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    Banded in 2009; Unbanded 2012; Depression and Weight Gain 2012-2019; Now on Gastric Sleeve journey.
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  1. SabrinaGoddess

    Medical ID Bracelets

    https://etsy.me/2t1gygu see above for link
  2. It was easy for me. I was able to get up and walk within an hour. I was able to go to the restroom. My son walked with me down the halls. I was able to sip and eat jello. You will need to be kind to yourself. It's a major surgery and your body will need to heal and rest but make sure you walk and get them liquids in or you won't be able to go home. You have this! You can do it.
  3. Married people share a life but they still have separate journey's. Your journey is important and it's even more important that you are healthy for that baby. You gonna be one busy papa! Try to sit and talk with her and make he understand this is a healthy choice. She may just be scared. Congrats on the baby! You got this! I even suggest therapy if you can because you need to get to the root of the issue and address it so your relationship can thrive.
  4. SabrinaGoddess

    Has anyone kept their surgery a secret?

    Yep! After my lapband failed in 2012 people told me how they really felt! I found out many who I thought were supportive were not at all. So when I decided to get sleeved (Dec 9, 2019) I only let a hand full of family know!
  5. SabrinaGoddess

    I feel so stupid right now....

    Yay BOB!!!!! Congrats
  6. SabrinaGoddess

    Lord help me....

    I was sleeved Dec 9th so I totally feel you. I am a rule type of chick on this! We work to hard to get to this point!
  7. SabrinaGoddess

    Lord help me....

    It happens and you will get better at remembering. I am going to cook Christmas Dinner and hubby and I have a plan. It's gonna be kinda fun, he's not leaving my side in the kitchen, we gonna stir and bake and HE's gonna taste. LOL We are all ready giggling about it. You are doing great, I know you are, know why....because you were concerned about this! LOL
  8. SabrinaGoddess

    No F#$ckin BMI Way

    Girl those BMI's are trash. I get so tired of that. Every body is different. If I tried to be 140 I'd look like a skeleton!
  9. SabrinaGoddess

    I feel so stupid right now....

    Nothing stupid about it! Food is a safety zone and now you are living a different way of life. Also you are just a few days post-op so you are extremely limited on what you can have. I had to get some sugar- free jello yesterday and it was the first time I walked thru the grocery since surgery. My mind immediately started checking off things that I can’t have. I thought that was very intresting! But this is a process which also deals with our thinking! You have this. Start replacing the negative thoughts immediately with a positive one. It’s gonna take time.
  10. You can't compare your journey with others. Each body is different. Take notes, pay attention to changes, talk to your doc. You will find your sweet spot.
  11. You are NOT a failure, you are on a journey. When we fall we learn lessons. You got this, you know what to do. Try to get to a support group with real people, not just online.
  12. SabrinaGoddess

    Surgery went well

    So happy for you! Welcome to the other side. I was sleeved Monday, Dec. 9th. I am doing great.
  13. SabrinaGoddess

    Progress Photos

  14. SabrinaGoddess

    New to this page. Had sleeve done 11/15/19

    Welcome! I’m scheduled for Dec 9th. It’s a process. Just rest and monitor
  15. SabrinaGoddess

    Coconut Milk

    I'm PRE-OP (Dec 9th surgery date) and I am checking with my nutritionist as well but I like to chat with my peeps in here. Do any of you use coconut milk post-op to mix with your protein drinks, etc. (Light of course) . I know clears are before. Just reading over my booklet again today. (LORD I AM OBSESSED WITH READING IT) I don't see it.

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