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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. ImsexyandIknowit

    Not sure about the sleeve

    You got this right. For me personally I got the sleeve. I was really not into them rerouting my intestines' lol But that was me....I will be 3 years out in a few weeks. I still have my gallbladder, I have some issues with my GERD, but again I just have to watch what I am eating. I am very happy with everything. I will be turning 59 in April. Wish I had done it sooner. Best of luck on your journey
  2. I had the sleeve, I had GERD and was taking prescribed meds for it. My doctor did not advise me which one to do. I am 3 years out and I am very happy where I am at weigh wise. Started at 250 currently between 130-140. I was not really into them rerouting my intestines' and all that stuff. But that is just me lol. I still have heartburn issues but I pretty much know what to eat to keep it at bay. I still will take OTC meds. Best of Luck on your journey
  3. ImsexyandIknowit

    Meal replacement bars that are good?

    Built Bars were my go to, love them but for me the carb count was to high so I had to stop eating them. But they ARE really good
  4. ImsexyandIknowit

    Carbs after surgery

    I am almost 2 years out and nope can't do them any more. It will just take you some time. You will adjust your eating. You can still eat that stuff but like everyone says, no nutritional value at all. You really want to eat protein first, some veg and a splash of rice it you must. But I would just stay away from it all together. Best of luck on your journey. It will all fall into place
  5. ImsexyandIknowit

    Feeling down

    Please don't give up that is amazing I am 18 months out and have lost only 75lbs. It took about 6 months for the head to catch up to the stomach. But the things I can do now. I try not to look at number but how I feel. I would do it all over again
  6. Wow I thought I wrote this...lol Totally agree where your coming from. It took almost 9 months for me to finally understand what I have going on. Weight did not come off fast for me. It wasn't until 9 months when my head got the memo that I really started to see results. It's been an interesting journey but no regrets at all. Best of luck to everyone 👍❤
  7. ImsexyandIknowit

    Tips for getting 64oz of water daily

    Very excited for you I used the 16 Oz cups and made my goal to drink 2 of the before lunch and then the other 2 during the afternoon.
  8. ImsexyandIknowit

    Losing slow

    I am 1 year out and have lost 53 pounds..... Do not stress about it. Everyone moves differently. Be mindful on your eating. It will happen before you know it and bam Best of Luck on YOUR journey
  9. ImsexyandIknowit

    Last stage solid food

    I do not do any gum, too much air and such.... oh btw you wrote cum lol
  10. ImsexyandIknowit

    Feeling super guilty...

    Do Not beat yourself up You got this You will be fine. Xoxoxoxox
  11. ImsexyandIknowit

    Let’s talk protein shakes!

    oh yeah you won't be sorry they are the bomb.com
  12. ImsexyandIknowit

    Diet Changes Do Make a Difference

    I am very interested in this as well....my A1c went from 7.2 in March to 7.6 now....what the heck is that all about? I would love t hear what the group thinks on this one Thank you
  13. I too was worried about that. But I am 6 months out now and really did not have any issues with hair loss. I mean I had a tad more than typically but I also started taken a collagen powder and that seems to be helping.
  14. ImsexyandIknowit

    Is anyone else as disappointed...

    I know for me that a loss is a good thing no matter how small....it took awhile for me to get this big so I can wait for me to get thin. I do feel 100% better. I can do things I could not before and that makes me very happy. One day at a time....I know we all got this!!!!
  15. ImsexyandIknowit

    Stomach feels sickly

    My coworker had the sleeve 3 years ago and she says her stomach makes all sorts of sounds. Mine started shortly after my sleeve on March 3. One of the last ones to get the surgery before everything stopped.
  16. I have pain like that but on my rt side it's the spot the stomach was removed from so it's a bit tender hurts more when I try to sit up when laying down. Each day things will improve. 🙂
  17. ImsexyandIknowit

    Pre-Op Diet

    I had to do the 2 week prep. And then in the hospital the "heaviest" I did eat was cream of wheat. I am 3 days post op some pain especially around the hole where my stomach was pulled out off. But doing well.

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