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  1. Hi, it is posible I lost 93 pounds st my 6 month mark got to 100 later that month today is my 1 year anniversary and I’ve lost a total of 140 pounds I’m 5’11 starting weight was 308. i went to the gym 6 times a week, follow my nutritionist plan to the letter practice jujutsu 3 times a week and walked my dog it is possible just stay focus on your goal and don’t cheat Keep going to the gym and eat healthy food and no more than the portion your DR recommends
  2. MiltonP

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    Happy anniversary sleevers today is my 1 year anniversary I’m down 140 pounds from my highest weight I’m 12 pounds below on my last goal I’m healthy and thankful for all the support here is a before and after
  3. MiltonP


    I’m doing Brazilian jujutsu and Japanese jujutsu 6 times a week between the 2 of them and yes it does help
  4. You shouldn’t be with someone who is disrespectful to you much less abusive you need to be careful right now, it’s a thin line between verbally abusive and physically abussive think about yourself and your kids he is auto destroying himself and those around him we all know the toxic relationship we can develop with food and thank god you took the step to change it, if he is not willing to change unfortunately you need to make a decision
  5. You need to remember even though your weight remain the same you are still losing fat you just gained muscle mas so if this week you lost 2 pounds of fat but gained 2 from muscle mass your weight will be the same also measure yourself you’ll see the difference stay strong keep exercising and focus on your goals
  6. MiltonP

    Any March 2018 Sleevers?

    had mine on march 5 2018 im 30 lbs below my initial goal weight, everytime i reached my goal i set another one so after 200 i wanted to go down to 190 then 185 then 180 finally 175, was 300 before surgery im 170 today, still want to lose 4 more pounds before my 1 year anniversary, dont even know why maybe i just like the number either way im healthy i look healthy lets see what happens
  7. MiltonP

    Fear of being thin

    This is a life changing decision, yes your life will change drastically, your husband will still love you even though your weight will change he fell in love because of who you are, you will still be you,your family and friends will have different opinions some good some bad just try to stay away from the toxic ones unfortunately friends will change and some of them will try to put you down, in my case my father in law was opposed to the procedure but I told him the last the decision was already made and that I didn’t want his permission just his support flash toward 11 months I’ve lost 138 pounds I’m weighing 172 pounds and he tells me I can still lose some more weight I’m 5’11 I just don’t pay attention to him anymore. you are not vain for wanting a better life style, I can run with my kids I don’t get tired I had a heart condition before surgery I don’t any more don’t have to take any kinds of pills for my heart, sex got so much better I don’t feel tired the whole day and even stopped snoring I can shop for regular clothes and I’m not ashame of taking pictures. For the first time in I don’t know how long I’m healthy if people want to think I’m vain that’s their problem I’m just happy I’m gonna be around to watch my kids grow up. the road is a hard one but try to keep your eyes on the price this surgery is not a magic pill that will make you thin from night to day is a tool to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle you need to work your ass off go to the gym or do sports or martial arts, stick to your Dr orders don’t take anything for granted if you are unsure of something call your doc I’m sure he’ll answer any question you might have stay away from sodas or any carbonated drinks and from sugar don’t eat and drink at the same time and always take your vitamins and protein as long as you follow your Drs orders this won’t be a failure congrats on giving your first step towards a healthier future also keep posting I found that talking to people who went through the same things helped a lot
  8. MiltonP

    6 month post-op weight loss

    People lose weight very differently it all comes down to how much work are you willing to put on in my case I followed my Dr order without breaking any rules went to the gym did everything I could and at 6 month post op I lost 92 pounds I started this journey at 300 pounds I’m 18 days shy of my 1 year anniversary and I’m weighing 170 pounds I’m healthy I keep watching what I eat and I keep exercising 6 days a week that said don’t fixate on what people lost and the time they lost it in do the works and you’ll see the results in no time
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    Tell us about your day what you regularly eat what portions how much calorie, how much exercise are you doing, how many times a week are you gaining muscle mass or fat?
  10. MiltonP

    Not losing weight!!!

    You need to remember even though the scale doesn’t show it you might be losing inches from your body, keep following your Dr order keep exercising only cardio until your Dr says otherwise And don’t worry about everybody goes through this you are not alone
  11. MiltonP

    250 pounds lost!

    Congrats it’s only been 10 months for me I’m already under my goal weight I’m down 136 pounds started at 309 I’m 173 went from size 42 jeans to size 32 skinny jeans, it’s good to know you can keep it off right now I’m doing Brazilian jujutsu 4 times a week and Japanese jujutsu 3 times a week. How is your workout looking like ???
  12. MiltonP

    Hospital Stay?

    2 nights, 3 days
  13. MiltonP

    Slow heart rate

    I went through the exact same thing cardiologist said it was normal the heart racing is a mater of getting used to your new normal bpm congrats on getting a normal heart rate
  14. MiltonP

    Birthday Ideas

    Call your Dr, don’t try anything your Dr haven’t cleared
  15. I’m 9 month post op I’ve lost 127 lbs started out with 300 day of the sleeve I’m 12 lb below my goal doctor said I would only lose around 80lb so I busted my ass in the gym I’m going 6 times a week I also practice jujutsu 4 times a week and follow my doctors diet to the letter by the time I was 6 month post op I lost 93 lbs your doctor is right by the way sleeve will only help you get on track the rest is up to you, change your life style your eating habits drinking habits sleeve isn’t a magic weight loss tool you need to put in the works go to the gym get a personal trainer bust your ass off and when you feel like quitting step it up a notch when you feel like wanting to stay home watching tv force yourself to exercise is the only way you will be able to get the pounds off and keep em off
  16. MiltonP

    Ohhhh... now I have so many questions

    For me it was 10 days but talk to your Dr ask him about this
  17. MiltonP


    I was clear to drive at the 10 days mark but every Dr is different ask your Dr see what he tells you
  18. MiltonP

    Eating still hurts 😩

    I was sleeved on March 5 and yes at the beginning is really tough, try having really small bites I also discovered that there are just some food that just dont agree with me anymore anyway talk to your Dr express your concern just to be on the safe side it does get better way better but there are food you won’t be able to handle anymore small price to pay for a new healthy life
  19. 5 days after surgery I was walking 5k slowly with my dog, 2 weeks after surgery was clear for the gym only slow cardio training, 1 month after surgery I was clear to start doing a little low weight training nothing that envolved using my abdomen for strength , 3 months after surgery I was completly cleared but I strongly recommend talking to your Dr before trying any of it
  20. It is possible, just follow your Dr diet plan and do plenty of exercise as much as your body can handle and always remember to drink your proteins and vitamins
  21. For me it was 6 month I lost 120 pounds, I’m going to the gym 5 times a week also I practice jūjutsu 3 times a week so it was really fast now I’m trying not to lose anymore weight which I never thought It would be posible keep eating right and go to the gym regularly you’ll get to your goal in no time
  22. MiltonP

    Losing too fast?

    As long as you are healthy you have no Hung to worry about just keep following your Dr plan and do exercise i was a fast loser too I lost 121 pounds in 6 months I already hit my goal now my dr change the plan so I don’t keep losing more weight started to change my gym rutine les cardio more weight lifting Congrats btw keep going at it