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  1. If pregnat after gastric sleeve can you keep losing weight? I am not pregnat just wanted to know????
  2. I get oh yes you went down but you still have some to go wtf I know that!!!
  3. I have size 22 jeans and maybe one or two size 24 for sale. Email me if interested at zuleykairizarry27@yahoo.com
  4. Hi everyone I am down 51 pounds surgery was 8/17/15. I am not hungry and when I eat my stomach hurts I need to work on that is def a huge change and a process some days are great and others I feel miserable!!! I am glad everyone is doing good☺
  5. ylluz

    Cold & flu

    Hope you feel better.I woke up feeling like crap and I will be going to walmart for some liquid dayquil those gels pills are huge.
  6. ylluz

    Cold & flu

    Ill have to try it. I see my doctor wed I will be asking him.
  7. ylluz


    Thank you for the info I will def call and ask
  8. ylluz


    I can have acetaminophen ????
  9. @@cbruce125 I am at a stall too it sucks I hope it get better because.
  10. I am almost 3 sizes down sleeved 8/17 32 down
  11. ylluz

    Slow losers Club

    I was sleeved 8/17 lost 33 pounds so far sometimes go up 3 it fluctuates alot so I try to stay away from the scale I guess is all about having patience and not getting discouraged thank you all for the support it really helps alot????
  12. I am over a month finally working on getting all my proteins down
  13. Omg my face is bad too and my back ughhh
  14. ylluz

    Peanut butter

    Yesss it can I love it
  15. ylluz

    Sleevers in NY

    Recovery it has been long but good I got the runs second day of my liquids suckss it just cleaning your system.
  16. ylluz

    Sleevers in NY

    Are you sleeve already?
  17. ylluz


    Que bien yo llevo dos semanas operada y baje 32 ya espero que siga asi pero no es facil aveces se me olvida y tomo muy rapido y me duele demasiado es algo dificil de adaptarse pero hay vamos y comes bien osea me imagino que te sientes full rapido?
  18. Cooked today and smells kill me but hubby has to eat.
  19. Thank you I am also diabetic and I think the low sugar doesnt help me!!!
  20. ylluz

    Sleep study

    You will sleep great once you get your CPAP I hates the test but I am telling you I sleep so good and wake up so rested is worth it!!!!
  21. Ughh yeah breath feels nasty
  22. ylluz


    They will approve if is medical neccessity and you have a record of trying to lose weight they expect alot but is not imposible plus cover all the costs!!
  23. I am trying my best to take my protein shakes but I have diarhea everytime I take some and I even had water and samething I will be calling my Doctor tomorrow I feel like crap head hurts and I am tired of using the bathroom!!!!.anyone else had these issues before or now I need some support I feel miserable and still taking liquid I dont want to dehydrate:(((((((

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