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    41 year old guy. A new resident of Huntsville, AL. I have struggled with my weight my entire life.
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  1. blizair09

    Worst Day Ever!!!

    I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Constipation was a huge thing for me for several months post-op. (And I still have a moment or two at 19 months post-op.) Milk of Magnesia always worked for me. Feel better...
  2. @FluffyChix The problem with some folks and their goal is that the goals are unrealistic; however, other people seem to have goals that undershoot their potential (e.g., people who have goal weights that still leave them technically obese). When I started at 397 and set a goal of 180, only my surgeon's NP thought that was realistic. She said I could do what I wanted to. Now, she might have been thinking I was nuts, but she didn't say it. But my ex, my family, many of my friends told me that I should try to get to 200 and let it be. But that wasn't good enough for me. I was going to get 180 or die trying. And I did, with 10 more pounds to boot. (And when I have plastics later this year, I'll probably be closer to 160.) The point is to be healthy and to be happy. For me, that meant being in the normal BMI range; for others, that doesn't matter at all. I just never want to see anyone sell himself/herself short because they think they can't do it (or listen to those who might say so). Keep on keeping on!
  3. blizair09

    Boss Wants Me to Delay Surgery

    In the eyes of my company, it was not elective surgery. (In fact, my short-term disability insurance paid for me to be on medical leave for 6 weeks paying at 100%). That is insane that your manager is acting this way. Talk to HR; file for FMLA, and do what is best for you.
  4. Good article. I lost 99 of my 227 pounds during the six month pre-op diet program. It set me on the right path, helped me to get to goal within one year post-op, and helped me to redefine my relationship with food before the surgery. It was the best thing I did for myself.
  5. Since October, so 7 months.
  6. Go after it. I am a 42yo gay man. Imagine how this kind of thing works in my world (which is often quite vain and superficial). I told my best friend from college (also gay, and also always a cute, fit guy) that I am having "his 20s in my 40s." He laughed and said "I have no doubt; enjoy it." I'm having the time of my life, and I wish the same thing for you. It's amazing. Get out there; get noticed, and enjoy yourself!
  7. blizair09

    Guys who started over 400 lbs.

    I started at 397 and have been maintaining between 170-175 for seven months as of yesterday. I got to goal about one year post-op.
  8. Hi everyone.  I am excited to report that yesterday marked 7 months that I have been maintaining well below my goal weight.  Life is great, and I will always be so thankful the experience of this entire journey from the beginning with the six month pre-op diet program, to the surgery itself, to post-op life, and (most importantly) an on-going successful maintenance.  I hope this finds each of you well, regardless of where you are in the process.  Best wishes!

    1. ProudGrammy


      great update. maintenance is the name of the game. you are winning - CONGRATS - kathy

    2. FluffyChix


      Congrats! That's totally outstanding and great inspiration!!! WTG!!!

    3. jfc193


      Terrific, Thanks for the update

  9. blizair09

    Guys- Post Op VSG

    When I was at 5 months post-op, I was taking in 1000-1100 calories and 110-120 grams of protein per day.
  10. Honestly, there is no good answer. You just have to do what you just have to do. There will be a lot of that post-op as well. Hang in there!
  11. Thrift stores were amazing for me during my loss period. It was like a fun treasure hunt finding things that would work for me, and when I shrunk out of the sizes, I just re-donated the items.
  12. blizair09

    3X to 2X last week no today YES!!

    I promise you it will be a glorious day! I bought this leather jacket for $27 at Forever 21 the other week.
  13. blizair09

    I hate eating out now!

    I just go wherever I go, get what i want (within the confines of how I eat, of course), and eat what I can eat of it. If it is worth taking to-go, I do, and if not, I just leave it. I tried the small bites/child's menu thing for a while, but that got old for me really quick...
  14. blizair09

    3X to 2X last week no today YES!!

    The thrift store was a lifesaver during the losing process for me. And once I shrunk out of stuff, I would just re-donate it. Now, wearing a small, I find the most amazing deals at the mall all the time. After paying a premium for big clothes for most of my life, it is so nice to be able to get cute things at cheap prices!
  15. I have followed a keto diet since six months before my surgery. My cholesterol finally fell into the normal range at my 1 year post-op appointment. It takes some time occasionally...