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  1. CarpeDiem129

    Lower belly pain 1 month post-op

    @nh-vsgirl @fruitandveggies Thank you both! I'm wondering if it could be from constipation? Maybe gas/indigestion. I hope I haven't developed gallstones this quickly. I had an ultrasound done pre-op and didn't have any.
  2. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!🍁🦃
  3. CarpeDiem129


    Thank you @Sosewsue61, I actually think I needed that little kick in the butt. I need to stop obsessing over what can go wrong and start being excited about what can go right! With surgery 2 days away, my anxiety is just really getting the best of me. In life there are times where one has to just take a leap of faith... I think this is one of those times for me.
  4. Thank you @Bj49, my surgeon said he expected it would as well and that weight loss would be a major factor in that. I just wanted some real experiences, so thank you for responding. I hope my symptoms dissipate as well.
  5. CarpeDiem129

    Feeling anxious

    @LylaLovesCoffee It seems we certainly do have several things in common! I have GERD symptoms from my hernia. I get reflux and my throat feels tight a lot of the time. I'm hoping this will go away when it's fixed. I didn't get any of these symptoms until my last pregnancy so maybe I developed the hernia then. You're exactly right about surgery being like a rollercoaster, that's a perfect analogy... "here we go." Also, a rollercoaster is risky, but you usually come out on the other side feeling wonderful. I hope that's how this is going to be. @Apple203that's good advice. I don't really get panic attacks that often, more of a persistent state of anxiety. It can be very debilitating and frustrating because I'm very aware of it, I just can't always control it. I'm always just a worst case scenario kind of thinker. I hate it, but it's true.
  6. @Mhy12784 hearing your symptoms, I randomly get a cough too. I didn't even think it was likely attributed to my GERD! I always thought it was allergies. This makes more sense. Based off your research, have you decided which surgery you're getting?
  7. CarpeDiem129

    Feeling anxious

    Thanks for your response @confusedturtle3! That's a good perspective to have. I guess I'm just a big barrel of nerves! The only surgery I've had was a tonsillectomy about 10 years ago when I was 18. Even so, I'm actually worried less about the surgery itself and more about the aftermath of it as in the recovery and long-term info that hasn't been published yet because it's a newer procedure for weight loss. But it seems like anything in life that's worth something, is somewhat risky. I know I just need to take the leap! I don't know why I'm trying to psych myself out this close to surgery date. I wish someone could just guarantee everything is going to be okay, but I know that's not the case the anything in life. I try to remind myself of all the times I've been worried about something medically and it ended up working out just fine. This seems to help some! (My tonsillectomy, both of my pregnancies and childbirths, even my EGD). As you can see, I'm just an incredibly anxious person, about everything. It drives my family crazy, they often make fun of for it. Like, "oh goodness you have headache, must be a brain tumor" type of thing. 😛 I have to catch myself because sometimes it really is that extreme! Anyway, I thank you for your insight!
  8. So this is my first main post although I've been "creeping" these forums for quite a while now. I'm scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, Nov. 8th. I know my surgeon uses a 36f bougie and I am also having a small hiatal hernia repaired. I have some reflux issues now, but other than that and my weight along with suffering from hypothyroidism, my health is fine. I have researched this for many months, went through the whole process, and now that it's happening, I'm so worried. I keep thinking about my husband and my babies and if anything goes wrong now or later regarding the surgery. Anywho, I don't know what I'm really looking for by posting this. Maybe some words of wisdom or a swift kick in the booty to get over myself. Really, I would love to hear about experiences who have gone through the exact same thing, surgery with the same bougie size as it seems like there may be some merit to bougie size and recovery and hiatal hernia repair. How are you doing? How was your recovery? Any advice at all? Just feeling a little overwhelmed.😩

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