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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to CowgirlJane in Giving up   
    Lets be real - age is an issue. AS a general rule, a 50 year old guy who has his act together - financially secure, fit and good looking has his pick of 35 year olds. It is how it works. Not all of them WANT that and I have certainly met men who prefer someone who is at their same stage in life.
    I got a phone call awhile ago from someone i casually dated quite awhile ago. He is about 5 years younger than me, but heading for early retirement, kids out of the house etc. His first career was as a professional athlete so he had a slight headstart on the financial part of retirement.... He and I dated when i was in the "learning how to date" phase newly single and relatively newly slim.
    He moved away, we parted on great terms etc. anyway, I hadn't talked to him in over a year when he called and he started telling me about the "younger" women he had dated since we parted. I was like - okay okay, I don't really need to hear this. He was like "no, my point is that I should have really pursued things with YOU Jane. These women are all great, but they are not in the same phase of life - I don't want little kids again, I don't want to compete with or interfere with somebody's career aspirations, etc." He said more, but the point of it is that he had lots of choices and is realizing that someone closer to retirement etc is a better fit for him.
    [ Side note - Recently, he came to town for a job exploration/interview recently and we had a little coffee meeting. He told me i look even better and in particular younger than he remembered me. I thought it is either my new moisturizer - ha! - or the fact that I am 8-10# heavier than last time he saw me and I think my face looks a bit fuller at this weight. I don't think he is taking the job up here, if he were I would seriously consider seeing him again.]
    You can't change your age, you can just be the best most genuine person you can in your age.
    You can change your looks, but all that gets you is the initial interest - it doesn't get you a relationship.
    There are alot of people in crappy, unhappy relationships - those come pretty easy, the real challenge is building a life you love whether single or coupled. I miss the intimacy (both physical and emotional) but otherwise, I am pretty good in the single life I am continually building and living and enjoying.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to dhrguru in The view from 'down there' (a ladies room post)   
    So I debated posting about this.. but I was in such awe over this, and I think only my fellow female WLS peeps can appreciate this. (And i'm grown, married, blah, blah, blah...).
    Hubby and I were having some special time. Off he went to "lady town" (Grey's Anatomy fans should get that). And I realized... I can *see him*. My stomach was not blocking my view of him. For the slightest second it seemed awkward cause, I've just never had that full view before. It was a serious, momentary, mind trip!
    So...NSV qualified, or too risque?
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to dlappjr in What are you looking forward to?   
    More active years with my little girl
    More active nights in bed with my wife
    More times not feeling scared of booths, shopping malls, shoes coming untied
    More opportunities to be included with friends and co workers
    Packing for a two day trip in only a carry on
    Swimming without a tshirt
    Breathing while climbing stairs
    In short, living on the outside, the way I feel on the inside.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to AngelaWilliamsMD in Obamacare   
    Yes and I suppose if we had a Republican as President right now there'd be free weight loss surgery for everyone! Seriously though, the OP's question had nothing to do with you disrespecting the POTUS. Just calling you out on an immature remark. I'm going to move on now...you should too.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from siddarhi in Giving up   
    Perhaps a change in your attitude would make you more attractive. It sounds a bit cliche, but if you don't love yourself- you can't expect anyone else to.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Mini_me007 in Looking for cheaper protein bars   
    I picked up a couple Premier Protein bars on Friday for a camping trip. It was my first camping trip since surgery and I was worried about getting enough protein/nutrition in the woods. I took one on our 3 1/2 hour hike and it was perfect. It kept me sustained and I had enough energy to keep up with the cub scouts!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to pink dahlia in Giving up   
    Okaaaaayyyy, let's start over ! Hi Lord Justice , welcome to the WLS forum !! Lots of people have questions regarding dating, relationship etc, but usually their 1st post doesn't start out with " I've lost 140 lbs and I can't find anyone, so Im giving up." That just starts a negitive thread. How about a little more info regarding YOU ? Where are you in your daily life ? Any issues with your WLS ? Hobbies and interests ? Favorite positive thing about losing weight, or best exercise habit ? Job, pets, travel, family ? Do you have a "bucket list ?" Favorite books, tv shows or movies ? As we get to know you , you 'll find that people are more willing to help when they feel its a fair " give and take ". Just sayin '. Hope this helps !! Have a good day !!
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from fharris in troubel getting protein and food in.   
    It's certainly a balancing act!
    When I first had surgery, I set a timer in my phone for 1 minute. Everytime it went off, I would take a sip of Water. I would do that for about 20 minutes several times a day. I also did it with Protein shakes. Staying hydrated is important so keep working on it!
    Refried Beans, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese and yogurt are really what I ate during the mushy stage.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Flu Shot   
    I work in a large school. Nurses come to us once a year to give fly shots for those who want it. I usually get one, I had not considered that surgery would have any beating on that.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Dub in What’s Your Surgeon-Self-Other Split?   
    I make all my decisions. I'm 100% responsible for every amount of food that goes into my mouth. I'm responsible for whether or not I exercise. I'm responsible for all of it.
    Every decision I make is based in knowledge- 75% of that knowledge comes from the medical team, surgeon, nutritionist, psychiatrist, etc.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Jangy03253 in Giving up   
    I do not know if you can delete threads on here. But tbh I do not see that you were attacked at all. And to say women jump to conclusions is pretty bad comment to make. I think everyone was giving you good suggestions. Friendship is something that does not just happen you have to work on a friendship the same you have to work in a relationship. Maybe a change in attitude and not thinking everyone is out to attack you would make it easier to find friends??
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Jangy03253 in Giving up   
    Well sir I can say that I read this whole thread and I am not getting into a pissing match with someone that does not like constructive criticism. No one attacked you in no way shape or form. But it does look like you are itching for a fight Therapy would be my very first stop if I were you to work out why you hate women so much and why your point of view is the only right point of view. Hope you choose the correct path. You have a lovely day sir.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Runner1 in No set calories or protein   
    Maybe they didn't give you a number yet because it is something you work up to?
    My goal is 60 grams of Protein a day. I'm 2 months out and I don't meet the goal unless I include a shake for the day.
    Two weeks post op, two shakes and some Soup is great!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to AngelaWilliamsMD in Stomach bug after GSV.... How to deal?   
    If there is any question abou the situation, then go to the ER and get checked out by a physician ASAP. Let them be the ones who decide if you need to be there or not.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from Dub in What’s Your Surgeon-Self-Other Split?   
    I make all my decisions. I'm 100% responsible for every amount of food that goes into my mouth. I'm responsible for whether or not I exercise. I'm responsible for all of it.
    Every decision I make is based in knowledge- 75% of that knowledge comes from the medical team, surgeon, nutritionist, psychiatrist, etc.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to CowgirlJane in How invested are you in the idea of healthy weight loss?   
    Mean people suck, and I think that in general there is too much unnecessary roughness on these forums. Let's face it, massive weight loss after having your innards surgically adapted is a big freaking deal. Sometimes people post stuff that strikes me as complete madness and I remind myself that probably alot of us had some nuttiness during this journey. Some of that comes across as rigidness, judgement or more.
    There is someone who hasn't posted in years, but who was so incredibly overdramatic about everything from preop on. She had complications and many times a day pelted her misery on these forums. I really felt empathy for her but also found that degree of extreme emotional spewing to be hard to take. Then ,she disappeared. Just gone. Like a year later she posts an update, life at goal, it was all worth it..yadda yardda...sounded great. I realized that was an example that we often get the worst and the best of people on these forums and miss out on the ordinary "in the middle". She probably wasn't the drama queen she seemed to be, she was just going through alot.
    Anyway, don't read too much into people's replies. Sometimes they are hurried and terse and seem unfriendly but we all are going through a big deal.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Healthy_life2 in You know you lost weight when   
    So sorry in advance to the men following this thread.
    You know you lost weight when:
    you wear a v neck shirt and realize the loose skin is giving you a third boob cleavage. Time for a new bra
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to rnsamantha in How Do You Get Yourself Out the Door to Exercise?   
    My gym has a childcare center that my kids adore. Basically it has a bounce house, rock wall, video room, video game area and play area. They harass me if I don't go because they want to go! I've convinced them that we will only go 5 days per week as a compromise!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to LynnAlex in Private Fat loss   
    When you have a Tummy Tuck, they pull the tummy skin down to the hip bone, they pull the mons area up to the hip bone. A side effect is it changes the position of the clitoris, allowing more pleasure just from the act of thrusting and the pounding as opposed to actual clitorial stimulation.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to OKCPirate in Private Fat loss   
    @@Bufflehead - Now that I know about from reading up in the guys section. We talk about that all the time We get bigger
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to gowalking in Husband rant   
    I'm not trying to be flip here...I was married a long time and understand how wonderful and difficult marriage is, but after reading these posts, I have to say that there's something to be said for being single.
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to Katrinakit in You know you lost weight when   
    Lol I had lost a significant amount of weight in my early thirties (which I of course gained back) and I realized the lower poles in the closet were not too low. It's just that my shirts were so huge they had been touching the ground. Once I was wearing normal sizes the poles were suddenly, magically an appropriate height!
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from mouse1972rb in Peanut butter powder?   
    I love it! My (current) favorite Protein Shake is fairlife milk, PB2, half a banana and unflavored Protein powder!
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    LessOfMe0503 reacted to BarrySue in Can men and women stay friends?   
    A woman is not a machine you put friendship tokens into until she decides he has paid enough to deserve sex. A nice guy whose friendship is conditional on you returning his affection IS NOT A NICE GUY. And to be honest, you're taking advantage of the situation by paying him a fraction of what a contractor would use for repairs. It's unhealthy from all sides.
    Cut him lose.
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    LessOfMe0503 got a reaction from angelf13 in Port flip?   
    Can your port flip sideways? It doesn't feel like it used to...

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