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    vegbeth got a reaction from PlantBasedNJ in Post surgery vegan chewable vitamins   
    I found liquid multi my nut approved called Mary Ruth's organics. Thought I would share it here in case anyone else is looking.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from cbf in What Was The Final Straw   
    Last winter When I was to fat to ski. I was afraid if I fell I wouldn't be able to get back up on my skis.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from VSG_Meow_Bitch in Plant Based Diet After Bariatric Surgery   
    @@BrittneyMarie I found your posts very interesting. I'm 2.5 weeks out from my sleeve surgery and a long time vegan. My NUT has the same Protein goal as most, of 70grams. At this point with my restriction being so small I'm finding it hard to reach with Beans, and other whole plant foods so I'm still heavily using the protein powders. I am concerned about consuming so much protein in the long term but at this point I am convinced it's important for healing and muscle maintenance. I've got a lot to figure out but I'm glad I was already vegan before surgery. I definitely feel like my recovery has been on the easier end of the spectrum, not a lot of pain and my energy is returning. Even did a light workout at the gym yesterday.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from Ms. Brightside in Diet After Surgery   
    I wish I had access to Dr Davis. As a long term vegan headed into sleeve surgery at the end of the month I feel like I'm getting very little guidance from my dr team about food post surgery. They are ok with me staying vegan but basically are giving me the regular diet plan and telling me to figure out how to veganize it. I hope I can figure it out.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from atrudel in Fellow Plant-Based Eaters, Let's Post! (CHALLENGE)   
    Since the sleeve is a restricted procedure I'm hoping I'm absorbing more of my Protein and Vitamins.
    I'm glad to be moving out of the puréed phase and into soft solids. This week I made homemade seitan and soy yogurt. Even getting a little veggies in, though that is what I miss most. I can only eat a few bites of veggies whereas before surgery veggies occupied most of my diet.
    I really do think once I hit the maintenance phase I'm going to cut back on protein just a bit to make sure there is enough room in my diet for veggies.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Slow recovery?   
    I thought I was recovery on target till I read your post! I was sleeved on 12/28 and have only gone out 3x. Once to drive my mom somewhere, once to my therapist and yesterday I walked to the pharmacy to pick up some meds. And I'm exhausted today after that short walk. I've been walking about 3 miles around the house every day but that walk outside yesterday really took it out of me. I spend my whole day just trying to get in my Protein Shakes and Water.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from atrudel in January 2017 Sleevers   
    @@barcelona37 I'm actually vegan. Pre surgery I used vega sport Protein, garden of light raw protein, jarrow unflavored (though actually has a strong vanilla taste), Unjury unflavored pea protein powders. Not sure what is going to go down post surgery. Working on a vega sport right now but it's very thick made exactly as directed. The garden of light went down easier but less protein overall. Just home from hospital this afternoon so now is the time to experiment.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from atrudel in January 2017 Sleevers   
    Yes. My surgery was yesterday. All went well and pain is not to bad. Nausea is bad but I'm hopeful it will improve soon. I'm just happy It's done.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from atrudel in January 2017 Sleevers   
    @@barcelona37 my nut said I would have to continue with the Protein Shakes but I know there are some high Protein veg foods like seitan. At this point I'm only 4 days out of surgery but I am committed to staying vegan whatever it takes. I brought a couple of Protein Powder individual packs to the hospital and my Blender Bottle as I wasn't sure they would have anything for me. I'm glad I did as they tried to serve me yogurt and ensure for my first protein meal. The hospital didn't even have soy milk to blend my powder with but Water worked ok.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from Shana Lee in Fellow Plant-Based Eaters, Let's Post! (CHALLENGE)   
    @ I read this article as well as others discussing the burden of excess Protein (though i unfortunately cannot site them) a while ago which is why I am concerned with all this protein in the long run. I've figured out about 45-65(absolute max) is all I would need to consume and the max assumes I'm doing a good amount of strength training. I just wish there was an article specifically about bariatric patients and any needs they might have outside the norm. Also I really don't want to fill my sleeve entirely with protein dense foods skipping veggies that provide some many nutrients. Seems like the bariatric NUTs believe you can get all your Vitamins from a supplement something I know is not true!
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    vegbeth reacted to VEGAN ME in Are there other vegetarian/vegan sleevers?   
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    vegbeth reacted to lindz17 in Hair loss prevention   
    True to the above, but Biotin will help strengthen/thicken what you've got now. It's not expensive and it's a natural supplement. Better to be prepared!
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    vegbeth reacted to mamapaige in What's a slider?   
    Besides a mini hamburger. I keep seeing that term.
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    vegbeth reacted to swimbikerun in What Is Your Policy on Carbs?   
    Beans here get eaten, no matter what people think of the carbs. Rather than think of Protein in it, the Fiber you need for colon health and cancer prevention lines of thought, most are still too attached to it is only for carbs. Yet they'll eat fries, want to drink beer, etc.
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    vegbeth reacted to LittleBill in HOW MUCH DID YOU LOSE BEFORE GETTING APPROVED?   
    I was not required to lose anything but money. Haha, seriously, I did have to "make an effort", and I suppose they might have turned me down if I hadn't lost anything, but I lost 67 lbs from Day One to B-Day. Losing weight has always been easy. Keeping it off is a different story.
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    vegbeth reacted to OKCPirate in Alcohol   
    Browse around and I think you will see it is a VERY bad idea. Should be avoided until you make goal and are solidly into maintenance. You have invested thousands of dollars and time to get this done, don't F it up. However you are an adult.
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    vegbeth reacted to Rose1up! in One Year Surgery Update   
    I hit my surgiversary on January 6, 2017 with 100 lbs lost. I had a total of 4 surgeries last year which slowed my weightloss down. One of those surgeries was losing my gallbladder on Oct 1, 2016. Since my diet was small portions with high Protein, low carbs, and low fat, it wasn't a problem for me after my gallbladder surgery. I incorporate my daily activities with walking and when the weather is good, I ride my bike. Since my weight came off at a slower rate, I don't have a lot of sagging skin. I need to tone my arms. That's about all. A nurse practitioner told me that I need to only eat Protein and not worry about my veggies because I get nutrients from my Vitamins. I think that is bad advice. We get told all the time, protein first, then veggies, then carbs. That is what I follow. My protein is sitting at 60-65 a day. Since I'm high protein, I have felt so good through this process. I throw in my Fiber by eating oatmeal bars or chia seeds or veggies. This has been a great journey. It's gone by extremely fast. We all have our habits whether we admit them or not. Just be sure you always stick to the reason why you chose to have weightloss surgery. The best advice I can give you, is keep the inside of your body as clean as possible. Indulge in special occasions but get right back to your basics. Be sure to take your Vitamins daily and if you fall off the wagon, go back to your basics and look through all your nutritional paperwork that you were given. Don't ever give up on yourself once you hit your goal. Stay clear, stay strong, think healthy. If you've come this far, don't ever fall back. We always had this smaller version of ourselves inside the bigger version, so don't forget that you don't want to cover up your smaller version. People will get jealous of you and they will ask you, are you losing weight, it's your choice if you tell them the truth. Be careful of who you tell, as they may tell everyone. Remember to choose your food choices wisely and if you get bored of Protein shakes, buy the powders and make your own. Research other protein supplements to get your protein in. Continue your journey and pride and reward yourself for your accomplishments!
    I have 10 more lbs to go until I hit my goal and I know I'll accomplish it. Thank you for reading my post. I love myself and so glad my inner self is here!
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    vegbeth reacted to blizair09 in Over eating   
    Not me. I decided to make the most of the six months of diet visits that my insurance required. I lost 99 pounds before the surgery day. I was ready to make a real change and get started.
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    vegbeth reacted to TXJess in Help me please   
    liquid diet is really hard. But post surgery diet is really hard too. You need to have a long think about whether you are ready. Right now, it isn't life threatening, but it will be after surgery. If you think you are ready, then prove it to yourself by following your diet this week.
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    vegbeth reacted to summerset in Fellow Plant-Based Eaters, Let's Post! (CHALLENGE)   
    Not a vegan (anymore) but I find Protein shakes and Protein Bars still useful, especially on very busy days (Clif Builder Bars are vegan and there are more out there; even decent tasting low-carb ones if you want to take the low-carb road). If I wouldn't be so lazy I would make my own bars from time to time to get more variety.
    As for vegan Protein food you might want to check out the "Protein Ninja" cook book as well.
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    vegbeth reacted to catdaddy in Fellow Plant-Based Eaters, Let's Post! (CHALLENGE)   
    I didn't. I do a lot of bean meals that I love and have had blood work every six months. Blood results still looking good and I feel great.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from atrudel in Fellow Plant-Based Eaters, Let's Post! (CHALLENGE)   
    Long time vegan but short time sleever (11 days) but still a vegan. I've been mixing my Protein Shakes between pea Protein (unjury) and soy protein (jarrow). My NUT Thinks I'll have to continue with protein shakes long term to meet my protein goal. I hope not. But I am wondering why do I need to keep up with 70 grams of protein daily once I reach my goal. I always thought to much protein leaches Calcium. I completely understand the logic at this point, to promote healing and help with weight loss.
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    vegbeth reacted to Winky7650 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    EVERY SINGLE POSTER, without exception, who have defended Alex's decisions have joined within the past 6 months. If that doesn't speak volumes about the type of member being courted by this site I don't know what would. Veterans who have met goal do not spend $$ in the store, or support recommended surgeons/healthcare facilities (Medical Tourism).
    Gone is the experience the veterans so freely shared. Sure, their advice was not always rainbows and unicorns, but it was truthful.
    Some of us do NOT want coddled, we want help on this journey. We want information that can ONLY come from those that have lived it!
    Although this is my first post, I have been lurking, reading & researching for over a year.
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    vegbeth got a reaction from avremy in Transtioning to solids?   
    I hope I'm not supposed to stay away from Beans cuz as a vegan I don't know what else to eat in the puréed phase(which I just started 2 days ago) Wish I was could help @@avremy but I'm struggling to figure this out and still drinking a lot of Protein powder shakes. I think baked beans would be bad though because of all the added sugar.
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    vegbeth reacted to JKC2016 in Ta ta!   
    Please don't go! I've really enjoyed your posts. Are you sure it was intentional? They have whole sections for those of us headed to Mexico. I'm headed to Dr Fernando Garcia and found posts on here about him.
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