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  1. Love that! Can’t wait for my chart to reflect that, too.
  2. Well, how often is the bingeing happening? When I’m on my period, it hits me hard and I let my body have all the sugar it wants. The second it’s over, my body goes back to my learned habits and I can say no easily. I feel it too when I have work stress. Recognize what is triggering the need is what I’m trying to work on. *I’m almost at 8mos as well.*
  3. That’s awesome 👏! Surgery was 9/17/2020 and currently -101 from HW, -85 from day of surgery. I was not told weight loss is too much, but I actively made decision to start maintaining now (I made GW to be -100 from HW, 156).
  4. qianmij

    I guess I am a WL Vet Now???

    Your story is beautiful, motivating, and great to hear. I hope you post how the trip goes. I relate closely to your stats and “why.” I like hearing the pitfalls and stress eating because I’m starting do that, too. Cheers to your continued success!
  5. qianmij

    Spicy foods in post op life?

    If I eat something too spicy, my stomach turns over and I just feel sick. For me, it depends on the spice level, but I find I try to stay away from it in general at 7mos out. **I prefer to eat bird’s eye peppers, Thai peppers, etc. so this may not apply to you!**
  6. This happens to me every time I expend more energy than usual. I take a break to go eat something. That helps. I’ve even had to take a nap - usually not conducive to the activity. I learned this is simply energy out = energy in. Your body is telling you it needs more energy.
  7. qianmij


    I hear ya! Cranky cranky - if you watch The Office, it reminds me of Kelly in the weight loss episode - “just leave me alone!” I will get something down really quick - nuts, a cracker, juice - to stave off the hunger until I can prepare something with more substance. This doesn’t happen often because I’ve learned to set routine times for meals and water. That usually helps. I’m month 7 now, so it feels very routine at this point and I don’t have to think about doing these things. I hope I can maintain!
  8. qianmij

    New goal weight

    Nice work!
  9. qianmij

    Can We Talk About...Birth Control?

    IUD here. I do not experience weight gain except during periods.
  10. qianmij

    Failing miserably

    My surgery was (4) days after yours. Do you feel you have a strong support circle? We really need it with this! People who love us and want to help us be successful. That includes your PCP and surgical team. For me, it even includes these forums and reading people’s experiences. I like that you say you hold yourself accountable because that is you recognizing you can control this situation - that’s a great thing to self-acknowledge! Although the weight loss has slowed for me, coming up on (7) months, too, I’m still logging my food and always working on a better relationship with food (I currently hate it). I’ve become better at listening to my body, but I keep working on it. I disappoint myself but I just gotta get back up each time. I’m not letting “old” me win - she’s what got me here in the first place 😆. You have invested in a lot of tools that you think should be helping your journey. I’d say re-evaluate and stick to one thing for a time range, and eventually add more tools. “Track food for one day” can eventually go to one week, one month, etc. “Stare at elliptical for five minutes” can go to “stand on elliptical” to pressing ON, haha. Make the goals tiny and attainable!
  11. qianmij

    Hair loss finally reducing...yay

    You give me hope - I’m full-blown losing hair for 2 months now and it doesn’t feel like an end in sight.
  12. qianmij

    Wow! Size 6?????

    You look fantastic! #Batwingsunite
  13. qianmij

    I hate food....

    I just hit (6) months and I'm starting to feel this way, too. Literally, I typed "i hate food" so I could find stories to relate to this. More than likely it's a good thing, feeling like it's a chore to eat, eating to stop the shakes, or prevent fainting; but it seems like a phase? Oh well. Hope it gets better, Suzi!
  14. Hey Tim. This was a struggle for me after surgery, too. My first BM after surgery occurred after 10 days. Almost 6 months now, if I go once a week then it’s a win for me, but currently averaging 7-9 days between BMs.
  15. I’m going to echo Deb. When I hit my first stall, I upped my water intake. Immediately broke the stall. These days, water wins over protein for me. If I hit my protein goal is great, but if I don’t oh well. But I definitely got my water in. 174 lbs and I get at least 80oz of water a day.
  16. qianmij

    menstruation symptoms after surgery

    How about feeling tired? I never felt tired or noticed any symptoms pre-surgery. But the last few periods seem to be taking a toll on me. I’m tired, more hungry, craving sugar?! When I’m not on my period, I feel ‘normal.’
  17. qianmij


    It’s great to hear that you recognize and acknowledge the cause - now let’s get to work! I use small dishes, chopsticks or kid utensils. I weigh each meal. I cut the food up and maybe even mush it. I take a bite and read or look at phone while I chew, chew, chew. I’m more aware of what goes in my mouth. Do I like it? Will I eat it again later? Too salty? It’s become very very routine. I’m at 4 months only - but I find food does not control me anymore. I choose when to eat, what to eat, how much - not it. And it feels great.
  18. qianmij

    Surgery Date set for 1/28/20

    They say males lose quicker than females. My surgery was 9-17-20 - it’ll be (4) months on 1-17-21. Just 55 lbs so far. Recording each meal helped, too.
  19. Aside from your height, I had similar story: 37 years, female, 40+ BMI, no co-morbidities. My insurance covered surgery if I was at least >40 BMI. I wasn’t asked to lose weight prior to surgery due to nothing else to qualify me for coverage. I think it was one of the best decisions I made and spent (2) years thinking about it. Best of luck to you!
  20. qianmij

    Surgery Date set for 1/28/20

    That’s awesome! Especially because you have each other to immediately support one another! Biggest challenge for me is getting the headspace right. I deal with this by doing a lot of prep. Planning out meals for me vs meals for family, Vitamins, Water.
  21. qianmij

    Green tea?

    I have anywhere from 4-5 (10oz-12oz cups) herbal teas a day and include it as water intake alongside normal water consumption.