 calories and have a light breakfast & low cal salad for dinner, I'm OK right? I wasn't gaining, so all is good. I thought the same for the other foods, I have been doing this for months..... Then Thursday came. It started with a pain across my ribcage that felt like severe gas. I lied down on the coach for a few minutes and it went away. An hour later it hit again, the pain was so severe I thought I was having a heart attack. I was covered in sweat and shaking, my right arm hurt and was numb. My neighbor brought me some gas-x but that didn't help so she called 911. Of course the pain was gone when EMS got here, so again I thought it was severe gas. My heart was OK, so everyone went home. An hour later the 3rd one hit, this time my neighbor took me to the ER. After being poked & probed for hours, a sonogram revealed that my gallbladder was full of stones and has to be removed, surgery is on Monday. My doctor said many things could attribute to this; large weight loss in a short period of time, consumption of fatty foods and hereditary, to name a few. I hit the trifecta with the first three. After a call to my mother I found out my dad had his gallbladder removed after years of issues with it. Apparently gallstones occur in a large number of people who have had WLS and have lost a substantial amount. I don't remember reading about this in the brochures, but it should have been obvious to me that my food choices, once again, needed to be in check. So please, fellow bandster, keep away from fatty, fried foods!
  8. Seanamw

    Valentine's Day

    You look fabulous! And I can tell from your bright smile that you feel fabulous, too!
  9. Seanamw

    Diet ???

    Great post! I get it! I still eat "bad" foods, but only a few bites and not 2-3 platefulls!
  10. Seanamw

    Its Only Been A Week?!

    Love your post! Keep positive!
  11. Seanamw


    I love this post!!!! You have done something awesome!!!!
  12. Seanamw

    Post Op Popularity????

    Ditto to Dadkins8. I needed this site when I first started out, but as I figured things out, I needed it less. I still check in and read the blogs of those who have questions and try and give advice if I have some!
  13. Seanamw

    Questions About The Fills?

    My first fill was awful, but it was awful because I spazzed out! I freaked out about the needle and "Bandolina Jolie" reacted to my stress and everything tightened up and they had to remove the fluid. The next time I put all my trust in the nurse, never felt a thing, got filled & left happy! It only took 2 more fills to hit my sweet spot & I have been there ever since. There is absolutely no pain, and as long as they take the filling slow, no throwing up or feeling bad. Good luck to you & keep us posted!
  14. Seanamw


    You lookl fabulous! Keep it up and stick to the basics, especially during the holidays!
  15. Seanamw

    Surgery Vs. Faith

    How about this....God gave us skilled people who can help the flawed. I am totally ok in my faith where I am!
  16. Seanamw

    8 Months Out ~ Woooop! Photo Included :)

    Great post! You are GORGEOUS! Congratulations & I agree with your grandson's friend, you do not look like a grandma!
  17. Hi fellow bloggers! It has been a while since I made an entry, but I check in all the time to see how everyone is doing. I thought I would put a positive note out there on how the holidays haven't been ruined for me because I am no longer able to eat 2nds! I started my journey 75+ pounds ago. Last year I was down about 50 when the holidays hit and I was amazed at how I was able to have an incredible time without all the food that had been associated with the "fun" of the holidays. What I did discover, and continue to discover, is that it's all about the people we spend time with...not the food. We had half my daughter's basketball team for Thanksgiving this year and I was so busy I almost forgot to eat...WHAT? Me? I don't even taste the food to make sure it's good anymore, I just somehow know now! Again, what? 50 years of battling the holidays and I finally figure it out? So how did I get there? Well, lots of trial & error, but what it finally boiled down to was I saw my sweet Bandolina as the boss of me, and not my magic cure all. Bandolina doesn't like chips...I can sneak some past her, but too many meant my tummy was turned upside down. Bandolina was happy when I ate in moderation and made good choices, which meant the rest of my body was happy and cooperative. Bandolina didn't say a thing when I "drank" my dinner one time, she just let all my other organs know it was time to rebel. Bandolina and I have had some head butting, but in the end, she's there to help guide me through all of the difficult choices, remind me when I make bad ones and all & all, be there for me to help make me successful! It is truly a team effort. I have had some serious health issues this past month that i KNOW I would not have gotten through had I been where I was 3 years ago, Bandolina helped me help my body to get where I am. We are in it for the long run & are in it together! I hope all of you get there too!
  18. Seanamw

    Neeeed Info...plzz

    My first appt was more of a fact finding appt for them. They got weight, history, dr info & insurance info to see if I was even eligible before I got close to a doctor. Be wary of the "group" appointments where the doctor presents and there are people who make testimonies, then you sign up for an appt & have to wait. The best of luck to you! It has been life changing for me for sure!
  19. Seanamw

    Still Having A Hard Time Sizing Clothes

    I agree with all the other posts, try them on and show off your hard work! Congratulations on your success!
  20. Seanamw

    Surrealness at Walmart

    Way to go! You should be very, very proud of yourself! I had the same thing happen when a size 12 fit me, and hopefully will have the same feeling when a 10 does! kepp up the great work!
  21. Seanamw

    drinking alcohol with the lapband.... :\

    Try not to beat yourself up! I bet everyone reading your blog has had a similar experience! Keep focused & do your best & you will be fine!
  22. Seanamw

    Working out when can I start?

    I started walking immediately. but waited until my Dr cleared me...I think it was a month after surgery? Check with your Dr, but walk all you want for now! Good luck!
  23. Seanamw


    I started out walking, then as I lost weight I added weight training & more vigorous cardio. I also love yoga & pilates. My advise is try everything, find your favorites & have fun! That is the best part of losing weight!
  24. Seanamw

    Really decided to do this

    I was where you were before being banded, I feel your frustration and pain! I used True results in Austin and they were fabulous! The best of luck to you, please keep us updated!

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