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    Syaniya reacted to LaNueva_Janie in Family time/Xmas   
    My family lives in Texas and i live in Maryland. Back in xmas 2017 i told them i was going to go through WLS. I had to explain what it was about, but i guess they thought.."she wont do it".. Mom,Dad, brother were scared , sister in law, husband and few others very supportive.
    I just came to Texas yesterday for xmas and at 5 months post op my fam are blown away.
    I showed them my xmas pic from 2017at 298lbs and they are shocked with the difference. I am currently at 224 lbs and I tell them im just getting started and i feel great.
    Now about food..lol yes mom is cooking away..meal after meal but i am focused and i only serve my small portions and very selective on what i can eat, I talk more than i eat when before i was the quiet one eating while every one was talking and prob reaching out for a second plate.
    Merry Christmas everyone lets stay focused. We can do this!
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    Syaniya got a reaction from Frustr8 in Boston/Providence area surgery   
    Dr. McCluney, St. Elizabeths in Boston, is where he performs his surgeries, but he has offices in Fall River and Brockton where he sees patients.

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    Syaniya reacted to nurse247 in Question about Recovery House for Dr. Cardenas/Beauty Enhance   
    Not really as it included my whole package with a week stay at the recovery house with around the clock care from nurses. I stayed one night in the hospital. All fees for the surgeon and anesthesiologist, pain pump, meds, food, etc... what I got for my package would easily be 20 k in the states. I wasn’t looking for a provider who was a cheaper alternative, I was focused on quality of care and best outcomes. I have seen other women go to Mexico and pay less. I’ve also seen horrendous botched surgeries. I had such a wonderful experience and it was worth every penny.

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    Syaniya reacted to sleevedshereen in Before and After Pics   
    One year and 4 months out starting weight 228 current weight 154

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    Syaniya reacted to SkyJade in Before and After Pics   
    Almost 5 pounds away from being 100 pounds down! Sleeved February 12 2018

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    Syaniya reacted to dogmom10 in Before and After Pics   
    Im just 2 days past 5 months out & 100 pounds down.

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    Syaniya reacted to o00 in Before and After Pics   
    Before and less than a year post VSG.

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    Syaniya reacted to mylighthouse in Before and After Pics   
    My before and after pics;
    Starting weight 334 lbs.... Current weight 145 lbs. Down from a size 28 to a size 4/6.

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    Syaniya reacted to GreenTealael in Before and After Pics   
    1 yr post op, no looking back

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    Syaniya reacted to Savagegirl in Before and After Pics   
    Surgery May 2017. 305 pounds. Almost 5’10. Now 143 and haven’t budged from that in months.
    (Me in white dress, before)

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    Syaniya reacted to BlueEyedAngel28 in Before and After Pics   
    I had gastric bypass 1 yr ago. i was 232lbs now down to 135lbs 

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    Syaniya reacted to GirthyGirl in Before and After Pics   
    I was sleeved 01/27/16 and lost 140 lbs.

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    Syaniya reacted to NYJenn in Before and After Pics   
    3 months and 63 pounds lighter

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    Syaniya reacted to PinkFreud in Before and After Pics   
    6 months post Bypass. Down approximately 105lbs since March 19th. Hooray so far!

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    Syaniya reacted to Harsha in Before and After Pics   
    I don't have many before afters, but here are two...

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    Syaniya reacted to CTJohn in Before and After Pics   
    Before, obviously 🙂
    Post lap band
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    Syaniya reacted to mercmerc in Before and After Pics   
    Was able to fit into goal shirt today (pink) and the birthday was before surgery the rest are 6weeks post op and 30 pounds down

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    Syaniya reacted to kimbers18 in Before and After Pics   
    Officially six months post surgery, down 126 lbs and feeling like a million bucks...44lbs away from my goal! And I can no longer shop at Lane Bryant...which is sad because I’ve been shopping there for 20 years. I get anxiety going into “regular” stores. But it’s a good problem to have! I flew Southwest this weekend and fit so comfortably in the seats. No more spending big bucks to fly first class!

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    Syaniya reacted to redhead_che in Before and After Pics   
    5lbs from final goal of 127!

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    Syaniya reacted to mercmerc in Before and After Pics   
    Red 3 months before surgery and yellow a month post op

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    Syaniya reacted to mylighthouse in Before and After Pics   
    People are lookin' and doin' good around here.... congratulations to EVERYONE on their progress and success!!

    My starting weight:334 lbs - Original (sleeve) Surgery date Nov 2016; As of Aug 2018 150 lbs and holding steady.
    Here are my progress pictures:

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    Syaniya reacted to BlueEyedAngel28 in 6 months post op w/ pics   
    I weighed 232lbs 6 months ago now down to 160lbs. Feel like a whole new person
    highest weight: 274lbs
    surgery weight: 232lbs
    current weight: 160 lbs
    goal weight: 150lbs
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    Syaniya reacted to DrunkenRage in Before and After (So far)   
    SW: 612
    CW: 247
    GW: 200
    Been following along on this app for a while now kinda in the shadows LOL!! I got a ton of useful info from the forums though that helped me so much so far along the way!!! I know I still have a while to go but I just wanted to share my progress so far after a little more then a year in after getting sleeved. I thank god every day for the second chance he gave me! I won’t mess up this time! Never in a million years did I would be able to lose 365 lbs EVER let alone in a little more then a year LOL!!
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    Syaniya reacted to Myaiku_Kuraitani in Finally Reached My Goal Weight   
    Finally got the last stubborn pound off and made it to my goal weight of 130 lbs. 🙂 I've lost all 143 lbs of my excess weight. Never thought that I could do that. Quite an accomplishment.
    Went from 273 lbs in 2015 to 130 yesterday. I'm my ideal weight. Now I'm like, "To maintain or not to maintain at this weight?"
    Just debating on if I should add a 10 lb gap just in case of regain. Thinking maybe, but I dunno. Finally got here after a week of being stalled out. I don't have a before picture... At least not a full body one, because I hated my body back then so full body pictures were as existent as mythical creatures. Sorry, lol even though I came off as being really confident to people who met me back then, I wasn't. I'm also trying lighter colored clothes because they're not within my comfort zone. I always thought light clothes made me look bigger.
    I always wanted to wear clothes like the ones in this picture when I was in my teens and early twenties. I couldn't til now. I'm 28 going on 29 and decided to have my fun with different styles of clothing.
    Size- 4, Small in sweats. Small in shirts. depends on how it's cut or made.
    Bra Size- 34C
    Surgery Date- April 26th, 2017
    "Only those who try will become" FFX

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    Syaniya got a reaction from iamloved in 5 Years Post Op - Regain is REAL - with photos   
    I have to say you look great at your current weight!! Thanks for sharing

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