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    Starting weight: 235 Goal weight: 150 Current weight: 138
  2. cookarue

    Yeast Infection Help!

    @sheribear68 I think your case is just a weakened immune system so soon after surgery. You will be healthier the faster you recover. Hang in there!!
  3. cookarue

    Yeast Infection Help!

    Hi there! I had my surgery a few years ago, and I've noticed when I over indulge in sugars and carbs - I get yeast infections. It has a lot to do with the way your body processes blood sugars now. Make sure that if this is what's maybe happening you just follow up your bad choices with a lot of water to get it flushed from your body asap!
  4. HW: 250ish CW: 153 Height 5'2 Rny on 12/30/15
  5. 8 months post op. From 237 to 155. Height 5'2.
  6. It felt really weird after I had surgery for a while too. We used to go out to eat a couple times a week, but after we went out after my surgery it was like... Well that's a waste of time and money. Fast forward 6 months, and we still go out to eat, I just order small things, or share with him off my plate, and it's no big deal. More for him! That being said, we also started to do other, new things, together. We go hiking, go to festivals, fairs, camping, swimming, and other things I wouldn't have wanted to do with 75 more pounds on me in the middle of summer. It's a change, yes, but it's made our relationship even better because we're doing new and exciting things together. I hope that you'll find things that you will both enjoy together even if you're not enjoying them for the same reason. For example: we went to a street fair recently. I loved all the little craft tents and he enjoyed the chili cook off and ribs. We both enjoyed the music and the people watching. Win, win.
  7. I do weigh myself everyday. It never fluctuated more than a pound, ever. Now that I'm on bc it's up 5 pounds. 5 pounds would never bother me, except I'm still trying to lose, and I feel like this is preventing that from happening any day I take it. So, I think I'll give it another month or two, but then I'm done with it. Lol. I always hear that gastric bypass patients lose within the first 12 months, and I don't want to waste the rest of the time fluctuating because of birth control. Or only lose weight one week out of the month. It's counter productive. On the other hand, getting pregnant would blow ANY weight loss out of the window.
  8. I vaped no nicotine before my surgery, and I've been vaping for 6 months since my surgery. No problems at all here. I don't think there's any test that'll show you vape if you're not using nicotine.
  9. I had gastric bypass 6 months ago, and I steadily lost weight until I got on birth control a month ago. The day I started the birth control I was at 163 pounds, then the next 3 weeks I climbed up to 168 pounds, then stayed at about 166. So, I stopped taking my birth control last week to have my period and I dropped down to 161 pounds as of this morning. I'm terrified that when I start taking it again tomorrow my weight will go up again like it did before. Anyone else deal with this? I had an iud before, and I can't use it bc I had too many complications. I don't want to get my tubes tied bc I might want more babies in a couple of years. Help!!!
  10. cookarue

    Bypass vs. Sleeve

    Before250 6 months after bypass- 165
  11. cookarue

    Crystal Light Post OP?

    I drink crystal light, and have since surgery. I don't notice that it has any ill effect. I'm down 72 pounds since my surgery 12/29.
  12. I'm looking forward to weighing less than I did at my "skinny" weight. 159lbs Weighing less than my husband Taking family photos Not being the fattest person in the room Feeling comfortable around others Not ashamed to meet up with old friends
  13. Any liquid counts towards my "water" goal as per my nutritionist.
  14. cookarue

    To Tell Or Not to Tell

    I've only told my husband, mother, and sister. That's it. Nobody else. The thing about telling people you've had weight loss surgery is that you can't un-tell them. My friend who had surgery the same day as I did, has told everyone and has text me several times in this last 3 months telling me all the horrible things people have said to her. I can just say that I've been very happy with my choice to keep my private business out of the minds and mouths of other people. When people ask how I'm losing weight, I just say low carbs, no sugar. End of conversation.

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