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  1. ImsexyandIknowit

    Really this many pills!?

    I totally hear you on this one, most of the pill I take now a supplements on the good side I only take 3 prescriptions so, yes it's something we have to deal with...best of luck to you
  2. ImsexyandIknowit

    Stomach Grumbling & Gurgling

    I am 2 years out, happens all the time my bf is like what was that?? Lol
  3. I am 2 years out, I had the sleeve. I have some issues but not that much. I take OTC meds and it helps a lot I just know the stuff that will make it happen, eating to fast, eating tomato based stuff..and stress lol
  4. ImsexyandIknowit

    Any pre op smokers

    Yes I did I am out 2 years from surgery I stated smoking 6 months after the surgery 😞
  5. ImsexyandIknowit

    Any pre op smokers

    I had to quit before they would even schedule me, It took me about a month until my test showed negative. Nicotine Cotinine (Urine) is what the test is, and you can get test strips on Amazon. Unfortunately I stopped for 6 months and started smoking again. I am trying to quit for good Good Luck
  6. ImsexyandIknowit

    Carbs after surgery

    I am almost 2 years out and nope can't do them any more. It will just take you some time. You will adjust your eating. You can still eat that stuff but like everyone says, no nutritional value at all. You really want to eat protein first, some veg and a splash of rice it you must. But I would just stay away from it all together. Best of luck on your journey. It will all fall into place
  7. ImsexyandIknowit

    CPAP on Surgery Day

    I took mine, but I never used it while in the hospital
  8. ImsexyandIknowit

    Pre-Op Appts/Weight

    I did gain weight, about a 1 month before I was going to get my surgery scheduled they added on an additional month visits. The doctors wanted to make sure I was living the bariatric life style. I t was all good. I managed to drop about 10 lbs. and we moved forward
  9. ImsexyandIknowit

    Veterans with Bipolar

    Hum this is very interesting topic, I would be interested in hear more about this. I did not know
  10. ImsexyandIknowit

    Feeling down

    Please don't give up that is amazing I am 18 months out and have lost only 75lbs. It took about 6 months for the head to catch up to the stomach. But the things I can do now. I try not to look at number but how I feel. I would do it all over again
  11. ImsexyandIknowit

    Nicotine Test

    I smoke, and it took me about 1 month to finally not have it show up. With that being said doctor told me I needed to be 3 months clean on both cigarettes' and weed prior to my surgery. that was very hard to do but I did it...I wanted this surgery REALLY REALLY bad.....
  12. Wow I thought I wrote this...lol Totally agree where your coming from. It took almost 9 months for me to finally understand what I have going on. Weight did not come off fast for me. It wasn't until 9 months when my head got the memo that I really started to see results. It's been an interesting journey but no regrets at all. Best of luck to everyone 👍❤
  13. ImsexyandIknowit

    Swallowing Pills

    have been able to take them right out of the hospital Iron gut I guess lol Have you tried to take maybe one at a time and see how that makes you feel
  14. ImsexyandIknowit

    Nicotine Test

    I want to say a urine test, I do not remember I will go back and look at my labs. If it was not a urine I will update my response Good Luck :-)
  15. ImsexyandIknowit

    Nicotine Test

    I had to do the same thing. I bought some test stips and tested all the time it took about a month for it to come clean. I do know they tested me the at preoperative 2 days before the surgery. Best of luck you made it past 2 weeks you should be ok 😎❤
  16. ImsexyandIknowit

    Suggestions needed

    I'm doing a pouch reset. Just start at the beginning. Clear liquids then protein drinks the pureed food and soft then.....for 10 days. Also too you can do a search on here and you'll get tons of information Good luck 👍💓
  17. ImsexyandIknowit


    Love them love them love them Can I eat them? Not really anymore but I do, if that makes any sense
  18. ImsexyandIknowit

    3 Months Post Op

    Please do not beat yourself up over "how much" weight you have lost...I did the same thing Losing very slowly so 1 year out I have lost 53lbs... when I really think about everything I have been thorough I am very happy with only 53lbs. Everyone is different. If there is ANYTHING I have learned is: EVERYONE is Different It will happen xoxxoox
  19. ImsexyandIknowit

    Lettuce-9 months post op

    Oh yeah that is a big time wrap for me.... I can't do it no more salads...just the toppings like the chicken or cheese lol
  20. ImsexyandIknowit

    Tips for getting 64oz of water daily

    Very excited for you I used the 16 Oz cups and made my goal to drink 2 of the before lunch and then the other 2 during the afternoon.
  21. ImsexyandIknowit

    Losing slow

    I am 1 year out and have lost 53 pounds..... Do not stress about it. Everyone moves differently. Be mindful on your eating. It will happen before you know it and bam Best of Luck on YOUR journey
  22. ImsexyandIknowit

    All the sounds my stomach makes...

    That happens to me ALL the time, It cracks me up Out of nowhere and bam growl lol I am a year out, idk if it's really telling me to eat. Idk but when that does happen I always drink some water and it's good
  23. ImsexyandIknowit

    Last stage solid food

    I do not do any gum, too much air and such.... oh btw you wrote cum lol
  24. ImsexyandIknowit

    Caffeine on Pre-op Diet

    You are so on point with this lol I still drink it Dank it in the hospital the next day after surgery. I must have my coffee

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