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  1. Anyone become pregnant after wls? Tips? Advice? Planning a pregnancy and just want general information from those who have experienced it. Please let me know! Sent from my moto z4 using BariatricPal mobile app
  2. Fazzini Bee

    Severe Buyers Remorse

    I'm so sorry to hear this. I had sleeve and I also had acid reflux before and after surgery. I told my surgeon I was uncomfortable and he put me on carafate. It is a chalky liquid and it's a little difficult to manage at first because no eating or drinking 30 mins before or after. I was on it for 3 months and I no longer get acid at all. Unless I eat something I shouldn't. I am almost 2 years out. I feel like I get heartburn if I over eat more than if I have something I shouldn't. I would try one more time to tell your surgeon how incredibly uncomfortable you are. If he does nothing see someone else. Another bariatric doctor. You did this to improve your quality of life, and you deserve a doctor who wants that for you as well. I really hope this gets handled for you. Good luck. I hope you feel better soon. The exhaustion lasts a few weeks. Hold tight. I experienced that as well. I started to feel great around 4 months out. Sent from my moto z4 using BariatricPal mobile app
  3. I am curious about pregnancy after surgery. I am considering having another baby. What is pregnancy like after Surgery?? Has anyone had trouble losing pregnancy weight after having a baby post wls? Is there anything you think I should know or consider?? I am totally open to all information and experiences. I can't wait to hear what you have to say!
  4. Fazzini Bee

    How hunger feels now

    Yes. I agree. I had sleeve but I know exactly what you're talking about. I also felt the same before. Like I needed huge quantities to feel satisfied. Now, just a little. And I feel much more comfortable and in control if I want to have something less healthy.
  5. Fazzini Bee

    How hunger feels now

    I feel almost a pain. Like empty, discomfort? I didn't recognize it as hunger, for a long time. I thought it was just part of the healing process.
  6. Fazzini Bee

    Spotting, periods & cramping after VSG

    I am a little over a year post op and I feel like my cycle has regulated (finally) the last two months. I spotted and skipped periods or had two in a row. I saw my regular doc and surgeon about this and had my physical and all was good. It takes your body a longtime to normalize. Be patient while she heals!
  7. Fazzini Bee

    Spotting, periods & cramping after VSG

    I am a little over a year post op and I feel like my cycle has regulated (finally) the last two months. I spotted and skipped periods or had two in a row. I saw my regular doc and surgeon about this and had my physical and all was good. It takes your body a longtime to normalize. Be patient while she heals!
  8. I am still working, am considered an essential employee during the coronavirus pandemic, which is good for me because working curbs my snacking. Not today. Holy cow. I am 11 months post op and have certainly had days where I can eat more than other days. Today is absolutely different. I have eaten the most today since I had surgery and I genuinely felt hungry today. I had cottage cheese, a small "rockit" apple (they are tiny), popcorn (single serve skinny pop), string cheese, a smoked chicken sausage, a square of dark chocolate, almonds (one serving but HIGH in Cal's) and had dinner which was a ground beef/cabbage casserole and a (low sugar)fudge pop. I never ate past capacity. And feel that I made decent choices. But I am floored by the quantity! I won't feel guilty about it, because I behave. I probably won't be able to eat much tomorrow. Does anyone else experience this?? And also how are you doing amidst the coronavirus pandemic? I hope you're all making it through healthy and making the best choices you can!
  9. Fazzini Bee

    11 mo PO-Highest calorie day so far!!!

    I don't want to be in maintenance, I still want to lose, but am starting to feel like it's not going to change. I think I need to figure out how to accept that.
  10. Fazzini Bee

    11 mo PO-Highest calorie day so far!!!

    You know I hadn't thought of that. I have been bouncing the same few lbs back and forth for about 3 months. And I remember that happening to me as well! I just assumed that I was done losing. Maybe I'm still going. It would be great if I was because I would like to lose another 20 lbs!
  11. I am 10 months PO. Haven't lost weight in a month or two. I don't know if I am done losing or if I need to dial in my eating more. I get around 1000-1200 Cal's a day 60g protien and 30g of sugar. I try to shoot much lower for sugar than that, but that's just an average. I've lost 96 lbs total but would like to lose 20 more.
  12. Fazzini Bee

    How much can you eat???

    Definitely get in the veggies it will keep you regular!!! The more natural you can keep things, you should. Being dependent on miralax is stressful!!!!
  13. I'm 6 weeks post op and on soft foods (chicken tuna, seafood, cheese etc) How much are you able to eat? I can eat about 2oz.
  14. I'm stalled. Have lost 1 lb in the past 4 weeks. I am so terrified that I am done losing. I have 8 lbs till goal and am hoping to loose another 10. So 18lbs total. I keep battling the same 1-2 on fluctuation. Any experience?? Help me please.
  15. Omg. Finally, the scale is moving again. That was honestly terrifying for me. I've lost 2 lbs in a week. I have lost a total of 94 (I think) pounds!
  16. Fazzini Bee

    Non Scale Victories

    I still cannot believe I can fit in non wide calf boots. every time I go to put my boots on now I always look at them suspiciously like I can't fit them.
  17. Absolutely. I am not ready to be done yet!!!
  18. I know that the weight loss slows down around 6-8 months. Per my surgeons office. I didn't expect a screeching halt. At least you are still seeing some loss!! That's a good sign! I love having this forum to touch base!!!
  19. Thank you. I'm trying to keep my head up and make it through this. It's so much more emotional than I thought it would be.
  20. Thank you for this. It gave me how. Did you have to change stuff up to get past it or did you just go steady? I sometimes doubt the idea to shake it up a lot to get things moving along.
  21. That was the goal weight that my surgeon gave me. I just ran with it. I figure I get to the surgeons goal then I push for my goal- 135/140. I just didn't want to disappoint myself. I am working hard at eating well. I definitely had a couple Christmas treats, but I reeled it in quick so I didn't go crazy or fall off the wagon too hard. Sometimes it's harder to pick myself up than just keep on rolling. Did you have a stall around this time?? Did it last a month??
  22. My average is around 800. I do have some lower days and I have had one high day of 1145, which I was literally just a hungry day, all good food choices. I have been exercising (cardio) and am getting ready to start some resistance training, but dont know if that's wise. Those numbers are from the past two weeks.
  23. I am in the exact same boat and struggling to find answers or advice. I have been working out and mixing things up. I am terrified that I'm all done losing.
  24. Fazzini Bee

    PMS and Eatinf

    What the heck is happening to me! This is the first time PO that I have been eating non-stop, due to PMS! I thought that cycle was finally beaten! I am eating anything that comes into view, healthy or unhealthy. Normally I can up my water and enjoy some extra dark chocolate and I get through. I am terrified that I will have gained weight once this period is over!!! Help me! ( Laughing but serious,) For the record, I have been excessively trying to keep good snacks and food prep for work, per the usual. I am eating all the good food and extra.
  25. Hello! I am 6 months post op. I actually had my 6 month PO appointment today and the PA was really pleased with my progress. I however have this terrible fear that I am done losing and I communicated this with my doc. She said, that there's no way that I am done losing, I lost 16lbs since my last appointment. My scale hasn't moved this week. I've started battling constipation again, which always causes my weight to stall. Anyways. When did you notice a big slow down? And did you still slowly lose after 6 months? I still hope to lose another 30lbs.

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