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  1. sandradee0124

    Six Months Come and Gone!!

    I missed my six month bandaversary which was 11/26. I was at my mom's who saw me for the first time since before my surgery. She was very suprised when I walked into baggage claim at DFW. I got a lot of positive reinforcement at her house (not from her but from everybody else). Since I decided to do lap band back in January I'v lost about 84 lbs. I'm under 200 for the first time in 6 years and I wear size 14 pants. My arms are horrendous and I am going to focus on them with a trainer (still in 16W), but I'm very very pleased with it all. I had a terrible Thanksgiving. I am still very reactive to stress, and I was stressed out that morning trying to get everything done. At 52, you would think I wouldn't feel like a bad child around my mom, but I do. I took the first tiny bite of mashed potatoes and it CAME RIGHT BACK UP. Luckily in my napkin, but it was like potato slime. Nothing else would work so I just pushed food aound my plate and pretended to eat but my aunt and daughter caught me. I got better by Friday but I realize how stress affects me. This never used to happen. I just got home last night and I feel somewhat better. We worked out every day but Thursday and I lost another 4 lbs last week so I'm happy. My goal is to be at goal by my 1 year anniversary which is 6 months and about 50 lbs away. I have to go back to work this afternoon; I have an interview with a company closer to home this morning. Nice to "see everyone" again and wish me luck today!
  2. sandradee0124

    1 Year Anniversary and I Met my Gaol...with pictures!!

    Congratulations! I have always enjoyed your posts and your helpful advice and motivation. I'm so happy for you!!! I wish you all the health and happiness........... Sandy
  3. sandradee0124

    1 Year Anniversary and I Met my Gaol...with pictures!!

    Congratulations! I have always enjoyed your posts and your helpful advice and motivation. I'm so happy for you!!! I wish you all the health and happiness........... Sandy
  4. sandradee0124

    I need a break. From my diet...not my Band.

    I look to the vacation as the ability to "take a break" from whatever might be stressing you. Your vacation sounds wonderful! Have a great time, relax and enjoy. Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. sandradee0124

    My First Fill

    Everybody is different, but I really didn't feel a thing. I mentally prepared myself for some pain and discomfort and I didn't have any. My fill amounts are pretty agressive. I had 4.0 in the band at surgery, and they put 2.0 in the first fill. The PA had no problem finding my port, drew out the liquid that was in, added 2.0 ccs and then put it back. I didn't feel it at all. I had to drink a small cup of water in tiny sips after the fill, and I stuck to liquids for 2 days and then smushies for another couple days. I had my second fill about 4 weeks later (another 1.25 ccs) with the same experience. This was about 3 months ago and haven't had any fills since. I felt nothing more than I have getting blood drawn. You'll do great! Keep us updated..........
  6. sandradee0124

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Travel safe and enjoy your family! I'm "thankful" to have "met" you and have the ability to gain strength, insight and motivation through our blogs. Happy, Happy Thanksgiving and keep up the fantastic work!!! Sandy
  7. sandradee0124

    11/18/10 Thanks for Sharing; A Blog of Substance

    I love seeing your posts come up, and (of course) reading them. They always resonate with me no matter what is going on with me. I struggle to find anyone live to "talk to" about seemingly minor band issues and I've always found that I always can get information, support or a shoulder at this site. Feel good about you, and the tremendous work you do for yourself and the people around you..........
  8. sandradee0124

    Am I being bad? Or am I being normal?

    Beth, I'm with my fellow bandsters above -- your posts are always motivating, inspiring and a joy to read. I think we are all "normal" in our own way and take whatever steps necessary to make the program work well for us. We go to this site regularly for help and support, and learn how to feel good about where we are on any given day, any given weight or whatever that evil/good scale says. Enjoy your pot luck today and especially the holiday!
  9. sandradee0124

    Lab results - I'm perfect - well almost

    YOU ARE PERFECT!!! I am so happy for you with your test results and feeling so good! Hugs ::::::::
  10. sandradee0124

    Feeling Lucky (and Blessed)

    I had to have some follow up surgery for an IOL and cataract on my right eye last week. The surgery went well, but I got very dizzy by Friday and was violently ill by Saturday morning. It was a reaction to the anesthetic, but by Saturday night I could not even tolerate a drop of water. (Sound familiar?). I slept well, got up Sunday morning to the same thing when I promptly called my bariatric surgeon. The PA told me to let my tummy sit for a couple hours without trying anything and then chew on some ice chips. IT DID THE TRICK. By last night I was much better. Went in this morning for an exam and scan -- all is FINE. I am so lucky! I could have done some serious damage to the band and it is positioned fine and still has 7.25/10 fluid. The PA felt that even though I had been violently ill several times that my band is pretty secure. I think the next time I have anasthesia I'll get the band un-filled just to be safe. And I'm sticking to liquids for the next couple days just to be careful. To top it off, I can see WONDERFULLY out of my right eye -- so clear and vibrant colors -- didn't realize how much I had missed out on! I'm doing the right eye in a couple weeks. Until then, its back to working out (I miss my 5am gym sessions!) Many friends and family members were praying for success and no harm to this wonderful tool I've embraced. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. God is good!
  11. sandradee0124

    To Fill or not to Fill

    Even people very close to you can be very mean. I have a friend (maybe not so much anymore?) that focuses on baggy clothes and loose skin and has never said a nice thing. Be happy for you -- you have done FANTASTICALLY! I wear petite sizes too (5'3). I was in Talbots the other day and almost had a meltdown when I had to try on a 16P as most of my pants now are 14s. The saleslady told me petite sizes run smaller in the hips and waist as well as length. I ran over to Macy's and validated the statement myself (LOL). And I spend 20 minutes every day trying on clothes to get ones to fit and look good. Oh well?>>>>>>>>>>> You are doing so well! Keep up the awesome work. Sandy
  12. sandradee0124

    605 questions???

    Oh I remember that. Its like your life history day by day. I never did ask why I had to do that. Look at it as one more step on the road to a healthier you. I still have a copy of my questionnaire -- thhink I'll go back and see what's changed in my life since I completed it 7 months ago (banded almost 6). I'm sure a lot has changed! Find a sunny place, a glass of great iced tea and go to it. Best of luck to you!!
  13. sandradee0124

    I need this forum so much!

    Every second of every day. Ok, maybe not that much, but A LOT. Its hard sometimes to stop and give yourself a pat on the back for how far you've come. Think about how you feel, how your clothes fit, the compliments you get. I try (and its hard, believe me) to forget where I HAVE to go or how far I have to get there. I'm trying to live more in the moment? Best wishes to you, and big hugs!!!
  14. sandradee0124

    I feel like a jerk

    Give yourself credit for going through with the surgery. Find some ways to be away from food and get some exercise -- walking, weights, spending time at Borders. Don't treat the band and a fill like it is the panacea -- find some other tools and support. No matter how great your restriction you still need to learn how, what and when to eat, and how to live healthier. A support group and a nutritionist might help? You have taken the hardest step! Be good to yourself and God bless.......
  15. sandradee0124

    Hopefully my doc just has sensitive fingers...

    Beth, keep us posted! I'm so glad that you got in there fast -- when is your surgery? I'm glad you connected with a long lost cousin. I hope you have a good weekend.
  16. I was at a stall about 2-3 months ago and my ex-workout buddy (she is now a hater lol) did Atkins so I followed it. Brought me right out of the stall. I still don't eat more than about 35 g of carbs max a day. When I go above that I tend to not lose or even slighly gain weight. Corn, potatoes and crackers are basically gone from my food list.
  17. sandradee0124

    Their here...

    MARW has it exactly right -- that green shirt is very quickly becoming a dress@! The changes in your face, your smile and your body are fantastic. You are such a source of support and inspiration. Welcome back! I'm glad to hear the computer issues are cleared up as well.
  18. sandradee0124

    Lesson Learned: Don't Take Anything for Granted

    The LAP-BAND®®® surgery was the first surgery I had since I was 3 (48 years ago). I did pretty well and I've done well with the band. I was told in May (right before surgery) that I had a cataract in the right eye and surgery was required. I didn't want to have two surgeries back to back, so I scheduled this for October. I had my cataract surgery on my right eye on Tuesday. I felt fantastic afterwards, but have had some complications. I had astigmatism and lens correction in addition to the cataract surgery, and while my vision is better I have flashing and other issues I'm told are will require a second surgery for retina issues. My lesson is never to take anything related to your health for granted -- joints, heart, AND VISION. I've been sailing along for years seeing with contacts without a problem. I took a lot of things for granted and I learn day by day its not as simple as it seems. To top it off I can't do any kind of exercise this week and with the additional surgery next week I also can't exercise a week after that. That is hard for me as I'm used to a lot of cardio and weights and this is a setback -- weight -wise. It is what it is, I guess. I'll follow instructions and be a model patient and do everything I can to ensure my eye is good. Thanks for "listening".
  19. sandradee0124


    And check your blood pressure. It could be getting a little low? Even if you don't think that is the case, just go to WalMart and check it. Mine was 70/50 two weeks after starting the liquid diet and I had to drop off all the bp medication. I was really dizzy. Good luck!
  20. sandradee0124

    Yay for fills!

    YOU LOOK FANTASTIC! Your avatar and in your "new" dress!
  21. sandradee0124

    A Slip Reverses Itself - It's a Lapband Miracle!

    What I appreciate is how you approached the whole thing and your positive attitude. I still have occasional issues with the vomiting and I've learned that spending a day or so relaxing my tummy by eating and drinking very carefully helps a lot! I'm so glad everything turned out ok!
  22. sandradee0124

    One year anniversary today - 114 lbs!

    How fantastic! I'm so proud of you and happy for you!!!
  23. First of all, take care lifting your daughter. I don't want you to get hurt or hurt your band. The lifting out of the car seat with your legs is good just be careful. Second, you are doing fantastic with your thinking and planning so give yourself a pat on the back for that. Sounds like you have great support in family so that will help tremendously along the way. It gets easier by the day, seriously. Hope the gassy feeling goes away soon!
  24. sandradee0124

    Officially a Bander

    Congratulations! I hope you continue to feel good. The gas does get better, but walking, gas x strips and slowly drinking water helps! I remember being glad I didn't go back to work the first week after work -- I didn't have to worry about being um "gassy" at work! Feel great and take care!
  25. sandradee0124

    What is the point of this blog?????

    I hope it goes well for you! I understand your frustration with no responses to your original blog -- I agree with the previous posts. Its hard to comment on something if you haven't had experience or any exposure to the specific item. We all seem to have different experiences, victories and frustrations. Hopefully things go a bit smoother for you. I wish you all the best as you move forward!

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