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    Lillimint reacted to Jaelzion in Be careful with medication doses!   
    Just a heads up for those of you who, like me, have lost a large amount of weight. I'm now less than half my previous weight and sometimes I run into downstream effects I wasn't prepared for.
    Recently I had to take a medication that I haven't needed for some time (certainly not since I've been this small). My doctor and I were not thinking about my weight loss and how that would affect the appropriate dose for this med. Because I am so much smaller, the dose I regularly took before was way too much and I had crazy side-effects and toxicity. At first my doctor was stumped as to what is going on (even though she has seen me and is aware of my weight loss). It was my cousin, who is also a doctor (a hospitalist), who figured it out. As soon as I desceribed my symptoms, she said "That's an overdose, you're taking too much." and she reminded me that my weight affects the necessary dose.
    When I went back to my doctor, she agreed that was it and reduced my dose to match my weight. And the problems went away. So don't forget that weight-based dosages will need to be adjusted as you get smaller! Even doctors may not remember to make the necessary adjustments.

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    Lillimint reacted to Sophie7713 in OOTD   
    Nothing too exciting on the wardrobe front unless my bunny slippers count? But wanted to wish you each a Happy Spring! Happy passover. Happy Easter.

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    Lillimint reacted to HealthyLifeStyle in I Reached My Goal!!!!!   
    It has been 7 months, and 2 days since my WLS.
    I finally hit my GOAL when weighing in this morning. I have never been this small in my adult life.
    It is such a great feeling, knowing that everything I worked for up to this point has been worth it.
    My ONLY regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago.
    I have lost 81 lbs., went from a size 20 jeans, now in a size 6, (I posted a few days ago that I was a size 8, but my new jeans were actually too big, and I had to get a size 6).
    I am sooooooo happy!!! 😄😄😄😄😄
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    Lillimint reacted to summerset in Why did you pick such a high goal weight? Your BMI is STILL overweight!   
    I think that was me. At least I can remember posting the link to the free PDF and I mentioned the concept of "best weight" more than one time in the past.
    IMO the concept of "best weight" acknowledges some very important things:
    - food is not only seen as fuel in our culture (and that's not viewed as something pathological here but as something common and perfectly normal)
    - there is more to life than a diet and an exercise schedule
    - not everyone can be thin without tremendous effort and it's ok to decide that going below a certain weight is not worth the effort to a person
    Again, there's nothing wrong with wanting to be e. g. BMI 19 and being obsessed with eating and exercise (if that is what that person truly wants) - it just irks me that extreme and radical approaches are touted as "the way to go" on this board way too often, putting/leaving people struggling with their eating in a rather bad place to be.
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    Lillimint reacted to Hop_Scotch in Why did you pick such a high goal weight? Your BMI is STILL overweight!   
    My apologies I can't remember who posted this originally on these forums, but I do like the concept of 'best weight'.

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    Lillimint reacted to Jaelzion in Why did you pick such a high goal weight? Your BMI is STILL overweight!   
    This is exactly where I am. I know there are people who want to be thinner than I will ever be, and that's okay. There are people who are comfortable at a higher weight than I would be and THAT'S okay. So much drama would be avoided if we could just respect each other's choices. Whoever said your goal weight is too high - what business is it of theirs? Why are they invested in how much YOU weigh? And likewise, not everyone who wants to be thin has an eating disorder. Personally, I set my goal at a weight that would put me exactly at the edge of having a normal BMI. I made it, plus a little more and I'm happy at this weight. So far, it's not a struggle to maintain. I'm healthy and getting more fit every day. I don't have the inclination, time or energy to watch OTHER people's weight.
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    Lillimint reacted to Creekimp13 in Why did you pick such a high goal weight? Your BMI is STILL overweight!   
    I feel a little sheepish about the response this has gotten. Didn't mean to be an attention wh*re, and I'm afraid that's how it reads. I just wanted to blow steam.
    I think this board does a better job than most...of extending value and tolerance for each other's perspectives. One bad experience doesn't ruin the whole batch, and I'm sorry if I gave the impression that it's a big problem here.....it's not. You all are terrific. I think most of my post was based on history and a composite of experiences at many bariatric boards.....and one recent trigger here... that, in retrospect, I might have been smarter to let go than talk about....but it irked me and I started typing...and...now I feel sheepish.
    I think we've all got great stuff to add. I think this is a great group.
    The folks whose goal is just to achieve better health. The folks who just want to be under 200 pounds. The folks who just want to improve. The folks who are satisfied with an average weight (like me). And the folks who lose like crazy and get super fit and work hard for that low BMI.
    Everyone has good stuff to offer and I sure didn't mean to imply there are any villians. All perspectives are valuable. One perspective that doesn't fit for one person...might be a perfect fit for another.
    At the end of the day, we're all figuring this thing out. We're all working hard to understand how to beat an unhealthy relationship with food. Every one of us.
    I sound fatalistic sometimes and I apologize.
    You guys really are lovely. And the rare exception....I think i'd be ahead to just ignore.
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    Lillimint reacted to Arabesque in High Abdobmen Fat   
    I still have that little pooch above my waist. It’s way smaller but must just be my body shape. When I carried my weight it was like I had two stomachs. One above, one below with a definite waist in between.
    You have to remember you have fat all over your body so you’ll lose a little here, a little there. Did you take any body measurements? That way you can track that quarter of an inch loss here, half an inch loss there. It adds up but may not be noticeable for a while. Remember, there are 2 inches between clothing sizes so you may not have dropped a size yet. Frustrating I know.
    Where you lose that weight can be surprising too. Wait till you realise your shoes are too big cause you lost weight on your feet. I even lost fat on my eyelids - no more droopy lids anymore. Oh & then when you’re maintaining, it seems to resettle & even out a bit over your body & on your face.
    Congrats on your weight loss so far.
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    Lillimint reacted to Barb Being Barb in WLS Veteran is back and looking for support   

It’s been YEARS since I was on this forum! I was very active from 2014-2016. Loved the support, hated the drama. 

I had VSG in 2014 and although I was a bit on the slower side losing because I was considered a “lightweight” (ha) at my surgery weight of 235, I was very successful. My low weight was 142 for about 15 minutes, but after a little bounce weight of 10-12 pounds or so, I maintained there for several years and was even running! Me—running at almost 50 years old! I was a WLS success! 

**Record screeching noise** not so fast.....

2018: On my Quest to stay active by finding new and fun activities, I decided to get on roller skates again at 51 years old. Let’s just say that didn’t turn out so well, and an almost debilitating neck injury happened. + 15 pounds. 

2019: Strange, I’ve got blood in my pee? Lab work shows no UTI. Bladder cancer?? WTF? That’s an old man’s disease! 
+ 10 pounds 

2020: Do I even have to say it?? Oh, but I *did* manage to break my ankle in October walking my dog and was in a boot for 2 months. Also, I got Covid in December. + 10 pounds 

I’m not using life happening as excuses at all. I was fully unprepared to deal with my weight maintenance *when* life happened. It just goes to show how woefully unprepared I was with my emotional eating when the chips (along with my poor broken body) were down. I can only hope my experience can be a lesson to all either thinking about WLS, or are happily in the honeymoon phase of WLS and maintenance. 

With a little pharmaceutical help from my Primary, I’m working on going back to basics and concentrate on healthier Protein and Fiber rich options to try to lose at least 25 pounds. It can be done. I’ve seen it. 

Wish me luck! ❤️
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    Lillimint reacted to Jaelzion in My goal outfit is/was . . .   
    I shared mine in an earlier post:

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    Lillimint reacted to ms.sss in How faded are your surgery scars?   
    Ok, finally got around to taking a current pic of my arm scars, which are by far the worst of my plastics scars.
    NOTE: I am probably an example of the worser-case scenarios in terms of wound healing, most people will fare much, much, better than I do. So don't get freaked out!
    You can see in the before pic (taken 11 months AFTER PS!) that my scar is pretty red/purple and very RAiSED.
    After the first round of steroid shots, there was a visible difference about 1-2 weeks after. It flattened out quite a bit, and got less red. The skin around the scar also started to pucker a bit (which was something my doc told me may happen).
    I got a second round of shots about 2 months later, and now, two months after that, my scar is completely flat, even lighter, and the pucker/dimpling is gone.
    I am deciding if I want to go for a 3rd round or just wait it out. The injections HURT, man. Hurt, like tears in my eyes hurt.
    Anyhoo, here are the pics:
    P.S. FYI ...I have read/been told that steroid shots are more effective on hypertrophic scars (which I have) than keloids. So discuss with your doc if this is a route you want to go down....

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    Lillimint reacted to BayougirlMrsS in What are BEST side effects of WLS for you besides the WL?   
    All the things others said...... + increase in sex drive. Confidence in knowing that I can do and fit in almost anything.
    Also, the way others treat you..... People can say all they want that "fat" people aren't discriminated against.... but we all know that's a bunch of bull cr*p...... When i was "large" people would turn the other way. I could be on crutches, caring a baby and trying to open a door (over exaggerating)... and no help. Now walking down the street, men go out of their way to help.... open doors, help with car issues, offer to help with groceries.... etc. People look at me and not my size... I felt like i was always being "examined"...
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    Lillimint reacted to EllaKop in What are BEST side effects of WLS for you besides the WL?   
    wearing shorts again! oh how i’ve missed them. life is better with bare legs. my favorite part of this journey so far is that my legs have the most noticeable changes. i carried very heavy in my legs and belly and both are shrinking at a consistent rate. down 78 pounds in 5.5 months. 2 more lbs and i’ll be halfway to my goal weight. Enjoy the journey!!
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    Lillimint reacted to Jaelzion in What are BEST side effects of WLS for you besides the WL?   
    One of many...medical professionals speak to me much more kindly and respectfully. Instead of dismissing everything with "You need to lose weight", they actually assess and evaluate my symptoms.
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    Lillimint got a reaction from pdc1605 in OOTD   
    @ms.sss Kind of a odd story, but quite a while back I was catching up with a friend from my high school days. She’d traveled the world and had lots of cool adventures. She’d spent quite a bit of time in China, where she had become a model! This is a cute, Caucasian gal about 5’6” or so. Pretty, but not a supermodel figure. Turns out she had been recruited by someone who made clothes that were exported to a lot of western countries. She worked as a model for those clothes, and they’d use her figure to make sure the clothes they made would fit westerners. Only problem was, she has a figure like a boy. Very slender, no waist, no butt, small boobs. (Come to think of it, that is a supermodel figure.). I think they used her as a “large”, because she was a lot taller and larger than most of the Chinese women. She was probably an American sized S or XS. It was a very entertaining and interesting story, and it was cool to learn that there was a method to the madness of the sizing.

    If only I knew the right people I would volunteer to become a international model for XL-size clothes. Or at least American XL size. 😄
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    Lillimint reacted to ms.sss in Body Image Issues   
    I love friends like these ❤️
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    Lillimint got a reaction from jpeits52 in Nausea and light headedness 4 months post op   
    It’s probably time to visit your primary care physician and discuss your new reality. Are you on blood pressure meds? Other meds? Those might need adjusting. I went through the lightheadedness and my PCP reduced my blood pressure meds, with the goal of stopping them in another month or so.

    I think you get a different perspective and information from your PCP. The first time I saw her my hair had started falling out and she gave me a prescription for a Shampoo. Didn’t know that was available (all I had gotten from the Bariatric center has the advice to take biotin). I’m not sure if the shampoo helped, or if it was the Biotin, or just time, or all three but my hair is now growing back like mad.

    As an added benefit, I love seeing my PCP because she raves about how much healthier I am becoming.
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    Lillimint reacted to Bari_KS in Low Blood pressure. All good now.   
    Tim, you might find this info interesting.

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    Lillimint got a reaction from ms.sss in Can I see some before and after pics?   
    You have the loveliest legs! They look like they’ve been sculpted. You should be seriously proud of your efforts.
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    Lillimint got a reaction from ms.sss in Goooaaaallll! With skin pics 😲   
    You look super fantastic!!! Great job and congratulations! From the side view I can see your abs and your stomach is so flat. Clearly you’ve put a load of work into yourself. Also...is that a THIGH GAP that I see!?!?! 🤩🤩🤩
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    Lillimint got a reaction from ms.sss in Goooaaaallll! With skin pics 😲   
    You look super fantastic!!! Great job and congratulations! From the side view I can see your abs and your stomach is so flat. Clearly you’ve put a load of work into yourself. Also...is that a THIGH GAP that I see!?!?! 🤩🤩🤩
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    Lillimint reacted to NYJenn in Can I see some before and after pics?   
    Before and after

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    Lillimint reacted to catwoman7 in Nausea and light headedness 4 months post op   
    that's often due to low blood pressure (although you might want to check it out with your PCP or surgeon, as there are other things that can cause that - like low glucose level, inner ear issues, etc - but it's usually a blood pressure issue). The medical term is orthostatic hypotension, and it's pretty common in the early weeks after bariatric surgery. If that's what it is, just get up more slowly. It'll usually resolve on its own, but as an above poster said, if you're on blood pressure meds, check with your doctor as they may need to lower your dosage (or even take you off them).
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    Lillimint got a reaction from ms.sss in Can I see some before and after pics?   
    You have the loveliest legs! They look like they’ve been sculpted. You should be seriously proud of your efforts.
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