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  1. If pregnat after gastric sleeve can you keep losing weight? I am not pregnat just wanted to know????
  2. I get oh yes you went down but you still have some to go wtf I know that!!!
  3. Hi everyone I am down 51 pounds surgery was 8/17/15. I am not hungry and when I eat my stomach hurts I need to work on that is def a huge change and a process some days are great and others I feel miserable!!! I am glad everyone is doing good☺
  4. I have size 22 jeans and maybe one or two size 24 for sale. Email me if interested at zuleykairizarry27@yahoo.com
  5. ylluz

    Cold & flu

    Hope you feel better.I woke up feeling like crap and I will be going to walmart for some liquid dayquil those gels pills are huge.
  6. ylluz

    Cold & flu

    Ill have to try it. I see my doctor wed I will be asking him.
  7. ylluz


    Thank you for the info I will def call and ask
  8. ylluz


    I can have acetaminophen ????
  9. @@cbruce125 I am at a stall too it sucks I hope it get better because.
  10. I am almost 3 sizes down sleeved 8/17 32 down
  11. ylluz

    Slow losers Club

    I was sleeved 8/17 lost 33 pounds so far sometimes go up 3 it fluctuates alot so I try to stay away from the scale I guess is all about having patience and not getting discouraged thank you all for the support it really helps alot????
  12. I am over a month finally working on getting all my proteins down
  13. Omg my face is bad too and my back ughhh
  14. ylluz

    Peanut butter

    Yesss it can I love it

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