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  1. AshMarie794

    Any Michiganders?

    Where in Michigan are you from? Jackson here
  2. AshMarie794

    These shakes, omg

    I also had this issue and even almost 10 weeks out and I can NOT stomach any "artificial protein". After telling my surgeon this at my week post op apt he started having me make my own protein shakes. And till this day I eat my protein. I don't supplement at all and can get all of what I need in. Plus knowing what is going into my body really means a lot now. My taste buds totally changed after surgery. And that yucky taste in your mouth will go away as you start to eat real food again. I struggled with that too. The unflavored protein was the WORST! Look up my surgeon on YouTube , Dr. Matthew Weiner. He goes over the set point smoothies and you can get your protein in the natural way. They go down a lot easier and they aren't as heavy in your tummy.
  3. I also have a desk job and had RYN. I had my surgery on a Wednesday so I took obviously the rest of that week off and the following week. I didn't have any issues returning when I did. You may feel tired and still may be sore but not to the point it will interrupt your day.
  4. My program and surgeon suggested I make my own protein shakes. And since day 5 I have had zero artificial protein. My program calls it a set point smoothie but its just plain greek yogurt, spinach and add a fruit of your choice. I added strawberries and blue berries. Make it runny if your early out or still on liquids. If you youtube Dr. Matthew Weiner that is where you can learn about the set point smoothies and protein shakes.
  5. AshMarie794

    Single DUE to surgery

    I am trying but it is slowly getting worse. So I think not far down the road things will be changing.
  6. AshMarie794

    Single DUE to surgery

    I feel like unless you've had the surgery someone will never know that positive energized feeling you have. And in trying to explain anything only makes it worse.
  7. AshMarie794

    Low libido HELP!

    I am due for my first round of labs soon and I am going to request that be done.
  8. AshMarie794

    Being sick after RNY?

    See I can do the yogurt and just make some smoothies and eat beans all day everyday. But CANNOT do pro-prebiotic. They reek havoc in my belly. Before and after surgery I tried them but my surgeon said NO.
  9. AshMarie794

    Being wasteful.......

    They are all open. So unfortunately no. I did mention something to my doc office that is they know someone who is having trouble affording these things I will donate them. Just hard to say if someone will even want them seeing they are open. But literally maybe once scoop gone out of each of the 4 full containers I have. and maybe less than 5 vitamins out of a bag of 60. :( o well we live and we learn right.
  10. For anyone that did body shots. What all did you focus on capturing. I am thinking of taking one say in a favorite outfit that I wear now and then some in bra and panties. Capture both. Then in a few months take photos in the same outfit to see the changes.
  11. Has anyone experienced last minute jitters or even doubt about the surgery?
  12. AshMarie794

    What to tell coworkers?

    I agree with that it is a personal choice. Just know if you tell one then I am sure most will eventually find out. For just the time off work you don't have to tell them anything. Just put in your time for personal reasons, vacation or what ever you want really. Even if you don't tell people at first down the road when they see your progress you can then if you feel comfortable tell them that you had bariatric surgery. Don't need to give details or anything that may make you feel uncomfortable. At the start of my journey I did not tell anyone. I had already gone through my 6 months once before and was originally scheduled for surgery in Feb of 2018 but two days before my insurance denied me. But right before I was due to go off work and I didn't know about my denial yet I did tell two of my coworkers. Kind of felt a off when I didn't have it and I told them I was but they didn't treat me any different. But again it all depends on the person. So now that I am due to have surgery next month they are supportive. So in the end it is your choice and whatever you feel comfortable with. Just know once they know they may ask questions so be prepared for that whether it is a positive or negative response.
  13. AshMarie794

    Last minute jitters

    I think it is the thought of the after effects is what is bothering me the most. Loose skin, hair loss and those kinds of things. I know the positives totally trump the negatives BUT I feel like I am doing this because my size now bothers me and I don't like the way I feel and look in some clothes but after surgery will I also not like how I look due to the loose skin?
  14. AshMarie794

    August bypassers/sleevers

    I hear ALOT of bypassers needing to get their gallbladder removed. Is this something more than likely we all will need to get done? Always wondered about that. Guess I will ask my surgeon about that .
  15. AshMarie794

    August bypassers/sleevers

    @Chrisb428 I have actually been struggling to be honest. I have already gone through my 6 month pre req for insurance and was denied back in February due to the wording my family doctor used. My surgeon even talked with insurance and tried to fix it and I had to do it again. I feel like I was prepared and two days before surgery I was denied. So I am struggling to mentally get there this time. I feel like I did everything right the last time and it didn't happen so I have just been putting it off and putting it off. I started documenting my journey on YouTube and trying to go back and watch a few that I used to just to get myself back in the mindset of needing to get things taken care of. I have started to come around but still haven't bought anything really. August will be a busy month I am sure but fingers crossed I make it through to the losers bench. I am not required to do the scope or see the anesthesiologist just due to the fact I don't have any reflux nor had any surgeries on my stomach. So that is big plus.
  16. AshMarie794

    Family support

    I've even told her about this forum and that there are so many success stories out there. But I think because she doesn't personally know them its like it just isn't real.
  17. AshMarie794

    Family support

    Like I had said my mom has struggled with weight all her life. She keeps saying my fiancé and I need to just get on track together and it will be easier blah blah blah. Ok I get that but I know for myself and my situation this is what I need she doesn't understand my point all of a sudden. See my dad and her were never one to say "work out" together. He would never go for walks or support her in that way so that is why she always just gained it back. But now that they are in their 50's they do workout and eat healthy and took over a healthy lifestyle. I WILL NOT WAIT UNTIL I AM 50 TO TAKE HOLD OF MY LIFE. Ok I understand my fiancé and I need to be healthier but I know my fiancé isn't one to want to be healthy. He supports my decision but he doesn't strive to loose weight. He is eating better with me but I cant just rely on him dieting with me to loose all this weight. I am needing to loose weight to help my joints. I had a very traumatic injury to my ankle and leg and deal with chronic pain. AGAIN something she has no idea about. Just crazy how she did a complete 180 on me in what seems like no time at all....... Sorry to rant I just feel like I don't want this to derail me at all and need to get it out.
  18. AshMarie794

    August bypassers/sleevers

    Wondering if anyone shares my surgeon on this site. We have a fb page but seeing if anyone here has his. Dr. Matthew Weiner of West Bloomfield Michigan.
  19. AshMarie794

    Feeling fustrated

    I feel beyond frustrated also. Found out last night that my family doctor didn't properly document my 6 month pre op and now have to re do it. I am re-doing it with my surgeon this time. I really cant believe that happened. Every step of the way (once my 6 months were done) has been a mess. My family doc needed to send the forms to my surgeon to submit for insurance. she did only they weren't signed. Then they send them back signed only one of the months were missing. Then to find out they just pretty much made a template and copied it 5 times to submit for the 6 months. Wasted lots of time and money only for them to cost me more now doing it all over again with another doc. So I was supposed to have surgery tomorrow and now I cant have it until Aug or Sept. WHICH I am ok with at least knowing I can still have it. But the wasted energy, time, money and everything else I went through just to have it thrown out the window. Now I have a little more time to prepare and get things in order a little bit but GGGGRRRRR doesn't help the fact that I'm angry
  20. AshMarie794

    Blue Care Network troubles!!

    I have not done that but looks like that is my next step
  21. AshMarie794

    RNY Vitamins

    If you contact your surgeons office they can probably recommend a source for you.
  22. AshMarie794

    Pre-Op Diet

    I am actually doing Premier Protein shakes and drinks. Not sure what my taste buds will let me get down after surgery. I hear a lot about how things taste afterwards. But I have some propel and other little things to try just to help get fluids down afterwards. I started my journey a couple years ago. I was going to do the sleeve. But I backed out. Didn't care for the surgeon or facility. And nerves. Recently I found my surgeon on YouTube. Dr. Matthew Weiner he makes a lot of informative videos I started watching to get info on what surgery I wanted and what to expect. Then realized he was near me and I made an apt for Feb 23rd and I am scheduled for my surgery on March 21st. Everything has just gone perfectly.
  23. AshMarie794

    Where does everyone live? (General area)

  24. AshMarie794

    Pre-Op Diet

    I am starting my pre-op on Monday. My surgeon wants me to do protein shakes for breakfast and lunch then a sensible dinner. I’m thinking it shouldn’t be to bad. But still nervous as heck. When are you scheduled for surgery?
  25. I am waiting on my clearance as well but they really don't see any issues so they gave me a date and having that date makes it so real. Once you get that I swear your life changes right then and there. I hope you get to join the March losers club as well What make you choose the sleeve rather than RNY just curious? I was originally going for the sleeve when I first went to see a surgeon about 2 years ago but talked myself out of it. And now that I am following through after I found the perfect surgeon for me I choose the RNY with him help of course.

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