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  1. I thought I would never be able to get off of caffeine before I had the surgery, but it wasn't until I got my PAP machine in February that I was able to do so because I was getting so much better sleep. After getting through the horrible withdrawal symptoms of quitting caffeine, I don't even miss it anymore. My body actually tells me now when I'm tired, unlike before when I just picked a time to go to bed because I was so wired up all hours of the day. If you're not sleeping well to start, quitting caffeine before your surgery is going to be a real b*tch, sorry. Good luck to you!
  2. Jobber

    Slipped already!

    It's so not the end of the world @curtains. As long as you keep this attitude about yourself when something like this happens, you'll be ok. It's never to late to keep trying and staying on track, just don't quit because you think you're failing. That's when you really will fail when you tell yourself it's too late to fix it. Just get back up, dust yourself off, and keep going at it. You're good, promise!!!
  3. Jobber

    This is why....

    I couldn't fit in the buckles when riding the go karts with my kids and they were adult sized. I paid for my ticket, got my helmet, waited in line for 30 minutes, got to my kart and couldn't buckle in. Then came the walk of shame back to return my helmet and wait for my kids to finish in front of dozens of people. It was humiliating. By the end of this summer I hope to go back there like when Superman got his powers back in Superman 2 and went to beat the crud out of that bully at the bar. Total redemption...
  4. Jobber

    New here

    My PCP recommended this because she helped me try everything else and watched me fail. This was kind of a "last resort" for me. That was last July of 2018. The surgery was in late March of this year, but I have to tell you, if I didn't have that long process in between, I probably wouldn't have done it. I had to get mentally ready and I needed all 8 months to get there. So, flash forward to earlier this month, I lost 40 lbs during the 6 months of nutrition classes and preop diet, then another 10 a week after surgery. I went to a follow up with my PCP and I cannot tell you how happy she was for me. I've been going to the same Dr for 20 years now and I've never spent as much time with her as I did this last visit and the whole time she spent praising me on my hard work and success so far. That gave me some real motivation to keep this going and to put in the work needed to maintain the loss progression. Good luck to you on whatever you decide.
  5. I was sleeved about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I'm a week into the pureed stage. I have a lot of times what I think is hunger, but it's the dreaded head hunger. My stomach will ache like it's hunger, but I'm sure it's still healing or dealing with the changes I'm giving it. I'm learning to be very careful because even this early on, I'm still finding "slider" foods that are not filling me up. Just yesterday I pureed a can of New England clam chowder and ate the whole 2 cups of it. Since the potatoes and clams are not on my diet yet I felt it necessary to Ninja them up. Instead of the normal 100 calories or so that I'm getting with most pureed meat and veggies, I just got 400 in one sitting since I didn't get full. Other sliders for me have been yogurt, popsicles, and protein shakes. I'm doing good with the purees, though, since I spent a lot of my first week running veggies, fruits and lean meats through the ninja and then used a food saver and froze them all flat. Works well and very healthy. Just have to be careful with other stuff, I'm finding. Good luck to you
  6. I about spat out my drink reading this....thanks for the story 🤣
  7. Ok, this may be hilarious and I apparently didn't learn my lesson the first time I did this several years ago, BUT..... I stocked up on a bunch of "sugar free" hard candies and ate about 8 pieces in one sitting. I was like, "No biggie, it's less than 100 calories, right?". That's when the rumbling started, very low in the guts. They seemed to echo like a humpback whale in heat, starting very softly, but constant, ever increasing until they were able to be heard from across the room. The look that my wife and kids gave me was not nearly as priceless as the look I gave them as I started the 10 yard dash to the bathroom. I won't go into the rest, but I recall a scene from Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd got back at Harry for stealing his date by dumping Turbolax 3000 in his coffee.... It was just as violent. There's no dignity coming out of the bathroom afterwards, I tell you, but I should have remembered what sugar alcohols do to me when I over-indulge... That is a lesson I am not going to forget again, I hope....OMG 💩💩💩
  8. I just started the pureed phase yesterday and I'm so happy that I've been pureeing things for the last month and vacuum sealing them in little pouches and freezing. Yesterday was shrimp and spinach, today is asparagus and strawberries. Not mixed...eww
  9. Jobber

    Hardest part

    This is a great topic, thanks for asking @bariutiful and thanks to the veterans for your insight. I was just sleeved last week and (for me) this is one of the core purposes of this site, to glean this kind of wisdom from people who are well ahead of myself. Awesome!
  10. Good call, I'm not in maintenance mode, so neither is my mind right now.
  11. Sounds delightful but too bad its still so full of fat and sodium with margarine and peanut butter. I've been using PBFit powder a lot as a PB substitute, only 35 calories per Tbsp. My Dr. said that margarine is worse for you than actual butter.
  12. If you have an admin contact at your surgeon's office, call or email and ask them for typical. When I asked, it was quite quick, but may not be the same as every surgeon schedules differently.
  13. took me 4 to 5 days afterwards, but I was prescribed Miralax starting as soon as I got home. Only drinking shakes won't cause diarrhea because your digestive tract secretes waste that makes it solid. No issues after my first one. Just the size and quantity is much less then pre-op.
  14. Hell yeah with capital H!!!
  15. First day of purees, soooo psyched!!! Shrimp and spinach/muchroom purees.
  16. This is incredibly helpful, thank you very much for sharing!!!
  17. Jobber


    its very reasonable, I went to my PCP last july of 2018 and just had my surgery last week. Trust me, the time will go by quickly. I needed all of it to prepare mentally and change my bad habits through the nutrition classes and accountability. It's worth the wait.
  18. Jobber

    Puree diet ideas!

    Yes, THIS! The baked ricotta dish is awesome that I found and simple. Never thought I would be able to eat it, but it's great. Also, I'm pureeing a whole lot of fruit and then for veggies, I'm roasting them first with either lemon pepper or garlic, depending on what it is. Lots of greens and squashes. just make sure you're seasoning things but not over seasoning.
  19. Had surgery last week and I returned to work today. I feel great and had no issues.
  20. Jobber


    I'm only a week post-op and I learned on day 2 what it felt like for me. It was similar to the others here where I felt a pressure in the middle of my chest. One more bite after I got that and it turned into pain. It's such a weird feeling because I'm not satisfied when I'm full like my brain and stomach had formerly correlated, now my brain needs to turn this new feeling into satisfied somehow, I hope.
  21. I am on my 7th day post-op.  The surgery went "boring" according to the surgeon, which is his way of saying it went flawlessly.  Maybe he was hoping for something strange and abnormal, but I like my surgeries like i like my airplane flights, boring as hell and uneventful.  Recovery is going well too. 

    I'm getting a bit stir crazy being forced to stay home for a week.  They said once I'm off my narcotics, I can drive again, which was 3 days ago, but they still don't want me back to work yet.  Should be next week.

    The liquid diet post-op is getting super boring, but I'm sticking to it.  I think I'm averaging 550 kcal per day since surgery day.  Can't wait til purees this week, I've been prepping a bunch then vacuum sealing them in advance.  I have a ton of veggies, low fat meats and fruits blended up and ready.

    I cannot wait until I get the go-ahead to exercise, I'm ready to do this.

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      Congrats on being boring 😉

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  22. My surgery day is Tuesday as well. Good Luck to you.
  23. Tomorrow is surgery day...  I'm not sure if I'm nervous, anxious, excited or a little bit of all three.  I honestly thought I would be freaking out at this point, but I'm much calmer than that.  I suppose the last 7 months of preparation both physically and mentally has brought me some peace.  I say this now, but when I try to sleep tonight, that may be a different story.  

    I appreciate everything I've read on this forum that has helped me to prepare as much as possible.  I know this part of my journey may not be the same as someone else's, but having a good frame of reference helps a ton. 

    The most exciting and most difficult part of the journey begins tomorrow...

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      Thanks GT! Can't Wait!!!

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      Hope all goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery!

  24. I absolutely love my wedge since I started my aPap machine. Even when I get thin enough to get rid of that thing, I'm keeping my wedge. Love it!!!
  25. Honestly, the biggest fear that I have is long term success and my ability to stick to a healthy lifestyle. I truly believe that even with a smaller stomach, if you're not filling it with vegetables, lean protein and nuts, etc, nobody will be successful. My fear is never being able to have pizza, subs, chips, etc ever again because even a small amount will sabotage me. Not sure where you biggest fears are, be it the surgery itself or being able to lose the weight during the "honeymoon" phase, but mine is completely wrapped up in what I will be able to do after that. I plan to adopt an exercise routine and healthy diet for the rest of my life, so when I do get to the phase when hunger and cravings come back, I'm prepared. It's so easy to say that now, but I'm sure much harder to actually do it when people get to that phase. Good luck to you in your decision and path forward.