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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to Arabesque in Post op hair loss... SO WADJYA DO?!?!   
    It’s just one of those frustrating things that are part of the weight loss journey. Mine started at around 4 months. Most people notice the Hair loss persists for about three months +/- regardless of taking supplements like Biotin. The hair on your head is already dead & you can’t save dead hair. The thing to remember is the hair you are losing is hair you would have lost anyway as part of your natural shedding cycle - it was destined to fall out. It’s just that this cycle has been temporarily accelerated. You still have new hair growing but it’s at it’s usual rate. Supplements may benefit this new growth.
    Best thing to do is not stress, take your recommended Vitamins & meet your Protein goals.
    I remember my surgeon told me my body had better things to do with the nutrients I was eating then save my hair. A bit harsh but true. When I hit my goal & was eating more & a wider variety of food the rate of the hair loss slowed until it was like it was pre surgery so at about month 7. I took no additional supplements.
    A lot of us cut our hair so the loss isn’t as noticeable & it takes less time for the new growth to catch up & be the same length. I cut mine from almost my waist to just above my shoulders. The shorter length of hair doesn’t look as bad in the bottom of the shower either 😁😁.
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to pssk in My tummy tuck experience   
    Tummy Tuck (included muscle repair no lipo) on 1/19/22
    I am 2 weeks PO tomorrow

    The good:
    I felt the pain was less than I imagined. I felt sore (and still do slightly) of course but it was far less than I anticipated.
    The horrible pouch, AKA Joey, is GONE! What a relief! Good riddance to Joey!
    At my appointment yesterday I was told I am healing VERY fast and ahead of the curve. They said I look more like 4+ weeks. Everything looks good!
    I’m pleased already with my results even with the above the suture line swelling mid line.

    The bad:
    constipation experience 2-3 days post op (I’ve blocked it out). I won’t get graphic but dear lord this was not good! The pain of this while being sore and stitched up was horrible! Yes, I took all the stuff yo prevent this. However, each time I get surgery this happens to me! I’d rather give birth!
    The drains…. I knew I would hate them and I did. One drain leaked from the site for 7 days. Once that was removed it helped a lot. The second drain (non leaker) was just removed yesterday so I am feeling like a human!
    Indigestion and gas have been an issue. It is quite unpleasant to be bloated with when you are stitched up.

    You need a person to help the first few days for sure. Changing dressings, emptying drains initially would have been impossible for me if I didn’t have my husband. Don’t try this alone!
    Get a recliner. We already had an electric one so it helped me a lot. I sleep in it and don’t think I could possibly sleep anywhere else as I am NOT normally a back sleeper. The recliner helps adjust your position so you can find the sweet spot where you don’t hurt.
    Drink lots of fluids and eat foods that do not create gas.
    Be kind to yourself. If you are like me, you have wanted this surgery for a long time. Don’t try to do too much so that you cause a complication.
    Have a firm pillow at hand so you can press on your tummy when trying to get up in the beginning or sneezing/coughing (ugh).

    I hope this helps someone. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from kcuster83 in Stomach Grumbling & Gurgling   
    I am 2 years out, happens all the time
    my bf is like what was that??
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from kcuster83 in Stomach Grumbling & Gurgling   
    I am 2 years out, happens all the time
    my bf is like what was that??
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from kcuster83 in Stomach Grumbling & Gurgling   
    I am 2 years out, happens all the time
    my bf is like what was that??
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to GradyCat in I’m just going to ask!   
    You mean we were supposed to start having sex again?! 😀 I honestly don't remember but I want to say like a month.
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from Eagles8120 in Any pre op smokers   
    I had to quit before they would even schedule me, It took me about a month until my test showed negative. Nicotine Cotinine (Urine) is what the test is, and you can get test strips on Amazon.
    Unfortunately I stopped for 6 months and started smoking again. I am trying to quit for good
    Good Luck
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to lizonaplane in I've regained the weight I lost   
    I agree with @GradyCat. You probably have not stretched your stomach out. Those calorie calculators are pretty much fiction. So much depends on your height, age, gender, activity level, weight, etc.
    The first thing to do is track EVERYTHING you eat and drink, to see where you are. Talk to your nutritionist/dietician. Don't be embarrassed; this is incredibly common especially during COVID. They have seen this before, I guarantee it. Talk to them about how many calories you need to lose weight and what your macros should be. I was told not to do a Keto diet as the fat is too high. I currently try to reduce the amount of carbs I eat and make the carbs I do it complex carbs or fruit/veggies. For me, it's still hard to get much carbs in since I'm still trying to get enough Protein at 4 months out.
    Don't try to be perfect: aim for 80% of your food being "healthy" with 20% "fun", or maybe 90-10 if that feels better. If you try to be 100% perfect, you will set yourself up for failure.
    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to learn2cook in Falling off   
    Stuff happens and we all spend time refocusing, congratulations you made the first step by reaching out! Then just make one more step like remembering your Water. The act of drinking water reminds me I’m taking care of myself, replenishing my emotional fuel. I agree with Jaelzion, call your team. Add one step at a time so it’s not overwhelming.
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from Goey246 in Carbs after surgery   
    I am almost 2 years out and nope can't do them any more. It will just take you some time. You will adjust your eating. You can still eat that stuff but like everyone says, no nutritional value at all. You really want to eat Protein first, some veg and a splash of rice it you must. But I would just stay away from it all together. Best of luck on your journey. It will all fall into place
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to Arabesque in Pre-op doubts   
    Congrats on what you have achieved so far. Fantastic.
    I’m very glad I did the surgery. Like a lot of us, I’d tried many, many diets over the years. The two things they had in common was that if they worked I’d lose some weight & then put it on again (start gaining again a couple of weeks later). With the surgery I’ve been able to maintain my weight for about a year. I know I’m a newbie when it comes to maintaining but it’s been pretty astounding that I’ve been able to do for this long so far.
    The surgery afforded me the opportunity to reassess how I ate, what I ate & why I ate & I’m way more mindful of these now. The physicality of the surgery also helps me to keep to smaller portion sizes & the restriction reminds me very quickly if I eat too fast or too much. It also boosted my metabolism which I had killed through decades of not eating in an attempt to maintain my weight.
    I did quite a bit of reading too & worked out a way of eating that works for me. I wanted to ensure the changes I made to how I ate (I don’t like using the word diet much - too negative) was practical, sustainable & didn’t compromise how I wanted to live & enjoy my life.
    The surgery doesn’t stop me going out to restaurants, socialising with friends & family, etc. I don’t miss out on events. Honestly, my long term sensitivity to spice & chilli is much more restrictive on what & where I can eat than the surgery.
    Personally, I chose the sleeve because it altered my digestive system the least & had fewer possible restrictions & requirements (less chance of dumping, less absorption issues, etc.).
    Life has the unfortunate habit of throwing a heaping pile of crap at us at times, so we don’t know where we will be in 5 years. But even if in 5 years, you’ve settled at the average weight loss of 65% of the weight you had to lose, that’s still better than where you are now. You’ll be healthier, eating better & enjoying life more. That’s my thinking anyway.
    Good luck whatever you decide to do.
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to MandoGetsSleeved in Weight Loss Stagnation 10 Months Post-Op   
    @Paul.VDH I'd also like to add - Please don't be ashamed on this forum - It's a journey - We all make mistakes, some of us get complacent, some of us get plain ole lazy (ME!), but we just have to keep on trying. Using the app is one way to hold yourself accountable without feeling the "shame" of sharing it with the world. I know if I stop tracking, I start snacking (It's easy to convince myself that everything is good...).
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to Tony B - NJ in Weight Loss Stagnation 10 Months Post-Op   
    I cannot even imagine eating 10 ounces of anything. Your problem is fairly obviously too many calories and not enough exercise. Go out and walk for an hour a day, get rid of that cycle thing unless you do that AND walk. Use a calorie tracking app, Any one of them will work. Weigh every food item and know the calories.

    I wonder if after 10 ounces of food per meal if your sleeve is not stretched out and not useful any longer
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from lizonaplane in Feeling down   
    Please don't give up that is amazing I am 18 months out and have lost only 75lbs. It took about 6 months for the head to catch up to the stomach. But the things I can do now. I try not to look at number but how I feel.
    I would do it all over again
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to lizonaplane in What is the purpose of pre-op diet?   
    The pre-op diet, whether it's the shakes or just low-carb high Protein is meant to shrink your liver so it's easier to move out of the way during surgery. You don't want your surgeon to have trouble getting around your liver because any damage to the liver could be bad, especially since people who are obese tend to have fatty, damaged livers already. It also makes for a faster, smoother recovery.
    It's very important to keep to the diet your surgery center gives you. I've seen posts here where people's surgeries were cancelled because their livers were too enlarged to proceed.
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to Maisey in Feeling down   
    116 lbs. ago you were probably desperate to be where you are now. Don't lose sight of what you have accomplished.
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from lizonaplane in Feeling down   
    Please don't give up that is amazing I am 18 months out and have lost only 75lbs. It took about 6 months for the head to catch up to the stomach. But the things I can do now. I try not to look at number but how I feel.
    I would do it all over again
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from pdc1605 in Nicotine Test   
    I smoke, and it took me about 1 month to finally not have it show up. With that being said doctor told me I needed to be 3 months clean on both cigarettes' and weed prior to my surgery.
    that was very hard to do but I did it...I wanted this surgery REALLY REALLY bad.....

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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from A1220M in 10 Years Post Op - My love/hate relationship with my Sleeve.   
    Wow I thought I wrote this...lol
    Totally agree where your coming from.
    It took almost 9 months for me to finally understand what I have going on. Weight did not come off fast for me. It wasn't until 9 months when my head got the memo that I really started to see results. It's been an interesting journey but no regrets at all.
    Best of luck to everyone 👍❤
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to kristieshannon in Loose skin   
    It may or may not happen, as mentioned above by such factors as genetics & how long you’ve been overweight. I had a ton. I’d take every flap of skin any day for the 140 lbs lost. I had plastic surgery in January to take care of it. Upside of that is I now have the boobs of a 25 year old at age 51 😂
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to catwoman7 in pre-op   
    to gain five pounds of true weight, you would have to eat 17,500 calories over and above what your body needs. So it's definitely Water weight.
    unsweetened cocoa powder shouldn't be an issue. A tablespoon of that is something like 15 calories, and it's loaded with antioxidants. The brown sugar is problematic, though, esp if you're doing Keto. Swerve makes a great brown sugar alternative, if your body is OK with artificial sweeteners.
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    ImsexyandIknowit got a reaction from It's time. in Suggestions needed   
    I'm doing a pouch reset. Just start at the beginning. Clear Liquids then Protein Drinks the pureed food and soft then.....for 10 days.
    Also too you can do a search on here and you'll get tons of information
    Good luck 👍💓
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to melvan71 in Pickles   
    Makes perfect sense 🤣
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    ImsexyandIknowit reacted to catwoman7 in Any Regrets   
    nope. I'd do it again every year if I had to. One of the best decisions I've ever made, and my only regret is I didn't do it years earlier.

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