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    outofusernames got a reaction from CLC1981 in eating more, feeling hungry   
    Yes, for sure. I'm 42 and on bcp but it's progesterone only and I've bled consistently for most of this year for whatever reason. However, when my "real" period is about to start, I can't stop eating, whether it's sugar-free Popsicles or sugar-free beef Jerky. My surgery was on July 9th 2020 so I'm at a year just about. All I can say is try to keep low calorie sugar-free options handy around that time. It sucks.
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    outofusernames reacted to LaineyD in Is my weight loss okay or slow?   
    I feel your frustration, I also have had very little contact with my surgeon and he has even pushed out my 3 months check up. I had my surgery on March 15th and I have lost nowhere what I expected to lose. Of course I’m happy I’m defo losing weight but I feel I’m behind where I should be. I spoke with a friend of mine who is a surgeon in a different field and the actually told me that losing slow and steady 1) is healthier for the body and 2) is much better for skin shrinking, meaning it’s better at preventing excess skin. So keep going, your doing great 😊
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    outofusernames got a reaction from wanlou in Post-op return to work and eating more   
    OMG me too! I started a new job a week and a half ago and now work in an office (vs. at home). I swear I cam literally see the weight gain in my thighs and love handles. When I saw this topic my heart stopped for a sec. Not sure if it's anxiety eating (I am absolutely an anxiety eater), a lack of sugar free Popsicles because no freezer or change of environment. I'm also considering the fact that I'm alone in the office (everyone else works from home or lives in a different state) but I live alone with my puppy so not much different.
    I look forward to reading other responses because my one year is coming up July 9th and my loss has slowed considerably. Also, the "honeymoon" period is over and my metabolism is back to slow as molasses mode. Not to mention it's been that time of the month since January 25th. I had a polyp removed in my ovaries and I'm on a new birth control that makes you irregular for 2+ months. If you made it this far, thanks for reading. I needed to vent!
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    outofusernames got a reaction from kc892020 in Can We Talk About...Birth Control?   
    I started a non estrogen bcp on January 28th and had a polyp removed this morning due to nonstop bleeding for months. I got on the scale and only lost 1 pound since Jan 12th. I was shocked! Granted I did a reset mid to late January and lost 5 pounds in about 6 days (a lot of Water I'm sure) but, I've been faithfully tracking and exercising since (had a 4 day trip to Florida but didn't eat much and walked a lot) and was sure I had lost another 7 or 9 pounds. Nope! Now I'm really questioning if it had anything to do with the bcp. I'm only 7 months post surgery and starting to worry about reaching goal at this weight. I figure I'll call surgeon's office in a week if the scale doesn't budge. One thing I know from my past experience with bcp is every body and type of pill is so unique in how it effects a woman. I too fear the IUD weight gain because I'm so prone to weight gain as it is. Not sure if that helps at all. I feel it was part my venting, as well.
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    outofusernames reacted to JessLess in Food Shaming!   
    "Is that all you're eating?"
    Why do you ask?
    "Don't you like the food? "
    Why do you ask?
    They will give up.
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    outofusernames reacted to Arabesque in Post-op return to work and eating more   
    You’ll still lose only consuming that many calories - it’s still not many at all. But if you are concerned you may need to consider what it is about work that makes you eat more. Is it because others are eating? Are you really hungry or head (habit) hungry? Do you take your own food or buy your meals? ... It can apply to other situations too.
    I found it difficult when I went back to work simply because I didn’t have as much control over when I ate. Some days I’d be so busy I wouldn’t get close to my fluid goals. Also, I take a while to eat but at work I had to eat more quickly (causing me discomfort) within my prescribed break times. I always took my own food too because it was very difficult to buy suitable healthy food I could eat.

    There’s so much to learn on this journey about how, what, when & why we eat & so many other things.
    Good luck.
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    outofusernames reacted to ShoppGirl in How many people do you have on "Ignore" here?   
    There is a food and nutrition forum if you scroll all the way down to the bottom.
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    outofusernames got a reaction from crystaldawn81 in Stall   
    Yes. Except it happened to me at 5 months out. It's sort of happening again but I think my loss is just super slow now. Most here thought it was maintenance mode instead of a stall and that was probably 100% correct since I wasn't tracking my food. I've since upped my Protein from 60 to at least 81 or above. Surgeon's office is okay with slow loss since I was under 200 pounds when I had surgery. Tracking is helpful. I never realized how many calories I was adding to get in my protein. All the unflavored Protein Powder, collagen powder, etc., can really add up fast! Losing slowly does suck. I hear you. I'm also trying to up my exercise.
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    outofusernames reacted to crystaldawn81 in Stall   
    I am 9 months post OP and haven't lost a pound in over 2 months. Has this happened to anyone and if so what did you do to get over this hump?
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    outofusernames reacted to WishMeSmaller in Why did you pick such a high goal weight? Your BMI is STILL overweight!   
    This is the LAST place anyone should be judging anyone else’s weight. I mean seriously, haven’t we had enough of that “out there???”

    Super morbidly obese to low BMI, pretty much everyone here has had some dysfunction in their relationship with food and their body. It really sounds like you have a great relationship with both, now. Well done, @Creekimp13!! This is what we should all be striving for! 🤗🤗
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    outofusernames reacted to BigSue in Protein Water   
    I like Syntrax Nectar, and they have a lot of flavors. I would recommend buying sample packs of the flavors that appeal to you to see what you like. IdealFit also has some good ones (and you can buy samples of those, too). I bought a case of Protein2O and HATED it. It left a weird residue in my mouth (little bits with the texture of cooked egg whites). It's possible I just got a bad batch or something, though.
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    outofusernames reacted to 2Bsmaller18 in Protein Water   
    I also started using a scoop of collagen powder mixed with regular Water and a mio water flavor to increase Protein.
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    outofusernames reacted to 2Bsmaller18 in Protein Water   
    I got the Premier brand grape flavored one at Target or Walmart. It has a slightly dry aftertaste but when I poured it over a cup of ice it diluted it enough that it was fine.
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    outofusernames reacted to LoveSimcha in Protein Water   
    I got a recommendation on here for Ideal fit. Its a powder you mix and they are really good. I tried a few different ones and love them all so far.
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    outofusernames reacted to Tim C in Not hungry but I want to eat!!   
    Once you get on smooth you will be fine. Eat popsicles! 15 Cal each. Eat 4 or 5 Live a little!
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    outofusernames got a reaction from BayouTiger in Friend saw me for the first time in 3 months...   
    Geez, seems we have a similar "friend". Dump. It's jealousy and she is spewing a lot of nonsense. You don't need or deserve this regardless of how long you've known each other or how close you once were. No friends is a better option at this point.
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    outofusernames got a reaction from BayouTiger in Friend saw me for the first time in 3 months...   
    Geez, seems we have a similar "friend". Dump. It's jealousy and she is spewing a lot of nonsense. You don't need or deserve this regardless of how long you've known each other or how close you once were. No friends is a better option at this point.
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    outofusernames got a reaction from Creekimp13 in Can anybody relate to a very slooooow weight loss from the start?   
    Me. Mine was 7/9/20 and I've lost 50 pounds? Started out at 213 5'5" and although my nutritionist wants no less than 1200 calories a day and just 81-90g of Protein, I've eaten less, done a reset and exercised. I haven't binged or emotionally eaten but... I have a glass of wine now and then and don't adhere to Keto or 500 calories a day. I hesitate to come here because although I find it helpful, my surgeon's approach is not typical and I read about super fast weight loss and feel bad. I'm now worried about meeting goal by 1 year. And I know there are people here with similar stats to mine that are now 115 pounds. But as my surgeon says, this is for life. It's not a race. I'm in my late 30's and sure, I can up my workouts to twice a day and starve like I have in the past but that's not why I did self-pay surgery. I do worry but on the bright side, I'll have less saggy skin and hopefully the changes in skin won't age me so harshly. You're not a failure! Just focus on small things like meeting protein and Water goals and it will come off.
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    outofusernames reacted to free2beMi in Can anybody relate to a very slooooow weight loss from the start?   
    Wow. This helped me out so so much. Thank you for replying.
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    outofusernames got a reaction from Hopefulin2021 in This Pre-op diet is a b$@!:   
    So glad you're motivated because yeah it does suck. I only did a week (depends on surgeon, I believe) but I remember that even then it was like, if I drink another shake, I'm gonna puke. Fair warning though, sugar free Popsicles are addicting. 7 months post surgery and I still have 3 a day at least. In. Dead. Winter. Lol! I find they help a lot and I was not a fan before pre-surgery. Good luck to you! You are gonna do just fine.
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    outofusernames reacted to catwoman7 in Can anybody relate to a very slooooow weight loss from the start?   
    ^^^ I agree with this 100%. We see posts on here from "revisionists" who say the weight loss is much slower from them than it is from "virgin" surgeries. Just follow your plan. As long as your weight is trending downward, you're good.
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    outofusernames reacted to Alex Brecher in Vitamins and Calcium Price   
    You can get a full year supply of Multivitamins for only $99 with free shipping at https://Store.BariatricPal.com/99
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    outofusernames got a reaction from Jaye W in Best piece of advice for sleeve post op   
    Congratulations on your upcoming surgery! Right after surgery, you'll feel awkward and possibly have pain. My advice is to walk as much as possible. I was in pain (intense side stitch) when I first tried to walk but it subsided. Walking released all the uncomfortable gas build up and made me feel so much better. Also, sugar free Popsicles were a life saver for me if your surgeon allows them. Good luck to you!
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    outofusernames got a reaction from TheMoxieMama in Curious... How long before you could eat your first piece of pizza?   
    I believe it was 5 months post-surgery when I craved pizza. I bought a frozen Marketplace pepperoni pizza from Sam's and cut it into 8 or 9 slices, threw each in a Zip lock bag and put it in the freezer. I could eat about 3 or 4 bites and then I was done. I still have the pizza slices in the freezer and now if I bake one, I just eat the topping. Maybe a bite of crust but mainly pepperoni and cheese. I also bought a Margherita pizza from Sam's but it's still in the box.
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    outofusernames reacted to HealthyLifeStyle in Curious... How long before you could eat your first piece of pizza?   
    What a great idea! I never thought of that. I am going to do the same thing. I can only eat 1 pc of small cheese, and then feel so full after.

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