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  1. So after over a month I decided to weigh in.... HIT MY GOAL! Figured I had gained honestly with all the weight training...


    Now what?

    Considering plastics...... But is it really worth the money/risk? Yeah I will feel better ( I think) but vanity is not everything.


    Stuck in limbo..

    1. ms.sss


      Congratulations on hitting Goal!!!!!

      Plastics is a personal choice, some believe it's worth it, some don't...whatever your decision, so long as you are happy, it's ALL GOOD :)

  2. AshMarie794

    Any Michiganders?

    Absolutely AMAZING! So jealous!!
  3. AshMarie794

    Any Michiganders?

    Bet the views are super nice!
  4. AshMarie794

    Any Michiganders?

    Way up there! I used to be friends with a couple and that's where they were originally from.
  5. I myself have been him and hawing about getting some work done. I just struggle with the process and putting my body through something elective just to look a certain way. my health and new lifestyle is super important and I don't know how I would feel if I was one of those cases where it didn't go well.......
  6. AshMarie794

    Any Michiganders?

    Clearly no one is from Michigan here LOL
  7. Feeling cute had to!



    1. Orchids&Dragons


      Lookin' good!

    2. GreenTealael
  8. AshMarie794

    Any Michiganders?

    Where in Michigan are you from? Jackson here
  9. AshMarie794

    I can’t date overweight people

    I feel the same way. I am actually turned off by someone who is not willing to take care of themselves. And its almost like in a way self sabotage to do that to ourselves. I have felt it makes me petty and shallow as well but as we change and grow along this journey our views and what we look for in a partner change as well.
  10. AshMarie794

    Dating websites

    Had to click on just due to the topic. I am single due to surgery and my success and the insecurities it brought with it (On his end). I was curious to see who all used dating sites as well. I am just not feeling the whole paying to have the headache of navigating the real ones and the games. No one has time for that. The struggle is real....
  11. AshMarie794

    Struggling with family

    I also had family issues that came up like this prior to surgery. I just had to within myself let them have their opinion and say what they needed and now post op make them eat everyone of those comments! I am only in my 30's and have arthritis so bad in my ankle and leg there were days I was not even mobile. My family knew. And yet still made comments. And now post op they may say you look good but its always followed by "I bet you feel better now that your not in all that pain". So as frustrating as it is and many of us can relate just stay focused on you. BE SELFISH! Take your life back. And last thing the ones who seem to be not so supportive...deep down they are jealous. Sorry to hear about you mother.
  12. Just hangin


  13. Nothing but GOLD!


  14. Can you tell which one is me and which one is my daughter...LOL (I guess the braces give it away)


  15. Me in my happy place!

    I have been top member of my gym for months now! Love that I took back over my life and am making ME happy again!