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  1. emiko_oz

    Back to work

    I'm so happy to hear this !!! I had surgery on 9/11 Friday and went back to work on Monday.
  2. emiko_oz

    Just had surgery 9/4

    Are you sure you are drinking enough ? I haven't had this - but I was sleeved a few days after you.
  3. emiko_oz

    Back to work

    I chose my schedule. My doctor agreed if that's what I wanted. I have been fine - which I knew I would be. A little tired after work but I haven't missed a day. I walk 12k steps a day. I've lost 14lbs. I have 2 small boys to take care of also - sink or swim and I'm swimming and doing great !!! It's different for everyone I suppose !!!
  4. Oh my god this is horrible. I am so sorry to hear this. I wish I could offer you help .... my heart breaks for you. Hugs
  5. Hello - I'm newly sleeved and have found a wonderful community on IG helping me along. Please share your IG ... please tag me so I can lean on you while I'm going thru this. I've kept my surgery secret from friends and family ( except my mom ). Thank you all so much !!!! IG: Ozzie.wls
  6. emiko_oz

    Back to work

    I had breast cancer 4 years ago. You are tough to get back to work thru chemo and radiation. 5 days will be more than enough for you !!! Good luck !!!
  7. emiko_oz

    Surgery in September

    It's so awesome. I've lost many more inches than pounds Such an amazing feeling. Been clearing out my closet this morning ... feels really good and motivating
  8. emiko_oz

    Sept date I am all set

    That's awesome !!!! I think we all can manage our weight if we really work at it and learn ( well me anyway - I honestly didn't understand as much as I know now )
  9. emiko_oz

    Back to work

    I did well. I'm an Ops Mgr at a large trucking company. I have 74 people that report directly to me. We are in a busy time of year. I didn't have pain / I was sore. I think the secret is staying active. I am also a single mom w 2 little guys and I don't have back up. I kept my protein intake up, took walks during the day ( 12k steps a day ) and stayed positive. I'm doing really well. I had my one week appt Thursday and am down 11 lbs. my vitals are all good. I didn't have any medical issues prior to surgery - I was simply overweight and couldn't lose on my own. This was a good decision for me.
  10. Every.single.person is an INSPIRATION for me !!!!! Thank you all so much !!!!
  11. emiko_oz

    Back to work

    Surgery 9/11 ( home same day ) Work 9/14 Operations Manager No lifting for 2 weeks
  12. Tip each time - people are different The better you tip - the better service you will have. These are my feelings and thoughts.
  13. emiko_oz

    Sept date I am all set

    @@kanaud great !!!!

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