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    Frustr8 got a reaction from Icunursejess in Sugar free candy   
    Too much sugar free 🍬---the porcelain throne will be Your Home!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from learn2cook in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    Well here it sets still. My biggest complaint with also being 320 and post'menopausal my metabolism is such I barely lose any weight with my exercise, whereas my younger sisters drop weight like a scared rabbit. Do you feel like life is not always fair?😕
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from mgigi in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    While scrolling through past postings I noticed there is" Guys who started over 400lbs" in the Guys Room. Well I believe if there is" gravy for the 🐔rooster" there certainly should be "gravy for the🐔 hen " especially those of us with meatier🍗 drumsticks. Are there challenges we face that aren't faced by our 200 lb sisters? Do we tend to lose weight faster or slower than smaller🐣 flock members?
    Weigh in my sisters, weigh in!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from learn2cook in Under 25 and choosing this?!   
    And don't wait until you are old and gray like me. Well I never did gray but I am older than the average bear. And although my surgery should give me more than a few extra years, I wasted so much time sad, obese, and willing to settle for so little. You are smart to do this. so much younger in life!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from mundy in Let’s talk and see what happens?   
    And I am Frustr8, 73 and in Ohio. Anybody need a nice chaperone? I'm quite Available, due to Hubbys Death 7 years ago- I guess that makes me single ALSO. Okay, I'll just hang out here and cheer you youngins along!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from JeniPie in Food Before and After Photos   
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from jms734 in Not loose Weight pre op   
    @SteveT74 do you need an alto to sing with you. I have been a sneaker, a binger and a unrepentant food addict, halfway through my Dietary Purgatory, the infamous Liver-shrink Diet, it would be so easy to say F this is so over. 3 things pop up in my current-time memory:
    1, I really really want this surgery, at my age there are no gaurenteed do-overs, no more chances, the easy tricks don't work, and oh I tried!
    2. I remember Dr Needlman palpating my upper abdomen, got to the RIGHT subcostal area and says to himself "Un-huh". Now I am medically "smarter than the average bear" as my good Buddy Yogi Bear would say. He's feeling liver margin, didn't have to scream you have NASH, I knew! Looks up at me and says " You are going to follow my diet aren't you?" What could I say? Yes Sir, I will Sir, shall I polish your shoes Sir? I was called to rights there! Can't fool someone who has been in the Bariatrics business as long as him! Not complaining, I wanted the best-I got him.
    3 I have lost nearly 13 pounds now since August 1st. Only time in my life I dropped weight faster was when I had just produced a baby. Oh I liked producing babies, but at 72 that's a LONG time ago. If I could with egg and sperm donations produce another baby would I want to? Nope, too much
    pain, mess and bother for this old girl!
    But if I can lose weight with a BMR like mine, equal to a tired slug who's on anti-depressive medication, at my age you youngins got nothing to quibble about. Oh it's not fun, goes against most all happiness, contrary to normal nature, but it can be done, Buttercup, yes it can.😛🌻
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from jms734 in Tomorrow makes a week   
    @clsummrtall and others. I just drank,my 1st Premier Protein drink. No,it is not getting ready for surgery time yet, I am frustratingly pre surg. I'm at the doctor's office, didn't have time to eat Breakfast, slept in because I was up too late posting on BP. Yeah I admit it! Having laid in a small supply because I want my surgery a whole lot more than anyone wants to perform my RnY. I popped one open, a Peaches and Cream one and its not TOO bad. Very faint evaporated milk aftertaste, but not too shabby. After my future pre surg liquid diet which,since I'm in the high 40s BMI could easily be more than 2 weeks, I probably will grow to loathe, the reason I'm posting Now. I t says right on the side of the Little bottle'-like container "not for Weight reduction" , who do they think they're fooling? What other class of people beside weight reducers and maybe body builders would drink it? At $7.27 at my local Wal-Mart for a 4pack it's a whole lot more expensive than colas or even a milkshake at MickeyD's. Just thought you all deserved a good giggle today! ,,Your future meal mate Frust8. 😝
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from lizonaplane in Weight-loss funnies   
    I thought I was taller than I am, and every time they told me I was really shorter, the BMI went up. I am going to be shrunk father into obesity if they don't stop doing it÷
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from lizonaplane in Weight-loss funnies   
    Life Update. I am currently holding things together with one weak safety pin. When it lets loose, I disavow all knowledge of what has happened.👈👸👉
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from GottaLearnToSlowDown in Why no iceberg lettuce?   
    It's almost time for the watercress, my aunt's friend used to bring it to potlucks, had a Miracle Whip and milk dressing, suspect it did contain a pinch or 2 of sugar, but why couldn't you use stevia instead? Mouth waters just thinking about it, used to pick maybe late February or March, had to move fast because if her lambs found it they'd eat it first. Did I ever mention Knox County Ohio is the largest Sheep producer East of the Mississippi? Well it's true, one small item to boast of on here!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from OutdoorsGirl in Scared about the unknown   
    Then there is me 72, arthritic since 25, 2 knee replacements, GERD, asthma, c-pap, The happy news: on September 5 2018 at 7AM I received my RnY and I believe,myself healing well. I had absolutely no extra problems from my age, oh I am impatient. to heal faster, but there are 20-25 year olds feeling the same way as,me. It does take a while for the altered cogs to fit back into,place. But would I want to go back to before, knowing I would not,live this decade out? NEVER NEVER NEVER! The minor pain, the having to adjust to restyled ways of eating,and drinking , minor blips on life screen. pm me , talk to me on here, I'm a great so7rce of info.
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from mgigi in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    While scrolling through past postings I noticed there is" Guys who started over 400lbs" in the Guys Room. Well I believe if there is" gravy for the 🐔rooster" there certainly should be "gravy for the🐔 hen " especially those of us with meatier🍗 drumsticks. Are there challenges we face that aren't faced by our 200 lb sisters? Do we tend to lose weight faster or slower than smaller🐣 flock members?
    Weigh in my sisters, weigh in!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from Blacc.Beautiiee in unprotected sex a week before surgery??   
    Well I do hope you don't get pregnant but a old joke from my era.
    Question: What do you call a man who fails to use condoms?
    Answer: Daddy!
  15. Haha
    Frustr8 got a reaction from Icunursejess in Sugar free candy   
    Too much sugar free 🍬---the porcelain throne will be Your Home!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from lizonaplane in unprotected sex a week before surgery??   
    Whew Dodged that Bullet, @saygrace
    Now a reminder saying from my younger years
    Question: When do you use contraception?
    Answer: Upon every conceivable occasion.
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from vjc in Abbreviations   
    How about Twoferville, that's my next planned stop after I leave 3-how much did you say-village. I can't afford the emotional rent to stay here when Twoferville beckons. And maybe in a month or 2 post-surgery I can move in!
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from laurenantics in What are you doing with your new weight loss?   
    truthfully now that I have gone 14 months on my Post- SURGERY career, I really had a medium- sized bone structure under my Fluffiness, who' d have thunk that?
    So although to many it may seem I am bigger than the AVERAGE AMERICAN WOMAN at 5ft 8inches and 182 pounds, cause I just weighed ME. a few minutes ago with clothes on, it is a BIG change from the 55 BMI I showed up at Dr Needleman, my surgeon who could perform this magic , install a tool that facilitated with my commitment to succeed,this Wondrous Weight Loss. I now have a 29 BMI, still,"legally Overweight" but my tshirt says
    ALWAYS AWESOME; NEVER NORMAL- and today. it is My Aspie Battlecry for I NEVER will be Neurotypical but I AM one wonder-Full lovely person and that makes me HAPPY😛 HAPPY😛 HAPPY😛 and I can accept ME for ME- and how are You doing TODAY?
  19. Haha
    Frustr8 got a reaction from Wahinebythesea in Online dating - shady or no?   
    Stop waiting around for Prince Charming. Sometimes you actively have to search for him. The poor idiot might be stuck up a tree himself waiting to be rescued. So do what's necessary to doing him.
  20. Haha
    Frustr8 got a reaction from learn2cook in GALS who started their journey over 300 lb+<br /> +   
    Well here it sets still. My biggest complaint with also being 320 and post'menopausal my metabolism is such I barely lose any weight with my exercise, whereas my younger sisters drop weight like a scared rabbit. Do you feel like life is not always fair?😕
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from Dave Jackson in Autistic bariatric patients and psychological clearance   
    Probably will be on a Case by Case basis- there are as many shadings to your Spectrum Experience as there are hair Colors in Life but I Too wish You the Best with the Struggle toward what You truly Need. I Often sound fluent with language mastery, many have said I'm even an Inspiration but I, also am On the Spectrum. Easy, a Guaranteed Path to Anywhere? Nope but I did make it, You will Also! Use Your Autistic Ability to "Center" to the Exclusion of Everything Else- it's something many Neuro-Typicals lack and You Will Make it Through.***** Your Friend Frustr8- 73 and making it MYSELF!😝🌈😝.
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from LisaZar in Weight-loss funnies   
    Breakfast 250 calories
    lunch 375 calories
    snack 125 calories
    Dinner70,450 calories (OOPS!)
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from pdc1605 in 30 second elevator interview   
    Well I am 72 years old, a keen observer of life, never l8ved more than 60 miles from my birthplace but do travel through the lives of people I have met. A lifelong Republican but not a Trumpertarion, blame him on someone else please! Have been a wife , widow, mother of 3, 2 still living, only child of middle-aged parents. Have been telephone operator, Girl Friday in small office, worked in retail sales 11 years, Long Term Healthcare 25 years, loved people, loved making their lives better. No subject is ever beyond my comments. I think I am fun to be around!🎈😜🎈
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from BigJay79 in So Many Medical Problems ignored, is it obesity prejudice?   
    And obesity is a favorite scapegoat for the medical community. Hate your mother? Its obesity. Have a hangnail on you left big toe? Obesity caused it. Have a nosebleed? High blood pressure from obesity caused it. Requesting a sex change? You'd feel more satisfied with your gender if you weren't obese.
    It's an easy excuse,so you don't have to devote much,thought Into diagnosis.
    Which leads to my story of my favorite imaginary heroine Ida May.
    Ida May went to her doctor one day.She said "Doctor I have pains,in my right leg" Doctor says"Ida May, you're 84 years old, of course you have pain in your right leg" Ida Mays says " Yes doctor, but my,next leg is also 84 years old and it doesn't hurt a bit."
    Moral of story, don't give easy answers, do a little detectivevwork and find out what's really wrong.
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    Frustr8 got a reaction from Ninabeena in What we do when we no longer have to try to be invisible...   
    I hunger for a world where no one forms a judgement based on race, creed, color, sexual orientation, nation, or last ( and to my mind important ) body size. In the 60s when I was coming though,iyouth and transitioning into adulthood, we were certain we were the generation that was going,to,accomplish all this. We started out well, we shouted that we believed,in love, peace and equality. That was then, the 2010s are rapidly approaching their end and have we solved it all? No somewhere along the line we lost our own vision. Yes many strides have been made, some,new are being made daily, but one that glares in my mind is body size. We stll,live in a. world where average,is normal, any deviation is permissional,to deride, deprecate, and have,zero appreciation for. As a non average weighted female I was often ridiculed , Yes I was advantaged by being the prominent skin pigmentation but was still not valued. Even in childhood, which many,would,feel a sweeter gentler time, chants of " Fatty,fatty , 2 by 4,followed me. And it seemed although my gender, my degree of intelligence,were seldom valued the derision I received because of my size hurt the worst. I could learn to ignore being called "only a girl" , a "nerd" even a "redhead". what wounded me was being.called blimpo or bulge- belly. And much as baby chickens pecking,a weakier one to,death, my self-esteem, my joy in myself were destroyed. And since I was excluded from the circle of friendship I searched for and found a new best buddy- food! That slice of chocolate was quiet, it didn't ridicule me for being slower, ungainly and the last to be picked at sports. The bowl of creamy,ice cream it was gentle, kind, a lot more accepting than being stuck in a desk chair at school or a too narrow door in the ladies room. And although my food friend,seemed kinder,he was also an agent who ewould destroy me. I was a child, no one cares to warn me I was the agent of my own destruction , and although I did grow taller, I did not grow thinner. The calories that were supposed to grant me energy. poisonly made me even heavier. And my parents tried to intercede feebly, because they too were bewildered by this turn of events happening to their little Precious. They were told to make me exercise more, well I tried, I wanted to make them happy, but I moved slower because of my size, my joints were starting to hurt because of the weight they were carrying, they were starting to wear out, I tried running, I fell down, I was maybe 17 before I had an unsrcraped knee, do jumping jacks, I sprained both ankles within a week, jump rope, I was uncoordinated enough I tripped myself. Oh,its all right , my poor mother was told, it's just a phase she's going through, she'll grown out of it. Did I? Not really, then a really poisonous event happened- puberty.. Once again I was frog marched to the same family,doctor. Perhaps I would have benefited from,2 doctor specializing in childhood and childhood disease. There were only general or family practioners in my little town. Where it could be sloughed off as plump'hood before "A lot of children are plump, the all grow out of it" suddenly,i was really getting fat.And eordscwete uttered that still impact my life " It is just a phase" Gosh I had more phases than an utility system, didn't I? " Its only her hormones, once they regulate themselves she'll he just fine" At last report I have been 60+ years for them to smooth out, I've been through all the education my parents and I could afford,,marriage, 3 children, numerous operations and widowhood, guess what? I AM STILL FAT! Oh we tried pills, prescribed and non-prescribed, every fad and unsubstantiated diet to surface, I rode bikes up the hill, down the hill and around the hill, we tried swimming, one would think with the amount of blubber, like whales and seals I'd float to,the surface. Poor Mummy and Daddy sent me off to the local Y to learn , first lesson the instructor let me drop to the 11 foot depth bottom of the pool where I lay until someone noticed , dived in, dragged me to the side of the pool and resusitatied me after several minutes. After I came to I of course vomitted all over myself and everything in radius. Was I transported to hospital? Nope, that would have been negative publicity, couldn't have! And as I look back I wasn't all that important, this was the 1950s after all. My parents received a half-hearted apology of sorts. One. instructor blamed on my overeating, said I ate before my lesson, I hadn't eaten since 7:30 AM and this was after 3 in the afternoon,the other instructor, guess it took 2 to drag me out, said we didn't know fat would sink! Nobody apologized to me, I was banned for life from the Y, and it was many years, I was probably a teenager until they insisted I learn at summer camp.
    And through the years myvtoxic relationship with food went on. And life went on, I despaired and ultimately gave up on any substantial weight loss, the arthirits that had hidden in my genes bloomed forward at 25,the asthma that had been borderline returned with a vengence at 35 and still I went on, I had abandoned hope of being normal, of being average years before, deep in my heart a tiny dream and hope still simmered although it was a tiny weak flame. I brought up the subject of surgical weight loss to my parents, they sure didn't feel there was much hope. Mummy said it would surely kill her because I would die, Daddy said stomach surgery was for people who had cancer, why would a healthy person want that? Yes maybe I had studied, knew that bariatric surgery, although it was then in its early infancy, was possible, these were my parents, they knew best. So I ceased requesting. Years later I approached my husband about this. First. I was being silly and foolish for suggesting such,a thing. I was selfish, self- centered, think,of only myself, my first responsability should be to,go and the children's had created. I should realize I was so,lucky to not be forced to find a job outside the home. Now shut,up and go fix a meal, and it had better not be skimpy, he was on plentiful food and his children would be too. And you don't need to eat, and eat so much, just push yourself away f rm the table. And instead of fighting for my rights. I gave in..Remember in my generation, our only goal was to find a man, marry young, give him as many children as he deserved, which usually was many, stay home, raise babies, clean house and don't rock the boat. You're nothing if you don't don't have a man. Well,i sure didnt' want this,model to get away, you weren't supposed to upgrade to a new model, you had this one for life. So shut up, enjoy your warm racoon prison. And most important don't rock the boat.
    After 44 years of my warm and somewhat sheltered prision life Mr Wonderfully Precious died. Suddenly I had to finish the road to Self Reliant Adulthood I had diverted from . I had planned a medical career before I had given in , knuckled down and changed my,life direction. Well at 66 that was too late but maybe I could still be okay. I started going through the,last somewhat lamented,'s Private Papers, yes in the desk I had been denied access to. I had been a compliant child so certainly I would remain that way.
    What should I find but paperwork from his doctor. Had I even asked and with Hipaa I wouldn't even been told, Mr Precious had kidney disease, rapidly going to end-stage, had been warned by his doctor,which we didn't share without more medical intervention and special diet he would rapidly die. And suddenly my life blinders fell off with a large crash. I had given up a possible and probably medical education to marry him, I had SAT and ACT scores off the charts in Biology and other sciences, had been in an accelerated college preparatory course line at the end of high school, the lesson plan was so exclusive only myself and 1 young man participated. We were permitted college courses facilitated by our nearby college and provided yo our high school. Alas this college was,male only, therefore Michael did not attend on campus. His credits transfered into his future university, mine were recorded at an audit level. Michael entered his university at a 2nd semester sophomore, I got,the fuzzy end of the,lollipop.
    When I met Mr Precious I put my plans on a back burner. Ohio Stste, as a land grant university was mandated to accept all Ohio students of a certain academic standing. I had the misfortune to be born immediately prior to the Baby Boom when they had a glut of potential students. I gradulated.gradulatedMay 1963, they deferred me to Autumn 1968.
    By the time that time came I was married and nearly 6 months pregnant,living 60 miles away so I just gave up
    I devoted 44 years, 2/3rd of my life to be a good wife and mother, didn't argue,didn't fight back. Now I was 66 nearly 6767, physically tired, emotionally bent,if not. broken, believed my only value was as an auxiliary to fist parents and then husband.
    I now had a loud wake-up to Self Reliant Adulthood and was scared. But I now grew, stood on trembling,legs that grew daily stronger. And,one of the major steps and ways. I felt,would achieve this was bariatric surgery. I had tried diets repeatedly, even fasted and starved. Nothing worked, sought,help from my,primary,care physician. Yes after Mr Precious demise I had finally secured one after hearing doctors re only after your money.Yes he had a doctor, but he was special.. And PCP and i,tried several ideas, not including wiring my mouth shut which Mr P would have suggested. As among the last resorts my doctor prescribed phenteramine as a diet aid, I gained 30 pounds in one month, I was sick and tired of being sick and tired so I completed a bariatric course not,once but twice . First time through,i lost insurance just before surgical date assignment, returned again one and half,years later and went completely through again only to have the surgeon decline to,perform the surgery in lines. meaning not as long as I live. So I regrouped and made a third attempt for bariatric surgery at a new location. I could be as close as 7/8 prepzred, maybe less, depends on how may prerequirements they accept, how many more they require. I am not giving up, this is my best and pissibly,last chance at a thinner, healthier, fitter and contnuing life. I have come this far, committed and will still commit more to this endeavor and I shall and wlll not stop until my day of death to receive it all.
    Invisiable, just watch

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