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  1. alysia.rush

    Keto/Low Carb

    what would you recommend for Macros, and calorie intake, I had gained 20lbs back durring Covid. I was at my goal and maintained for a few years, now struggling and not seeing the results I was expecting being a Gastric Bypass patient.
  2. alysia.rush

    My mommy makeover

  3. alysia.rush

    Anyone dating after surgery

  4. alysia.rush

    Calories per day?

    Im trying to find an a typical daily calorie limit for a Woman, 4 years out Gastric Bypass. Lost 150 lbs, maintained, then covid and gained 30lbs back. Now I need advice on how many calories I should eat to return to weightloss, and then for long term maintenance, being im so far out and was eating anything, and too much, and not having a problem till recent. Start: 276Lbs., Lowest: 117, maintained 125lbs, Currently 140 lbs. Goal back between 117-125 Lbs. Im also trying Keto, any advice for me is appreciated, Thanks!!!
  5. UPDATE: 

    I was down to lowest weight of 117, kept around 123 for couple years, but recently due to covid gained back. got back up to 146, been trying to bounce back some and right now am at 140. Goal 117-120 ish.

    Experimenting with Macros:

    Keto- 900 calories

    Fat 75%, Net carbs 5%, Protein 20%.

    7/17/21: Day one: lightheaded, tired, randown, headache, not really that hungery, but thinking of food consistently, also but out alcohol and sugar, blah.


    1. Candace76


      Wishing you luck to get back where you want to be!😊

    2. alysia.rush


      Thank you!

  6. my experience with amerigroup was after stage two was completed my NUT had to submit documents to the surgeon that I had completed all apps I think the primary does similar and then the surgeons office submitted it all to my insurance and I was notified about 30 days later for scheduling the surgery.
  7. alysia.rush


    Personally I play with my Macros often. The best results for me so far has been to up my fat to 55% (60 ish G) carbs 10% (25G) protein 35% (88G)This is for my 1000 calorie intake. I am almost 5 mo post Gastric. I had been eating more veggies and stopped loosing, so I did research and decided to give it a go with more fat and started loosing more weight and working out less. I was working out an hr a day everyday. I feel fuller now and have more energy. Read up on Ketogenic type diets for better weight loss results. p.S I DONT EAT COMPLEX CARBS, NO BREAD,RICE GRAINS, or beans, lentils. Just meat, veggies, some fruit, and nuts and seeds, plus dairy.
  8. alysia.rush

    That time of the month during surgery.

    Happened to me. I was embarrassed telling them all but its fine. They will let you have a pad on with disposable underwear. They will take it off to do the cath but i was told it happens alot.
  9. alysia.rush

    Exercise and weight gain

    My nutritionalist said we also get more blood which weights. Its prob not true weight gain. Stay calm track ur food and stay on track.
  10. Also, if you dont eat enough you can go into starvation mode and not loose much, thats been my struggle finding a balance. Who ever thought not eating enough, lol.
  11. I had gastric bypass feb 1, @ 219lbs im 5'2 and also have pcos i was taking high doses of metformin. Stopped now, three mo post op im 180lbs size 12. Everyone is different. Being smaller it may be a slower rate of loss. Pcos may also hinder loss. Mine has been slow but almost a constant. Track everything and get ur water an protein.
  12. alysia.rush

    New here

    Welcome and good luck, go to GNC if you can, they usually have samples of a few products. Plus you can get great clearance deals and a $5 coupon for signing up for there free reward program. Protein tastes will change after surgery so dont buy too many you may end up hating them. I have like 5-6 big containers i dont like that im struggling to use
  13. congrats, that is awesome. Stay in touch and if you have any questions im more than willing to help.
  14. I had to do mine within 6 mo. I was scheduled every 2 weeks, and I had my last appointment past the 6 mo, my insurance had to add an extension or i would of had to start the entire process over. call your insurance to see the time limit and ask for an extension if needed.

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