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    Tracyringo got a reaction from Sunniblue20 in Revision completed   
    Had the revision done at 7 30 am this morning weighing in at 180 my original goal weight. The first 12 hours were horrible. This was a very painful surgery for me and I don't know if it was because they also took the hernia I had. ( I believe they said they took it and not fixed it but I am still on the drugs. ) I have been given morphine to start with then they switched me to dillata because the morphine wasn't cutting it. I am back on liquid hydro now. I wasn't able to urinate either for the first several hours and I am still having a hard time with it. I have been crying through most of the day. Pain, anxiety and lack of sleep have been my companions as they are still not letting visitors in. I cant tell if I still have GERD . The gas pain has been in my neck and shoulders it sucks. I did 3 laps around the ward at 1 am to see if it would help because I thought I had read it helps with the gas. Well I will keep updating my progress here. Good night
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    Tracyringo reacted to honeybunz in Revision due to GERD   
    Thank you Grace🙏
    My surgery was actually 2014. It’s been so long that I forgot 😛
    I recently had an arm lift, Tummy Tuck & breast lift. Which is another reason I don’t want to do it. I take omeprazole daily. I have not met with another surgeon. I’m sure it’s inevitable though😭
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    Tracyringo reacted to honeybunz in Revision due to GERD   
    I had my sleeve done September 2016. I lost 145lbs. I now weigh 165lbs & my acid reflux has not gotten any better. I know I need a revision but I’m scared & my doctor moved away😭
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    Tracyringo reacted to Recidivist in Healthy versions of junk food   
    I'm a big fan of "healthy" junk foods IN MODERATION. However, I didn't start eating them until I was in maintenance.
    A couple of words of advice. First, you need to be sure that any such products you eat are high Protein, low carb and low sugar. There are lots of Protein Bars out there that claim to be healthy but are very high in carbs and sugar.
    Also, these Snacks can be a slippery slope. Since they are high protein and low carb, we tend to see them as "safe" foods and there is a temptation to over-indulge. They are definitely better than traditional junk food, but calories are calories regardless of how they are ingested.
    My advice: wait until you are in maintenance and enjoy on an occasional basis to satisfy cravings, but don't make them a habit.
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    Tracyringo reacted to summerset in Healthy versions of junk food   
    I don't think the foods you've listed are healthier. They might have less calories sometimes (sometimes not) and they add protein so you don't have to plan your meals as much (I'm still using protein foods like bean Pasta, powders, bars etc. to boost my protein intake), but most of the foods are not healthier than the original version. There might be exceptions.
    That said, one needs to differ between "healthier foods" and "foods that might help with weight loss" as these are by far not always the same.
    My take on e. g. a protein Cookies is: "I would've eaten a cookie anyway, might as well eat a protein cookie if it's yummy as well."
    Same with cake: when I make a cake, I put Protein Powder into the flour (I've posted my apple crumble cake a few times already). I prefer it over "real apple crumble cake" just as I prefer bean pasta over regular pasta so it feels like a win-win situation. Is it really healthier? Well, I don't mind the stevia in the protein powder, some people would though.
    Protein chips can be nice or nasty. The nice ones usually seem to be sold out, lol. I usually go for roasted chick peas instead.
    That's a question only you can answer.
    For me, being able to have all these things and being able to eat what I like seems to be a huge factor in not gaining weight.

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    Tracyringo reacted to ms.sss in Healthy versions of junk food   
    Bottom line is if YOU are happy with your rate of weight loss (and ur labs some back satisfactorily) then u don’t need to change anything, really.
    You know yourself best and can tell more than us strangers if this is a slippery slope or not. Some can handle it and keep it in check, others may have more difficulty, and should consider refraining.
    P.S. I ate almost 2 cups of mushroom “chips” for dinner the other day, so yeah, it happens, lol. BUT: I’m 2+ years out and in maintenance for over 1.5 years.
    Good Luck!
    Edited to add: oh, and to answer your original question: no, I didn’t eat these types of food during weight loss phase.
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    Tracyringo reacted to WishMeSmaller in Healthy versions of junk food   
    I love them too. I don’t eat them everyday, but I do eat several per week. Sometimes I just take a couple of bites of one after a workout and save the rest for another day. As for your original topic question, I don’t really see Protein versions of junk foods as “gateway” foods. That might be because I usually find them to not be satisfying. I would rather just do without. If they are satisfying to you, I think eating them in moderation is the key. It seems like a bad idea to replace “real” foods with protein snack foods on a consistent basis, IMO.
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    Tracyringo reacted to catwoman7 in Healthy versions of junk food   
    I eat those kinds of things occasionally, but not as a regular thing. I'm afraid they'd get my mind craving the real thing.
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    Tracyringo reacted to BigSue in Healthy versions of junk food   
    I am very picky about the Protein Bars I eat. I love Built Bars not only because they are amazingly delicious, but they are also fairly low in calories (130 to 180 calories) with 17-19 grams of Protein and 5 grams of sugar or less.
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    Tracyringo reacted to JRT Mom in 3 months post op. Anxiety, head hunger and insomnia.   
    These are extremely trying times for anyone, much less one going through weight loss. During the day try diversionary tactics--take a walk, watch some TV (but dang it, the food commercials are brutal...) The nighttime munchies are tougher. Talk to your dietician and see if you can incorporate a very small night snack into your total food consumption for the day. As long as you are still losing weight it probably won't hurt, although eating and going right to bed can certainly give you heartburn.
    Alka Seltzer had these chewable heartburn gummies that have some melatonin in them. They do have 30 calories and 6 grams of sugar per dose, but they will help you sleep.
    Good luck--you got this!
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    Tracyringo reacted to Ms. Yvette in Worried that doctor made my pouch too big?   
    I'm worried about the "restriction". A lot of VSG revision patients have said the same thing. They do not feel any restriction. Which goes to show, the mental part of this is so hard. Good for you. Keep up the hard, but good work.

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    Tracyringo got a reaction from Ms. Yvette in Worried that doctor made my pouch too big?   
    I lost the 20 in about 10 weeks and it was actually 22 lbs. I now bounce around 5 lbs but am having no problems keeping it in that range. With VSG I wasnt able to get under 164.8 and struggled to stay under 170. I am not having that problem with this revision, but am missing the restriction from the VSG.
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    Tracyringo reacted to Christina760 in Revision completed   
    Yes I’m tired too. But dang that’s a lot of weight that’s great!! I was 216 on surgery. Day and now 203. So 18 pounds in 22 days. Not getting enough Protein makes me so sleepy. I can only do like 40g.
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    Tracyringo reacted to roseannamichael in Revision completed   
    I am good just really been feeling weak a lot I have lost 27 pounds since 10/26 which I am happy but I am so tired all the time did you feel like that

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    Tracyringo got a reaction from GradyCat in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    I have been weighing in pretty much everyday for over the last 3 years. Keeps me honest.
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    Tracyringo got a reaction from ms.sss in Revision completed   
    I rarely have the alcohol in the house. I started grabbing a few shot bottles at the gas station here and there. I also started drinking where alcohol was served wherever I went . I have not had anything to drink in 2 days now and am doing okay.
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    Tracyringo got a reaction from roseannamichael in Revision completed   
    Small world !!! How are you doing?
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    Tracyringo got a reaction from Nicki100 in Dumping   
    Thank you all for your comments. I get violently ill when I dump and it lasts for about 2 hours. Its just awful. I had an episode a few weeks back and I dont even know what I ate to cause it but it lasted 4 hours. I have learned to lay down quickly if I think I might have an episode. I heard that it slows everything down.
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    Tracyringo reacted to Coexister in Worried that doctor made my pouch too big?   
    I am 4 1/2 weeks post op and have not felt any kind of restrictions as I did with my sleeve before being converted to Roux-en-Y along with a hiatal hernia repair. I am worried and especially now after seeing my operative report and knowing my Doctor only did a 30 ml pouch with a 150 cm Roux alimentary limb. This I understand is big and long for this surgery. Now I am scared I won’t lose that last bit of weight or maintain per not feeling any restrictions like I did with the sleeve. I am only on the soft foods /purée diet but with the sleeve I could feel restrictions with soft and liquids. Everything goes down like nothing. I have had no issues with dumping or nausea and can drink Water and liquids endlessly. The surgery has seemed to cure my heartburn but I don’t want to gain my weight back because of it. Anyone else on here with a 30 ml / 150 cm and similar situation that could share their experience or offer any reassurance?
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    Tracyringo reacted to mocha2871@yahoo.com in Its done but oh my GOD   
    I have had my surgery and everything went well but I had no idea of the pain I was going to have to endure. Had my surgery on Thursday the 19th and was expecting to be out on the 21st. Doesn't look like it's going to happen I have not had a bowel movement yet nor have I pass gas so I won't be getting out. In the last past 24 hours I could not really drink anyting it would fit in my chest and come right back up like a foam. So they stopped me from having any liquids. Today is better I am able to get down some of my pureed food like the yogurt and I'm drinking Ensure clear Apple. Also have some pureed peaches and scrambled eggs didn't care for those. Pain that I had to go through with this gas is no joke. I'm only allowed to walk in my room to help move the gas. I know I needed to have the surgery but I was really thinking I made a bad choice. But today seems brighter and I know this was a good choice cuz I have not had any acid reflux in the last past 24 hours which is a blessing. I'm ready to go home but it doesn't look like it's happening. Feeling okay will keep everyone updated when I get home.
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    Tracyringo reacted to Arabesque in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    I weigh just about every morning too. I used to do it after I pooped but before Breakfast but my routine has changed so it’s after breakfast & after I poop now. Just underwear. I only record the highs & lows of my regular fluctuations (up & down just under 1 kg) - no point recording 100g increments unless it’s a new low or a new high. My current low is 48.6 & high is 49.4kg. I think if I hit 50kg I’d re-examine what I was eating. It’s a small window but I know what I’m like in regards to weight gain.
    Weighing regularly keeps me honest & on track. In the past, I’d stop weighing myself if I thought I was putting on weight but I was just trying to ignore the truth of my gains. If I didn’t know how much I weighed I could pretend I hadn’t put on weight.
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    Tracyringo reacted to ms.sss in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    My red line is supposed to be +5lbs sustained over a few days (to allow for daily fluctuations). I like to stay close to 115, so if I go over 120 for a few consecutive days, then its time to cut cals for a bit.
    Though I'm considering upping my baseline these days to 120 as it seems its much easier to maintain than 115. I don't notice any fit issues with my clothes, so if I can get over the metal block about it, I just might. We'll see.
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    Tracyringo reacted to DenverGirl88 in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    I weigh daily because I just feel like it keeps me accountable even considering the fluctuations. I’d still rather know and have that in the back of my mind. Jury is still out with studies but they say people who weigh daily are more likely to weigh less
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    Tracyringo reacted to Kris77 in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    I’m a weigh every morning person. I weigh naked after peeing and sometimes when coffee does it work I will re weigh to see the diff!!
    For me this helps keep me in check.
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    Tracyringo reacted to ChubRub in How Often Do You Weigh Yourself?   
    Morning, Night, before/after pee, before/after poop, sometimes before/after shower to see how much my wet hair weighs. I'm a little obsessed! LOL!!
    Only the Morning weigh in gets logged in my Renpho! The rest are just for fun!!