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  1. vikki1012

    Wii ea-sports active game

    thanks I read that thread after i posted this one.
  2. vikki1012

    Wii ea-sports active game

    Anyone workout using sports active from the Wii. I've had it for almost a week now and I love it. Much better workout than the fit. I felt the burn in my legs after day 2. Has anyone lost any weight?
  3. I was 233 the morning of surgery 3days ago (6/29) and today I am 236.5???? I dont understand...I am not overeating, I cant excercise much yet walked 15min yesterday and 20 min today. I am on shakes, jello, pudding, pureed chicken, ice pops, cottage cheese...i Just dont get it.
  4. We know 2Fly...we see the 100 pics...lol girl I am just playing with you...you are the inspiration. Trust me i will be thinking about you when i get banded on the 29th, i want to be just like you!
  5. vikki1012

    Time off/Returning to Work

    Did anyone use short term Disability during this time? How did that work out?
  6. vikki1012

    aetna approval letters

    I was told that that is how they send the letters out. You have to call your Dr. office to schedule a date.
  7. I will be at Lawrence Hospital today around 4pm
  8. vikki1012

    Dr. Davis

    Hi I am in the process of using this Group. I have one more appointment to go and I have an appointment with Dr. Silva next Wed.
  9. Did anybody gain weight during the pre-op period while on the supervised 3 or 6 month program? Did you have problems getting approved because of it?
  10. vikki1012


  11. I think I will call my insurance company and the psych reffered by the hospital to see if I can get reimbursed. I dont want to pull out money I dont have to. But on the other hand I dont want to mess up my chances of being approved by Aetna either over this.
  12. Can someone in the NYC/Westchester area refer my to their Psychologist that did their Evaluation and that takes Aetna. The NP at my WLS group referred me to one but she does not take my insurance and its $160. They did tell me I could use someone else as long as they can do the evaluation and write the letter for the insurance company. I am not sure if i should use the person referred by my WLS group, as i am sure she has the upmost experience in writing the referals or go with someone else that would be covered by Aetna. I dont want to screw myself over and get denied this procedure by the insurance company either:cursing:
  13. vikki1012

    Pschyc evaluation....

    Dee Dee, I would never put that out there. The Dr. might view you as unstable. But who knows.

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