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    Banded in 2009; Unbanded 2012; Depression and Weight Gain 2012-2019; Now on Gastric Sleeve journey.
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  1. SabrinaGoddess

    What are you eating?

    I love KimChi, glad to hear you can still have it. I am not sleeved yet but will be soon and kimchi is one of my favs. All kinds, cucumber, radish, etc.
  2. I think it depends on the person as well. I do see his points. I like his videos, but when I had my band I started walking after a month and kept it up and increased as time went on and was totally fine. Lost all my weight in 9 months. I was SO freaking happy. Plan on listening to my doc and my body this time around as well.
  3. SabrinaGoddess

    December 2019 Sleeves

    December 9th and I'd love to stay in touch. Today I got my nutrition book and checklist. I am super uber excited. I also got some pretty nice Gastric Sleeve cookbooks on Kindle for like $2.99 Let's do this! I also created a blog. I was banded in 2009 and unbanded in 2012 so it's going to be interesting to compare the two.
  4. SabrinaGoddess


    No you are not overthinking. When I was banded in 2009 (unbanded in 2012) That's all I heard from people. Christmas Party...Oh you are not going to be able to eat....Office Birthday...Oh you can't have a cupcake... They said it like I was on punishment or something! LOL And to be very very honest. I lost a LOT of so-called friends. Your circles will change because your life will change and sometimes that means some people have to go.
  5. SabrinaGoddess

    Just sleeved 6-17-19!!

    How is your progress coming along?
  6. I received my nutrition book and checklist today! I am so very excited (and a tad bit scared too) Each day this is becoming a reality!

    I created a new blog post about how BRAVE we all are for doing this. Because I think we are! Most of us know the horrors of people calling us nasty names, saying we can't control ourselves, we are easy targets for people's verbal attacks! But I feel we are BRAVE because we are taking control over our lives and creating a new world of happiness.


  7. Today I scheduled my mental evaluation and my nutritionist appointments. Yes, we are moving along quiet nice.  December 9th will be here before you know it.

    I have informed my inner circle of family about the surgery and I will be keeping it in my CORE!


  8. SabrinaGoddess

    Surgery Prep - What was your must haves.

    Oh YES! that is a must!
  9. SabrinaGoddess

    Surgery Prep - What was your must haves.

    I remember those. They weren't so bad for me either in 2009
  10. So, I decided to move forward with the surgery around Oct 17th, consulted with my doc on Oct 30th, Set surgery date for Dec 9th! (I am self-pay) So this week I have to schedule my mental evaluation and nutritionist appointment. I am so excited I can just scream! My flight arrangements are made and hotel room booked! (flying to Denver for my doctor and my sister will be coming to stay with me after surgery) So I started fooling around on Amazon a bit looking for some carry on bags for my flight and stuff. I saw some pretty cool Bariatric plates and bowls with line guides (WOW) and a great little mini blender to take with me for the hotel room. So, my question for you who have already been sleeved. In hindsight, what did you wish you had the first week after surgery that you did not expect? I will be in a hotel room for 3 days after surgery. Follow me on 💟➡️Follow Me On IG: @sabrina.goddess.vsg My blog: www.SabrinaGoddess.com
  11. 👀All of a sudden it hit me yesterday that this is GONNA happen! You know when you plan for something so hard you focus on it happening and all the little details, but yesterday it truly hit me that this is just right around the corner.

    I was looking on Amazon for some great cookbooks and I also found some pretty cool bariatric plates. Man things have come a long way since I was banded in 2009 and unbanded in 2012!


  12. I have been so excited over these past few days....I KNOW what it feels like to hit the goal and live a happy and healthy life. I had that with my lapband...then it all dissolved when my band eroded. My life went back into the dept of depression hell! Yes, I tried eating less, yes I tried exercise. blah blah blah...I KNOW you all understand where I am coming from!

    So here is a shortlist of things I am looking forward to after my surgery!

    • Tying my shoes without a struggle
    • Wrapping a towel around me and have it fit!
    • Shopping in regular-sized stores
    • New photoshoot
    • Flying and being able to feel comfy in my seatbelt
    • Working Out and not feeling like I can't breathe
    • Having a thin face and neck
    • Compliments given without this phrasing....You are cute for a big girl!

    Follow my journey: www.SabrinaGoddess.com
    IG: sabrina.goddess.vsg

  13. Now that I have my date I have several things that need to be done.

    Since I am self-pay I do not have to deal with the hoops most people go through with insurance. I feel very blessed about that and I understand the struggle many have to go through.

    So today I am looking up flights, contacting my nutritionist for the required meeting and also the mental evaluation person. I am so excited I just can't contain myself.

    I am blogging every single day and it feels good to just let it all out!