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  1. This pain started today starting from my shoulder going down my left arm. I am 3weeks out from surgery is this some sort of side effect of surgery?
  2. Thank you guys contact my doctor he doesn't feel its heart or surgery related thinks I have a pinched nerve.
  3. I did so much as lie I just didnt tell nobody...... but thanksgiving almost bust me because everyone was wondering why I was not eating.........I said I on a liquid diet lol again I did not lie.......
  4. Im 3weeks out and I have been sticking to sweet potatoe, refried beans, scramble eggs and puree egg salad i still drink my protein shake to make they different in protein because i still cant get 4oz meal down.
  5. CrissCriss

    Liver shrinking diet

    Aint gonna lie but i cheated my 2nd week of the 2week liver shrink and got back on the ball the next day....... surgery went fine i am 3 weeks post op 22 pounds down........ This was my experience not saying you should cheat but I think it fair to say you would not be the first to have cheated.
  6. CrissCriss


    Im 3weeks post op i feel faint when I dont get my fluids in
  7. Hey guys I have a question. I am on phase 2 puree foods and want to know if I have to still drink protein shakes?
  8. Thanks guys I will mos def check these vitamins out.
  9. Hey Guys I am trying to find a Liquid Vitamin because I cant handle the chalky chewable stuff. So please help me out with any liquid bariatric multivitamin that you are using and is working great for you. Thank you.
  10. Fluids hurts going down 5 days out. Anyone experience this?
  11. CrissCriss

    H Pylori

    I had it didnt know until test was ran.
  12. CrissCriss

    Surgery soap

    I was not given the soap either when I asked I was told they will wipe me down in the OR.
  13. CrissCriss

    Sugar Free Crystal Light

    It dosent actually say sugar free because they all are sugar.
  14. You can always mail you shakes or buy some when you get there.
  15. I am 4 days into this liquid diet and this is hard. I have a serious headache and would normally reach for some IBuprofen but cant...... OMG I have 10 more days feel like i'm going insane. My mother in law brought over those big muffin that you find at sam's I am soooooooooo tempted to eat one she does'nt know I am having surgery. Those of you who walk this walk and made it to the other side my hats off to you.............Any advice would be awesome.
  16. CrissCriss

    Started liquid diet on the 31st

    Thank you guys for your support. So for on this pre op diet I have lost 7 pounds got 9 more days to go before surgery day
  17. CrissCriss

    November sleevers!

    My surgery is Nov 14th. I am starting my pre op diet on 10/31/17. The broth I am going to go with is the sam's club organic those are good I like them. I think that is pretty cool that you made your own. For the hospital I am packing my phone/phone charger, comfy clothes to go home, slippers and gas x. The hospital i'm having my surgery at they give a travel bag that has toothbrush, soaps, roll on, and things like that. I don't wanna take too much into the hospital because I am a germaphobe if I can't wash it it does not need to be there. As time is getting closer I am starting to feel nervous.
  18. Hey guys I came across this website that help you in getting the insurance to pay for your protein shakes. I have not personally use them because it is only for POST OP not pre op. Thought I would just throw this out there something to have in your pocket and pull out when need ed. Have a great day. http://www.insurenutrition.com/category_list.php?parent_id=24&cid=28
  19. Have you tried Crushing and mixing it in with you protein shake or drinks?
  20. CrissCriss

    Post op

    Congrats wish you a speedy recovery
  21. CrissCriss

    Compression garments?

    Oh ok so it kinda work like the pillow the say to hold to your stomach in case you have to cough?
  22. CrissCriss

    pr op

    I would reference your packet they give for post op.
  23. CrissCriss

    One month to go

    The time do fly by before you know surgery is here.
  24. CrissCriss

    Just starting.

    I have aetna I had 4 nutritional meeting 1 meeting once a month for 4 months. It took another 10 days to approval my surgery is next month nov14. So when it's all said and done about 6 months

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