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    qianmij reacted to newlifejen in Vegan & WLS   
    Hello, chickabo. Please know that I come from a place of wanting to help provide you some information and share my experience. I'm not saying I'm right or wrong, this is just my experience over the past 8 weeks. And I know when I was pre surgery I wanted as much information as I could get to help me.
    Before I go into my story below, I found a doctor online, Dr. Garth Davis, (http://www.thedavisclinic.com), who is a Bariatric surgeon in Texas -he is a 'plant based' doctor. I found this guy after I had my surgery, but he seems to be a good resource and one that I wish I would have found pre-surgery. You may find his information helpful or at least contact his office to get information sent to you so that you have some to help you with your doctor.
    Here is my story, if you want to read further:
    I was a vegan for several years pre-surgery. So was my family (husband and two sons). We did it for the animal issue, not the health issue. Trust me when I say I have seen more than most people on animal cruelty and food and I battle mentally with it everyday.
    When I first started looking into the Lap-band, I didn't find anything on vegan and Lap-band. All I kept seeing was 'Protein, Protein, protein' and more 'protein.' But I knew, as a vegan, that I could get enough protein to hit 60 grams or more a day per what my doctor was telling me I had to have. I had done it for years and didn't see the issue.
    (When I say protein here is what I mean: There are only a few "complete proteins" (a protein that contains all the 8 essential amino acids that your body is unable to make on its own) for vegans and they are soy milk, tofu, and tempeh (these are the only true "complete proteins" for vegans). All other Proteins that you get from plants are called "incomplete proteins" like grains, legumes, seeds, and nuts. Now as vegan, you can take two "incomplete proteins" and combine them to can get a "complete protein." Example: grains + legumes or legumes + seeds/nuts.)
    So the issue wasn't getting "protein" per say. The issue that I saw right away was getting the enough of the right "protein" (complete proteins) which lead me to where I would have the biggest issue being vegan-- the volume of food that I would need to eat to get a minimum of 60 grams of protein a day.
    You see, when I was vegan (pre band), I could eat a large tofu "egg" wrap with a cup of broccoli and vegan cheese inside for Breakfast. This would give me ~14 grams of protein for ~350 calories or so (including a low carb wrap). However, when I look at the numbers in more detail with my post-band rules, this just doesn't give me the right amount of protein for the calories (10/1 - for every 10 calories in the food it should have at least 1 gram of protein). So, even thought it would give me "complete protein" for the meal, it wasn't the 10/1 rule. But more importantly, that is a HUGE amount of food to be eating after Lap-Band surgery. There is no way I could eat that much in one sitting. I might be able to make two meals of it now. That means for two meals I would only be getting ~14 grams of protein.
    So, having said that, I could (and do on occasion) supplement with Protein drinks (Sun Warrior Original Flavor chocolate or vanilla is the absolute best tasting and it has a 80 calories / 4 carbs / 15 grams of protein - which is great), but I quickly learned after I moved to soft solid foods (after the liquid diet pre and post surgery) that I wanted to eat food - I was SICK of drinking my calories. So Protein Drinks can fill in the gaps for getting more protein, but I found that I wanted to eat my calories instead of drinking them. So this wouldn't be an option for me longterm.
    So, what's an animal loving vegan who really wants / needs a Lap-band to do? As I was doing research, I ran across an article that talked about a devout vegan (animal lover) who was vegan for years and all of a sudden started craving animal protein. Long article short, she took a bite of something that had animal protein in it and as she said, "guess what, the world didn't end!" That was my moment. I thought, I have spent years battling my weight and part of that was doing everything that was 'best' for everyone else and it was time that I took care of me. So that is when I made the switch to vegetarian. I had huge amount of guilt (that I still carry around) but I knew I needed to at least try it versus continue down my road of being obese and miserable.
    You see, WLS patients aren't choosing the easy way out, contrary to what you might think, read, see, or hear. We chose surgery where we are cut open and surgically altered - that is not easy. We chose to eat very minimal amounts of food when others around us are eating pounds of it - that is not easy. We chose to exercise at least 210 minutes a week - that is not easy. We chose to have to chew every little bite we take 20-30 times - that is not easy. We have to take Vitamins that are horrible every single day - that is not easy. So to me, making a few food changes to my diet didn't seem that hard compared to all the other "not easy" stuff I was agreeing to do.
    So, after my pre-op and post-op diet of all liquids (which I had for 3 weeks), when I made the move to soft Proteins I incorporated some yogurt (which I still can't stand) and then I incorporated some string cheese and some egg whites (not eggs). I did this very slowly. I then progressed to eating salmon, tuna, and shrimp. I still use all my vegan Condiments (vegan mayo, cream cheese, sour cream, etc.) but I chose to add in easier proteins to my day. I'm not going to tell you how great I feel or how I'm losing weight by the lbs daily, but I'm just going to tell you that it is working for me right now, today and that's all I have. Opening my mind and putting more focus on me is working for me, today. And everyday is another day to do it better. I have tried to get away from "I did bad today," to "I will try to do better tomorrow" and that has helped to.
    I hope some of this has helped you a little bit. It's okay if it didn't. I just want you to know that whatever you choose to do, do it for you. This is YOUR time and no one or no thing can take it away from you.
    Sending you all the best and well wishes. Keep us posted on here!
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    qianmij reacted to ChubRub in OOTD   
    Thank you!! Your post made my cry happy tears!! PS is 3 weeks away!!! I can't wait!!!
    Regarding thigh gap. I tried to put my phone in between my legs to hold it while I was putting on my coat the other day, and dropped my phone b/c my thighs don't touch each other anymore. LOL! I gotta get used to not having that storage area anymore. ha ha ha!!!
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    qianmij reacted to Neller in Out with the old (food)...   
    Throw it out. It’s already paid for, so the money is already gone. Just get rid of it or it will torment you.
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    qianmij reacted to MarvelGirl25 in Food Before and After Photos   
    Starting to cook some more again. Made a pork chop, Beans and a salad for myself and Carapulcra (Afro-Peruvian pork stew with sun dried potatoes) for my bf. Took a few bites of his stew and ate half of my dish.
    @GreenTealael and the move went good but we are still unpacking

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    qianmij reacted to Cherie04 in What was/is your greatest fear?   
    My biggest fear is failure. I've seen so many people have good results from these surgeries, but also know people who are as big or bigger than when they started the process. That is my fear.
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    qianmij reacted to Acooper8577 in Success Story   
    I had a gastric bypass in 2010. I was 32. I weighted 270 lbs. I had a few post surgery completed the first 2 years. I lost most of my weight in the first year. I have never gained any weight back. I currently weigh 138. I have had many ups and downs. If anyone needs advice I have plenty and willing to help!
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    qianmij reacted to DLCoggin in Goodbye To Bmi   
    Interesting article on WebMD says that BMI may be on the way out as the best way to assess body fat and associated health risks. The new kid on the block - height to weight ratio.
    "Researchers reviewed 31 studies of more than 300,000 men and women. They found that waist-to-height ratio was more accurate than BMI and than waist circumference alone at predicting certain health risks associated with being overweight or obese, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease."
    "Keeping your waist circumference to less than half your height can help increase life expectancy for every person in the world," �says researcher Margaret Ashwell, PhD, of Ashwell Associates, in Hertfordshire, England."
    Let's see now - 36" waist and 5' 9" tall. So 36/69 = 52%. Rats! Gotta lose another inch and a half around the waist. Off to walk I go!
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    qianmij reacted to Jaelzion in Fell Off Bad   
    It's about persistence, not perfection! Because this is a lifetime effort, it's almost guaranteed that we'll fall off at some point. It's what you do next that determines whether it's a minor blip or a major set-back. Sounds like you're on your way to getting back on track.
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    qianmij got a reaction from AZhiker in When will my brain realize most of my stomach is gone?!?   
    With this, I had to train my brain. The physical restriction is coming from your stomach, but brain training is all us. I've gotten used to weighing each portion before I eat. I have set meal times. As mentioned above, I use small plates, small spoons. No liquids with meals, etc. It's become routine so I know I'm training my brain to have a new normal. I've found my routine, but I still am experimenting with foods. Best of luck to you!
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    qianmij reacted to stevedallas in 8-Year ANNIVERSARY   
    I had my Sleeve in August 2012. I post on my anniversary each year. In 2012, I was 52 years old and weighed 275. I am now 60 and weigh 185. The surgery saved and changed my life.


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    qianmij reacted to Catracks in Vitamins and labs - Boy did I blow it!   
    There is really no excuse for this. I got lazy, pure and simple. I have been hit and miss about taking my Vitamins and Calcium. I am regular with the B-12, but let the others go. I didn't think it would make such an impact, but it did.
    My labs came back and the surgeon sicced the nutritionist on me. I didn't talk to her yet, but I know what she is going to say.
    I'm back on a strict Vitamin regime today. I won't let this happen again.
    I don't suppose there is a question here other than wondering if any of you are sloughing off or had before. I just wanted to warn you that's its not okay. You can do real damage. Not only that ...
    I just connected the dots. I've been stall for just about as long as I've been bad about the Vitamins. I just went searching. Sure enough, Vitamin D deficiency call stall weight loss and contribute to obesity. Same with Calcium.
    At least I think I have an answer now.
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    qianmij got a reaction from Lynda486 in Exercise for loose skin   
    Dr. Vuong says loose skin is a badge of honor. I’m going to keep that in my head when I get there. I’m looking forward, to be like you ❤️.
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    qianmij got a reaction from Lynda486 in Exercise for loose skin   
    Dr. Vuong says loose skin is a badge of honor. I’m going to keep that in my head when I get there. I’m looking forward, to be like you ❤️.
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    qianmij reacted to Abrightnewday in Anyone know of a forum for those whose surgery did not help them?   
    I'm sorry that this may sound unkind, but I promise that's not my intention, but I also think you may need to see a psychologist. Preferably one who specialises in food addiction (I have seen a few who specialise in addiction that havent been particularly great) but I've just started therapy with a lady who specialises in eating disorders and it's been really helpful.
    It's made a world of difference already. I only did it because the people who I know who regained a significant amount after their surgeries have all said that they wished they'd taken care of the mental side of things too.
    Or failing that, I'm always around for a chat.

    I really hope you manage to overcome this.

    Also, how is your thyroid?
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    qianmij reacted to New&Improved in Anyone know of a forum for those whose surgery did not help them?   
    I think you need a psychologist not a forum.
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    qianmij reacted to BriarRose in I DID IT !   
    I DID IT !
    I hit MY weight goal. NOT my surgeon's goal 10 years ago when I started this advent....that was to weigh145 pounds. Then he agreed that having started at 320, (and then 5'3" ) that a more logical goal would be in the area of 160 to 170. The lowest I ever got was 175. And I did not maintain that for even a moment. The the next 8 years of losing my only sibling to the Flu at the age of 49 (please get your flu shot) and then my surviving parent a few years later... personal illness and drama.... and creeping weight gain....
    14 months ago at 220 pounds and 63 years old I got my act back together.
    I went back to eating Protein - first and foremost - protein, healthy vegetables and fruit, and a smattering of healthy whole grain carbs and healthy fats.
    I ate mindfully - and intentionally to fuel my mind and body.
    I ate a treat daily
    I slowly changed HOW I eat, what I eat, and when I eat it.
    I did not announce it, I did not talk about it. I just did it.
    I lost 45 pounds in the past 14 months. Not fast weight loss, but steady
    And I may decide to lose a bit more. Or not.
    Thank you for being my sounding board. Thank you for being here for support.
    Today I am thankful for my sleeve, for saggy baggy hanging skin and not caring. And for being healthy !

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    qianmij reacted to New&Improved in STOP MAKING EXCUSES   
    I'm sorry but I'm so sick of seeing posts of people obviously cheating or making excuses to cheat and then crying because they didn't lose weight...
    I'm sorry but if you're not ready to commit to this program and you're not ready to change your life then you're not ready for surgery okay....
    Stop lying to yourself and stop making excuses to cheat. Stop blaming everyone else for your failures.
    I spent about 20 years living obese but I woke up one day and made the mental decision and commitment to change my life and I didn't let anyone or anything interfere with my decision.
    10 months later and I'm half the size u was literally I've lost 159lbs and I'm skinny and I'm healthy and happy and loving life.
    You cannot begin this program thinking you can just breeze through without actually making an effort okay.
    I'm saying this because I want people to make sure they are ready before they commit to being operated on.
    It's a huge decision.
    A huge commitment and mental stamina is needed to be successful okay.
    I'm sorry but I'm over seeing all these people making you feel better for failing or cheating....
    Tighten up. Toughen up.

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    qianmij reacted to Phoenix20 in Exercise for loose skin   
    That is really unkind. you've lost weight and gotten healthier. I'm sorry they aren't being more supportive, you have so much to be proud of! be kind to yourself.
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    qianmij reacted to AZhiker in Can't stop cheating on my preop diet   
    Worse yet, is getting the surgery, losing the weight, and then gaining it all back because you weren't truly ready to make the lifestyle changes for surgery to be successful. One of the most reliable predictors of long term success is the person who emphatically says, "I AM NEVER GOING BACK!" and determines to make all the changes necessary for that to happen. That means not cheating and slipping back into foods that caused the problem in the first place. Some of those foods may be reintroduced in very minimal amounts once maintenance is reached. Until then, they only undermine both the weight loss and the mental changes that need to happen. One of the biggest changes is to make the mental switch from seeing these foods as desirable to seeing them as enemies to your health. This reframing takes a lot of practice and determination, but it has to happen. When you can joyfully choose an apple over a cookie, and not feel deprived, but rather feel empowered, you know you are making the change.
    The pre-op diet is hard, no doubt, but it is for a very limited time frame. Others may disagree with me, but it is my opinion that if someone can't stick to 2 weeks of preop, they are not ready for the real challenge of a total transformation of eating and living for the rest of one's life.
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    qianmij reacted to CammyC in So mad at myself for regain   
    Remember your why. Why did you want this back in 2014? For me it was not only my physical looks but other things. I couldn’t bend down and tie my shoes without having to breathe in between. Bending down like that cut off my breath. Another thing and this May be TMI, but I couldn’t hardly wipe my butt when I went potty. I remember sitting on the toilet crying because I couldn’t reach.
    I couldn’t walk or stand more than just a few minutes without my lower back burning and aching. Diabetes and high blood pressure run in my family. These are my whys.
    So you’ve gained 40 back. Thank God it’s not the 101, right? Start back with the Protein Shakes, maybe substitute a meal a day for one and when you’re comfortable with that substitute two meals a day with a shake. I lost 26 pounds in 3 months prior to surgery from that alone. When you want a snack in between, have one. But make it something healthy and filling like a banana or cottage cheese. You’ve done this before. You know what to do. All you have to do now is, just do it. Sending you positive vibes and hopes for your success!!! ❤️
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    qianmij reacted to summerset in Regained weight support   
    That "negativity" you're talking about might actually be a helpful reality check. What's going on in the back of one's mind who've regained and is going to face "it all again"? Don't tell me that there isn't this nagging fear of "failing again".

    Do you know how many people who've regained might be feeling exactly like this? Sometimes reading it written down makes something click in your mind and even if it doesn't there might still be the feeling of "Yes, that's exactly how sh*tty and scary all of this feels. Finally someone understands!".
    People need to accept reality and work from there. And the reality is: losing regained weight is hard as f*ck from both a motivational and emotional point of view. There is no use in denying this.
    All this "you go girl", "tschakka" and "you're going to nail it" might be some nice cheering on but it's not going to help in the long run either. An "I can imagine how bad you must be feeling!" might be more helpful than all these standard motivation mantras.
    My post has nothing to do with "tough love". It has something to do with accepting things like they are. If it's dragging you down when reading it, maybe as yourself why it does that.
    You might think that my post was "negative" and that's ok of course but don't project your own feelings you have in reaction to my post onto others. That's not helpful at all for the OP or anyone else for that matter as well.

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    qianmij reacted to Jaelzion in How many calories are you guys getting in per day?   
    I am 18 months out and I eat about 800 calories per day. I'm not deliberately restricting, that's just how it works out when I eat enough to not be hungry. I'm still losing slowly (2-3 pounds per month) and I assume at some point my weight will stabilize.
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    qianmij reacted to Slightly Less Fatty Matty in How many calories are you guys getting in per day?   
    I’m four months out and typically get around 400-500 a day I guess. I’m capable of eating more I just don’t want to yet. I’m losing fast and I don’t want to hop off this train just yet. I do a ensure cafe mocha shake for Breakfast and lunch and for dinner I’ll have a couple slices of different cold cuts, a little cheese and some raw veggies, usually cucumber or bell peppers. I keep hydrated with diet mtn dew. It’s certainly not a model diet but it works for me, keeps me satisfied and my second round of blood work came back all perfectly normal.
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    qianmij reacted to Deemar007 in Three year surgiversary.   
    SW 320.0
    GW 170.0
    CW 140.5 
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    qianmij reacted to Newme17 in Proteinaholic by Dr Garth Davis   
    I know this was mentioned before here in the Vegans/Vegetarians forums and I wanted to maybe start this thread for all things pertaining to the book that Dr. Garth Davis authored, Proteinaholic. So far I'm on chapter 6 of it and I'm just amazed with how sound it is and all the studies that are out there to support why we don't need such a high amount of Protein, and why it's a culprit of obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.... There's just so much to talk about if anyone wants to get into discussion. Now, this thread IS NOT going to be for debate. I do not want anyone coming on here advocating high protein and what they "know" and debating with any of us who are or evolving into plant based, vegans or vegetarians. I want to share the things I've learned from the book and if anyone wants to challenge those, READ THE BOOK FIRST, and then you can come and talk about it. If you don't or haven't read the book, feel free to read the things that will be posted...and do your own homework to find these facts/truths out for yourself. I literally don't have time to do a protein ping pong match...so don't start one. You will be ignored.
    Okay, with that said and out of the way, the first thing I want to mention is that Dr. Davis actually dispels the myths about protein and why our bodies don't need so much. It is not an opinionated book, it's a science/fact book. It makes TOTAL sense. He is quite comical too. The parts where he plays out his doctor/patient dialogues hit me the most...because I can relate to how I was educated about protein being what we all need. I had the same mentalities as he did regarding it, but after I started watching documentaries on plant based diets for the past couple of years, I've slowly become open to all the health benefits of eating plant based. But now, even though I knew plant based is great for the health, I didn't know that the protein component was/is what was causing so many problems in my health, my husband's, etc. Now, I've got science and truth to understand the premise of protein. The history of why, what Dr Davis talks about, we western society pick apart whole foods and live based off of macronutrients. Now, it just boggles me why we do that. The other thing that rings true and is nice knowing, is that he is a bariatric surgeon too. He knows what he's coaching/telling his patients. He knows that he was not a nutritionist, didn't know a single thing, but the one hour of nutrition studies in his school days, but he took the time to dive into history, studies, reports, etc to bring light to why western society is so unhealthy, and most of it is based on animal protein.
    Read the book!