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  1. I would not define myself as skinny, but I have lost 160 pounds and weigh about 160 pounds. People definitely treat me differently, and almost every situation. I am included more in social activities, and frequently told that I am beautiful. I have come to be known in my community has a bit of a party girl, because I am always dancing and smiling. I'll admit that I am also different and more ways than just the shape and size of my body. I hold myself differently. I am happier. I feel better physically. But I have no doubt that the reduction in the size of my body has made a huge effect on how other people perceive me.
  2. JupiterinVirgo

    Alcohol for Bariatric Vets

    Thank you all for your experiences. I'm not worried about overdoing it and blacking out or anything like that. I'm really just concerned about my waist line! As far as addiction goes, I'm not worried about that either because I have always been to some extent an addictive personality he and I have never had a goal to not be that. I've never had long-term problems with drinking or stopping drinking. I just don't want to gain weight.
  3. I've never really been a huge drinker, and before surgery it was not uncommon for me to go many months without a drink. I had my surgery Nov., 2015 and am living an entirely different lifestyle in a new country where drinking alcohol is the one common denominator at every social event. Because I suffer from social anxiety, this appeals to me because it calms me down and makes me more outgoing and friendly. That is, if I wasn't drinking I would stay home. My question is how does this effect weight loss and maintaining weight?
  4. I live in Mexico, but I've only been here a few months. I am almost ready to seal the deal on my weightloss with plastic surgery. By the end of the year, I hope to have several procedures completed. Does anyone have any good recommendations for someone who does an extraordinarily good breast lift in Baja Mexico? I have always had very large breasts but now they are very long-though there is still a lot of tissue. I don't want implants, but I want them to look good from every angle so may also need some armpit lipo or something! Lol
  5. JupiterinVirgo

    Almost at goal… New hair loss?

    Thank you all so much for your feedback on this issue. I definitely think I probably have low iron and maybe some other nutritional deficiencies. I will get it checked out!
  6. JupiterinVirgo

    Gastric Sleeve - BMI 31

    You might find that with so little weight to lose, you become a lot skinnier than you want to be. I had over 150 pounds to lose and I am having trouble eating enough even 2 years out. Some people who have the surgery with less then 80 pounds to lose find themselves in a struggle not to starve! LOL
  7. JupiterinVirgo

    Sleeved Oct 2016!

    Beautiful then. Beautiful now.
  8. My insurance company did not require this procedure to approve me.
  9. JupiterinVirgo

    Almost at goal… New hair loss?

    I had this problem recently myself. I am almost to years out of surgery and just a few pounds from goal/normal BMI. About six weeks ago I had a dream that I had a bald spot on the top of my head. A few days later I got my period and my hair started to fall out again. Hormones and thyroid play a big part in hair loss despite the myth that this is normal after weight-loss surgery. When they say that, what they mean is it happens to many patients but it is definitely not normal. It shows that there is an in balance in the body that needs to be addressed in your surgeon will not address it.
  10. JupiterinVirgo

    Progress pics-almost at Goal

    Thank you my friends for all your support! I really appreciate your kind words and I am grateful to have people to share this journey with. I love you guys
  11. JupiterinVirgo

    Can you stretch your sleeve after 10 days

    No, you cannot stretch your sleeve in 10 days. The swelling goes down. Some foods will slide where crumble and feel like you can eat much more than you should. Stay away from them. I'm almost 2 years out from my surgery and just a few pounds from a normal weight, and I find that as long as I don't need sliding foods, the restriction is still plenty to keep my weight loss happening slowly and I'm very nearly at maintenance
  12. Before I had my surgery, and during the majority of my weight loss, I spent a lot of time looking at other people's pictures so I could reassure myself that I too, could have the results I had hoped for. Well let me tell you my friends, you inspired me so much that I actually have done it!Still planning for my plastic surgery to remove my excess skin, but this is what 150+ pounds of weight loss looks like!
  13. We all know that one of the effects of the surgery for weight loss is possible hormonal and thyroid and balance that causes hair loss. Like many people, I started losing my hair several months after my surgery and continued losing it pretty steadily for 6+ months. My hair was fine to begin with, and so this breakage and thinning has really affected my self-esteem. I'm down over 150 pounds now and very close to my goal weight. So close, that I am starting to look into plastic surgeons to correct skin issues that are creating physical pain for me. I'm over a year and a half out from surgery now, and all of a sudden my hair has started to come out again. The weirdest part of it is that this is following a dream in which I developed a huge bald patch on my head. Yesterday in the shower I almost cried after shampooing my hair and seeing my fingers covered in hair that was falling out of my head. It's very upsetting. Has anybody else had a new cycle of hair loss start very late in the game?
  14. JupiterinVirgo

    New and Confused

    Surgery scared the crap out of me too. I always thought that bariatric surgery was a very extreme approach to weight loss. And then at some point I realized that my weight was so out of control that extreme measures were necessary to rectify the situation. I agonized for months and even after I made my decision to go for it all I wanted was for it to be over with. Well let me tell you something: it was the best thing I ever did for myself in my entire adult life!