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  1. qianmij

    Surgery Date set for 1/28/20

    They say males lose quicker than females. My surgery was 9-17-20 - it’ll be (4) months on 1-17-21. Just 55 lbs so far. Recording each meal helped, too.
  2. Aside from your height, I had similar story: 37 years, female, 40+ BMI, no co-morbidities. My insurance covered surgery if I was at least >40 BMI. I wasn’t asked to lose weight prior to surgery due to nothing else to qualify me for coverage. I think it was one of the best decisions I made and spent (2) years thinking about it. Best of luck to you!
  3. qianmij

    Surgery Date set for 1/28/20

    That’s awesome! Especially because you have each other to immediately support one another! Biggest challenge for me is getting the headspace right. I deal with this by doing a lot of prep. Planning out meals for me vs meals for family, Vitamins, Water.
  4. qianmij

    Green tea?

    I have anywhere from 4-5 (10oz-12oz cups) herbal teas a day and include it as water intake alongside normal water consumption.
  5. Because it’s your mother, that is just super terrible. Has she supported you in anything else in your life? Is it her way of “joking” with you? For me, my MIL does this to me. I do not share my “victories” but she lives with me and sees the actual changes. Yes, she will say, “B****, I’m so jealous” or make other snide remarks. I choose to ignore and let it go because she doesn’t have enough tact or ability to express herself in a better way. I really don’t know how to respond to her comments, so I don’t. You don’t need this during your process! Love and support to you!
  6. With this, I had to train my brain. The physical restriction is coming from your stomach, but brain training is all us. I've gotten used to weighing each portion before I eat. I have set meal times. As mentioned above, I use small plates, small spoons. No liquids with meals, etc. It's become routine so I know I'm training my brain to have a new normal. I've found my routine, but I still am experimenting with foods. Best of luck to you!
  7. My surgery was 9/17. Currently I’m still only managing
  8. Dr. Vuong says loose skin is a badge of honor. I’m going to keep that in my head when I get there. I’m looking forward, to be like you ❤️.
  9. qianmij

    Feeling Guilty(as I should)

    I watched Dr. Vuong YouTube vids to help my headspace and how to move forward with this “second chance.” Treating my new stomach like it’s own entity definitely helps me want to do better. He has a video on common pitfalls that will lead you back to square 1 - I keep those in mind because I want to prevent that from happening to me.
  10. qianmij

    1st month stall?

    What is your water intake? I’d say track this closely. If the body is constantly dehydrated, it will tend to hold on to water.
  11. Maybe separate the points. He supports your WLS, but that is different from his insecurities concerning the future of your marriage. Is his concern valid? Only you know that answer.
  12. qianmij

    Purée stage ??????

    Healthcare team had me move to soft foods on week 2. I was able to meet fluid requirements. I was able to tolerate puréed meat, mushed hard-boiled egg.
  13. I echo that - drinking water assuaged a lot of hunger. I’m heavy on hot pepper sauce when I want to keep hunger at bay, too. You may or may not be able to tolerate that. But the spice keeps my body preoccupied.
  14. qianmij

    How long does pain last?

    9/17 Surgery - it felt better by day 7-8. I still have an achy abdominal if too much activity.
  15. qianmij

    Grief and staying on track

    You are being hard on yourself. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Give yourself that time to grieve. If you do not give yourself time to process, it will manifest in another way. When you are ready to focus back on yourself, I have no doubt self-care will come back to you. If you want to somehow place a little control in your current situation, you could seek out alternative solutions: SF-cookies, SF-whip cream, etc. Be kind to yourself!
  16. qianmij

    Post op feelings

    I'm almost 2 weeks post-op and I'm feeling the same with energy levels. I think it's the lack of calories? So I'm forcing myself to eat the SF-jello and puddings for calories. My main meals are protein-based: pureed chicken, fish, hard-boiled eggs, soups, broths. I'm almost starting to think this is normal right now.
  17. How's your calorie intake? Your water intake? Vitamins?
  18. qianmij

    Any dense, high protein meals?

    Mushrooms are a great source of protein. Slice up, salt and pepper, and sauté for a quick, super-filling meal. I ate them a lot pre-op and plan to continue in a few months.
  19. qianmij

    Help Post Op diet

    Day 8 post-op here. I googled bypass meal schedule and found some I liked. My program did not come with one.
  20. qianmij

    Struggling badly..

    Day 8 post-op here. I feel you big time, wondering if I could just not eat. I’m sipping on Isopure for protein. I’m tolerating rice porridge, cream of mushroom (1 tablespoon or less). I puréed chicken and hard-boiled egg. I was able to eat one whole egg! Hope that helps!
  21. qianmij


    I started with decaf, but some brands make me sleepy. I switched to Yerba Mate after I saw a documemtary discuss how caffeine is taxes your adrenals too much. So the knowledge of that and alternatives have helped me. Black tea with cream/artificial sweetener is my fave alternative.
  22. qianmij

    Inspiration on Instagram!!**

    You’re amazing.
  23. qianmij

    Sex drive

    Read some romance, heavy on the sex novels. Look up some sensual gifs. If you do that, is it triggering anything? Best of luck!
  24. To “keep my head in the game,” I frequently went back to why I wanted the surgery. Personally, when my kids wanted me to play with them, I would be winded after 10 minutes. They deserve a parent who needs to be healthier so I could be there for them. I am their example and if I fail at everything else in life, I refused to fail them. It could help your headspace to frame it that way - doing the surgery for a different cause besides the overarching “lose weight.” This path is very much a physical, emotional, and mental challenge. Best of luck to you!