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  1. Hottieinaroundbody


  2. Hottieinaroundbody

    3 year bandiversary

  3. Keep your head up. She obviously is feeling threatened. And more than likely she is jealous of you too. Seems to me that she is trying to make herself feel better by putting you down. So pathetic. Put her words behind you and think of how good you will feel and look in a few months and kill her with kindness..... maybe that will get under her skin! LOL Best of luck to you.
  4. Hottieinaroundbody

    One Year Anniversary!!

    You maybenefit from a slight unfill. Ive had the same issues before and a slight unfill and NO late night eating worked for me. I was eating too close to bedtime and once i stopped eating late at night i was able to eat a bit in the am.
  5. It took me about a month and a half. I had no problems with my insurance at all. I did have to go in for blood tests and an endo prior to final approval. I was shocked it was so fast! I've hear it has taken people up to a year! GOOD LUCK!!
  6. Hottieinaroundbody

    First Adjustment

    Awesome job! Keep up the good work!!
  7. Hottieinaroundbody


    It's not too painful. just a slight pinch and a small amount of pressure. GOOD LUCK!!
  8. Hottieinaroundbody

    united health care approval?

    I have UHC. I was approved in just a few days without needing nutrition counseling. My BMI was 37.1. My PCP did send in a referral letter indicating my failed attempts at other weight loss plans. I was also covered 100%. My "seminar" appointment was September 17, 2009 and my surgery day was November 2, 2009. It was quick and easy. Good luck to you all!
  9. I did a photo shoot and commercial for 1-800-get-thin ( the company I went thru for my surgery!) and the commercial aired for the first time yesterday! Then I come home from work to find the mailer advertisement in my mailbox! So excited that I had to shout it out to my fellow lapbanders! I've lost another 11 lbs since the filming and photo shoot! I uploaded the advertisement to my LAPBAND picture album.....check me out! GOOD LUCK TO ALL ON YOUR WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY!
  10. Hottieinaroundbody

    Healthy foods that go down a tight band?

    Canned Tuna and Canned chicken Breast works best for me. Sometimes i mix in a small spoonful of mayo to make it moist. GOOD LUCK!
  11. Hottieinaroundbody

    Did anyone use 1-800 get slim?

    I did. I never had a problem getting ahold of anyone there. All of my questions/concerns were handled very quickly. I didn't even call my "consultant" with questions. I'd just call the office directly and asked my question and then was transferred to someone who answered it for me. My Doctor was Dr. T and I get all my fills in the Covina Office. I"ll be more than happy to answer any other questions you might have. I had surgery in Nov 09. I'm down almost 75 lbs, and just bought size 6 pants (down from a 20!) I just recently did a commercial and photo shoot for them as well. Good luck on your weight loss journey!
  12. Hottieinaroundbody

    Any CA Bandsters out there?

    Hi guys!! I'm in cali too...Covina to be exact. Banded November 2009. Down about 70 lbs... down from a size 20 to a 6! Totally loving my band. Best of luck to my fellow CALI bandsters!
  13. Here's a few before and afters....Still about 20 away from my "goal". But down from a size 20 to an 8! Congrats to all.....looking thru these pictures totally motivates me!
  14. Hottieinaroundbody

    Hello from So Cal

    Hey there Tracie! I'm from So Cali too. Banded in Nov 2009, down about 70 lbs. I completely agree with you "anyone who says getting surgery is the easy way out, is full of S**T!!" Best of luck to you

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