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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in January 2017 sleevers   
    Finally broke the 100lbs mark. Down 102 and still going. Working out 6 days a week 1-3 hrs a day depending on the classes that are offered. Trying to increase Water intake. I’ve never been able to do a gallon a day. Still doing low carb but have add more carbs to my diet. Doing Herbalife shakes , teas and liftoff tablets for energy. Starting taking Ginko Biloba for metal alertness. I feel fuzzy brain at times. Did Iron infusions back last summer have been doing pretty well since

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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in January 2017 sleevers   
    Awesome job!! Keep up the good work!!

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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in January 2017 sleevers   
    Let’s try to check in with each other on this thread at least once a month. This is a life journey. We can do this [emoji1434][emoji1434]

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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in January 2017 sleevers   
    I’m in the same boat. These last 20lbs just don’t seem to wanna come off for nothing. Increasing your fluids may help to keep you from snacking as much.

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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in January 2017 sleevers   
    Yesss! This head hunger I’m glad to know it’s not just me. I feel like I need to be eating even if I’m not hungry. I’m sick of chicken lol.

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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in January 2017 sleevers   
    I think the coming years are gonna be the hardest. The weight loss is slowing and the appetite is increasing. Let’s keep each other motivated!!

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to temkins in Anyone stay on shakes for meal times longer than first couple weeks?   
    6 months out, have 4 Premier Protein shakes daily (9am-12pm-3pm-6pm) as my major primary meals + have one small veggie lunch (around 1:30pm), which is fully packed with dense fiber. My dietician approves that. Don't care much about the latest "anti-DATEM campaign", as a single fastfood burger has 100 times more crap in it, and we used to eat that sh*t a lot. So all damages are already caused! ))
    Right now I'm feeling well, losing weight steadily, also doing daily 40-50 minutes fat-burning cycling at the gym).
    The reason I decided to stick with my shakes is that after the sleeve I feel some discomfort with all types of meats (beef, pork, fish, chicken etc), while Beans and legumes are bit too gasy With my Protein Shakes I feel fit and full, while still low on calories and high in Protein.
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to Mattymatt in Anyone stay on shakes for meal times longer than first couple weeks?   
    I still use Protein Shakes for breakfast because I don't really like eating when I first wake up. I also use them when I am out and about and don't want to stop for fast food.
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to Orchids&Dragons in Anyone stay on shakes for meal times longer than first couple weeks?   
    I still drink a shake or Protein Water every day. Like Sammy, I couldn't hit my numbers otherwise.
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to hotmessmom in 1 year post op, 110lbs down so far ASK ME ANYTHING   
    Wow thank you for your very detailed post! Truly appreciate it as I am just starting this process.

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to Over and Out in 1 year post op, 110lbs down so far ASK ME ANYTHING   
    As I'm internet shoe-shopping right now--has your shoe size changed as you have lost so much weight?

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to LondonGal12 in 1 year post op, 110lbs down so far ASK ME ANYTHING   
    Hey everybody,
    As of next week I'll be 1 year post-op, I'm still losing (currently in a 2 week stall but this has been the case every month then I drop in the next 2 weeks)
    Open to answer any pre or post op/general life change questions that you may have
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to MNgirl1234 in Husband threatens divorce if I have surgery   
    I am going through a similar situation. My husband tells me that having surgery is the easy way out and that he's afraid I'll fail and then get even more depressed about my weight. He is as also morbidly obese and I suspect that he's afraid I might not want him if I "get skinny". I'm guessing your hubby might feel the same way. I've already scheduled my surgery for April 18th and although I respect my husband's opinion, nobody will stand in the way of my choice. It is your health and your body. Best wishes to you on your journey!

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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from logicwand in How to get enough fluid during the day   
    I’ve always drank from a straw since right after my surgery. My surgeon said it was fine to use a straw.

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to logicwand in How to get enough fluid during the day   
    This is a big no-no, but I am drinking flavored (Crystal Light) Water out of a 24oz tumbler with a straw. I just find I drink more water if it's from a straw. So bizarre. I know. But it's helping me!
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to mille80 in January 2017 sleevers   
    Surgery January 11th 2017
    HW 138 kg (304lbs)
    SW 127 kg (280lbs)
    CW 75 kg (165lbs)
    Love my life!!! I have gotten so much more energy. No food is of limits (some food is off limits sometimes). I have switched from the wish to become smaller and less towards working to become more. I have found an amazing bodypositivity community out there that I believe will help me maintain this positive world view :-) Self love is so important.

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to HoneyBee13 in January 2017 sleevers   
    Awesome job!!! Keep it up. The goal is within reach. Good luck with the job change.

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to orionburn in January 2017 sleevers   
    Two weeks to go until I start my new job. Hoping that since I'll be away from the desk more it'll get me to help being more active. My body is in love being at 235 lbs and doesn't want to move away from that for whatever damned reason. Driving me insane! Spring is on the horizon and ready to put this damned winter behind us to get back outside and do more.
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    Sleeveforme2017 got a reaction from logicwand in When Did YOUR Energy Come Back?   
    About 4-5 weeks

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to Ghada in One year post op, hungry all the time!   
    I'm one year post op, lost all the weight i wanted to lose and a little bit more, I'm very happy with my results and trying to maintain a nutritious healthy diet. And i think I'm doing well. My only problem is that one hour after eating anything i just feel very hungry, it annoys me so much. I was reading a research about faster emptying time for sleeves. And i think this is the worst side effect i get from this surgery. Constant hunger. I feel so full and in less than an hour I'm starving again. Its difficult to ignore it so i keep munching all the time but i try to watch my calories allover. Its working but I don't want this to continue happening and I'm terrified of regaining weight. Is it just me who feels this need to eat all the time? What can i do about this. My nutritionist doesn't get me, she says my intake is acceptable and I'm not gaining so I'm doing well. But I'm just tired of needing to munch on something all the time!
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to BarbbeingBarb in Phentermine after VSG your thoughts   
    I think you should do whatever you want to do as long as it's under doctor supervision. Your body, your health.
    I'm 4 years out, and what newer post ops don't seem to understand is that the benefits of the surgery wanes after time. I am hungry again. I can eat 12 oz of food on one sitting, and can eat again literally 10 minutes later. Snacking and grazing start to creep back in, and our bodies fight to get back to fat as our metabolisms start normalizing again. Statistically, around year 3 and 4 is when regain starts to happen for those reasons.
    After gaining around 10 pounds, I am considering phentermine just to get me back on track and give me a "jump start" of sorts. After that, I'll take it from there again.
    I look at weight loss drugs as just another tool we can use in this never ending fight against obesity, and find it ironic that people who have chosen to change their internal anatomy to lose weight look down on weight loss drugs.
    The further out we get, the harder it is to tow the line because frankly the surgery is less effective. Even after changing our eating and exercise habits, sometimes we still need a little extra help to win the battle. Nothing wrong with that.
    You do you.

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to Hannah83 in Phentermine after VSG your thoughts   
    I took phentermine a while back and it leads to a psychotic break. It's a dirty comedown from the recommended dose and personally for myself made me crave more food and put on pounds while taking it. I might be unique, I might not be, but I have a history of past upper abuse in my 20's and all I found any diet pills did for me was give me energy to eat and workout more. Counterproductive. They are a temporary fix at best and I don't recommend them as an overall tool but you need to decide yousrself. Talk with your pharmacist and doctor and ask for more medically qualified advice.
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to GotProlactinoma in I discovered a way to feel more full.   
    Maybe this might help someone else. I’m 7 months out from being sleeved. I enjoy a healthy carb snack at the end of my day. Mine is a homemade granola made of seeds and oats. Eaten with full milk. Well, some days as I calculate what I ate that day, I do see I am lower than I want to be on my Protein. So a few times the past few days, I’ve added a scoop of plain grass fed nonflavor no sweetener whey Protein Powder to my granola (which I always measure in the same little cup thingy). Half a portion of protein powder, so really about 11 g.
    Guess what? The same exact snack I have almost every night and finish it no trouble, I CANNOT FINISH because I get that terrible fullness about half way through because I added protein powder to it. And I eat less of it. So I might not get to add the whole amount of protein to my day’s nutrients, BUT I GET THAT RESTRICTION. This might help others who sometimes worry they aren’t getting enough restriction. Try it. Add some plain protein powder to something liquid or mushy at the end of your day, or to your tv snack. Hope it helps someone else.
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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to SassyScienceNerd in Reached my goal! 104 lbs gone!   
    I reached my goal and could not be more satisfied! My sleeve was the best decision of my life. 10 months of learning how to use this tool brought me from a size 20 to a size 6.

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    Sleeveforme2017 reacted to Mhy12784 in Phentermine after VSG your thoughts   
    I dont understand how you stay under 50 carbs a day but dont track macros.
    Protein x4 + Carbohydrates x4 + Fat x9 = total calories
    Im not saying become a nutrition freak by any means, but learning about macros is basically nutrition 101, and imo is more important than everything else in nutrition combined (although having a balanced diet and micro nutrients are important too, I think the macros is far more important)