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  1. Lillimint

    Indented incision

    I had surgery 7/23 and mine is still slightly indented. At first I couldn’t tell, but now I’m sure that it won’t be permanent. It was the incision that hurt the most. It’s still a tiny bit tender (inside - not tender to the touch), but that might be my imagination? It looked so weird when I first came home that I assumed that my surgeon just wasn’t concerned with the outward appearance of things. Now I think it’s just a temporary issue that goes away at different rates for different people.
  2. Lillimint

    Foods after surgery

    I’ve been able to eat chicken, but very, very slowly. Shrimp has gone down extremely easily so I eat that nearly every day. Good thing I’m in southern Louisiana! Weirdly (for me) I have not been able to eat canned tuna. I liked it before surgery but now I can’t keep it down. I think it’s the smell rather than the texture. I developed a super sensitive sense of smell since my surgery 6 weeks ago which seems to be linked to my taste. It’s faded some, but I sure hope it fades more.
  3. I am 4 weeks pot op, and having trouble getting all my protein in. I’ve formed an opinion about the protein shakes. Which btw, taste perfectly fine to me and didn’t cause any issues with constipation *before* surgery. Now....ahem...not good. I am at the puréed/mushy food stage and I’ve tolerated just about everything perfectly fine. I just can’t get enough down throughout the day. My digestive system is working very well right now and that makes me very happy. So I’m weighing the pros and cons with the protein powders. Any issues there? Are certain kinds of proteins harder on your digestive system than others? Like whey vs. whatever else is out there. And what about the clear protein waters? I did get super tired of them just before the surgery, but I’d be willing to give them a try again. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Lillimint

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    I am now 8 days out from surgery and today is the first time I’ve felt even remotely normal. The recovery has been ROUGH! The nausea was so bad I couldn’t get in my liquids or even take the zofran pill without throwing up. The stomach spasms are something else. Ended up back at the hospital for IV fluids and a CT scan. At least I know there’s nothing wrong with the surgery. I got a prescription for scopolamine patches which has helped tremendously, and along with crystal lite I should be able to hit my goal for liquids today. I’m also able to watch food commercials on tv that don’t make me turn queasy. The stomach spasms are still there, but are no longer overwhelming. I tried to sleep as much as I could to make this period pass more quickly. I feel as if my progress on Day 8 is equal to what so many others have progressed to on Day 2 or 3. I was definitely full of regrets the first couple of days. Now I think I can see a path forward with being able to follow the recommended diet.
  5. Lillimint

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Cheers @Repeatingthoughts! I’m right behind you with my surgery scheduled at noon today. It was very hard to sleep, but 24 hours from now we’ll have this huge step behind us!
  6. Lillimint

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    Did my COVID test today and already got the results (negative). It wasn’t too bad at all. My doctor just emailed and said I was good to go. My surgery is scheduled for Thursday. I’m definitely nervous with wondering if I’m doing the right thing. I keep reminding myself of all the things I hate about my present weight, and all the things I can’t do. I just wish I could skip this next week or so.
  7. Lillimint

    July 2020 Surgery anyone?

    My date for VSG IS 7/23, and I’m already on day 5 of the pre-op liquid diet. I’ve been hugely surprised that it’s not as bad as I expected. I had headaches the first 2 days, but otherwise it’s been pretty manageable. My fingers are crossed that things don’t get cancelled due to the COVID, but there doesn’t seem to be any talk (around here) about canceling elective surgeries.
  8. I’ve just started telling a few friends and they’ve been very supportive. I haven’t told my family yet - I’m not sure that will go over well. I’ll probably hold off saying anything until it gets closer to the surgery date (07/23) because I hate to let the cat out of the bag then it gets canceled.