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  1. I was honestly surprised at how easy it is NOW. I'll be 6 weeks post-op on Tuesday. I have had no issues or aversions to any foods or beverages. The only thing that is difficult for me and can make me uncomfortable every so often is eating too fast! I try to remind myself every day. But honestly I've never once been nauseous, never once vomited. Make sure you take your Miralax though... That almost became an issue for me. In the first week, I struggled for a couple of days with getting my protein and fluids in. However it now feels like that was nothing! I hope your journey is as smooth as mine has been thus far! I also feel like I read everything I possibly could, and expected all of these things to happen. Everyone is different. I'm feeling great, and grateful!! Good luck! HW: 233 SW: 214 CW: 198 slowly but surely... 😍
  2. Luv2luv2luvya

    Biotin for hair loss?

    do you take regular biotin or one specifically for after WLS?
  3. Luv2luv2luvya

    Protein Powder Suggestions

    Sorry I must have hit submit too many times!
  4. Luv2luv2luvya

    Protein Powder Suggestions

    ugh, thanks so much, I had no idea!
  5. Luv2luv2luvya

    Protein Powder Suggestions

    sorry again ah
  6. Luv2luv2luvya

    Protein Powder Suggestions

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention
  7. Luv2luv2luvya

    Protein Powder Suggestions

    I hate the smell and taste of most protein powders... However I did find one, unflavored, that I am now using daily! It's GenPro, 30g of protein in 1 tablespoon! I purchased mine off of Amazon.
  8. Thank you so much, it really helps to see others have struggled as well!
  9. Today I finished one premier protein, so that's 30 g protein and 160 cal. And I've managed to try and sip on propel water but haven't finished a 20oz bottle yet. Am also getting small amount of Gatorade down. I can't wait until the following Tuesday when I can begin the pureed stage! And I'm actually from NY originally, then PA and now I'm in South Carolina lol.
  10. I've read so much by now that I should have expected this, however maybe it's one of those things you think will "not happen to me". I'll be one week post-op tomorrow and I'm having a hard time getting my shakes, calories and protein in. My whole body aches and I just feel bad in general. Follow up appointment is tomorrow, so here's to hoping I'm not alone! Thanks for listening.
  11. Luv2luv2luvya


    nervous about this!!
  12. Luv2luv2luvya

    Surgery tomorrow

    Good luck!!
  13. Luv2luv2luvya

    Surgery date May 30

    Mine was actually rescheduled until June 6th (womp womp), but I am very excited, and nervous... but ready! Am so happy to hear you're going back to work already, as I'm hoping to get back within less than 3 weeks as well! I am on a liver reduction diet, thankfully not only fluids yet!! Did you have any nausea afterwards? Am nervous about that part. Are you still on liquids-only now?
  14. Luv2luv2luvya

    Surgery date May 30

    My surgery is scheduled for May 30th as well! Are you doing a liver reduction diet yet? Where are you located, Seattle? (Just guessing by your "name"!!)

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