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    Paulina Green reacted to jennfred in Any 2015 August Sleevers in Tijuana?   
    I am getting sleeved in Mexico with dr Jesus Lopez on August 19th. Have to say a little nervous.
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    Paulina Green reacted to Golden_goddess_77 in Where to go in mexico   
    Thank you for sharing your story. Which Dr. Lopez did you go to?
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    Paulina Green reacted to Nickyspencer in Where to go in mexico   
    Awww great story!!!
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from marcescobar22@hotmail.com in Where to go in mexico   
    There's this great great SUPPORT GROUP on Facebook.. go in there, it will help a lot, still helping me, and I had my surgery done a couple of months ago...there's a lot of real patients, but it is a really active group, even surgeon answer your questions..it's call Dr Carlos Altamirano Support Group, he's not my doctor, but he also works for bariatricpal, but even though I didn't use him, they left me in.
    And here is my experience...
    I will like to share my experience after 9 months because now I'm closer to my goal, but first of all because I know I made the best decision ever, it's not just how I look, but how I feel inside, I'm a healthier and happier person now, I have improved my relationship with family and friends. My self esteem was in the ground, therefore I wasn't too friendly, now people like to be close to me, and it's only been 9 months like a I said, Im doing all kinds of outdoor activities, I'm going to the gym, I have a new wonderful wardrobe, I'm dating, I love myself more than ever.... and everything started like this…I tried all kind of diets and diet pills before going to surgery, they helped, but only for a short period of time, and if I dropped 10 pounds, after a couple of months I gained 15, I kept going like this FOR YEARS, I just couldn't keep that weight away FOR GOOD, I went into depression, the worse year of my life, but yet the better, in January of 2014, I wasn't getting out of my house or job, obviously my family was a bit worried, I even went to therapy, I felt petty about myself, then I signed up in forums of people with the same issue I had... OUR WEIGHT, met this girl that was doing the same thing as I'm doing right now...sharing her story and helping people, I had made my own research, I looked up for doctors in Tijuana, and this girl told me about Bariatric Pal, they were so helpful, I started with them from nothing.... and they guided me in every decision I was taking, first, they gave me my options, I visited the doctors they recommend, and I stayed with Dr. Lopez,I felt really comfortable with him, It felt like he knew me, well to make the story short, Bariatric Pal made all the arrangements for me, the day of my surgery, they picked me up in San Diego, they took us (my brother and I) to the clinic, as I hoped, they made me feel so welcome, I signed up, a few papers, they explained to me everything I was signing and they gave me my room, they did all kinds of pre-op tests, EKG, etc.. they gave me a pill to calm me down, since I was really nervous,I had Dr. Lopez visited me before surgery, I liked that, because sometimes you never get to see your surgeon, I think he gave the attention every patient deserves, we deserve to be treated as humans, if it is not too much to ask, well SURGERY went great, no complications, afterwards a Lil bit of dizziness, nauseated, but that's just normal, I stayed two days in there, then Mike from Bariatric pal drove us to the recovery house where my brother stayed while I was at the hospital, they didn't have a room for him, but the guys from BP take great care of him as they did for me the two extra day we decided to stay at their RH, then they drove me back to San Diego the day Dr. Lopez discharges me...I will be in debt with all the staff the rest of my life.
    My recuperation, had its ups and downs, but I did a lot of reading, about what I could eat, which is one of the hardest parts of it, I learned my vegetables, my Protein, and I learned to eat, I would cheer myself up every time I felt this was too much to handle, my family and friends helped a lot also, but now I know it was the BEST DECISION EVER, I'm proud of myself, and telling my story because I want people to feel the same way I do, I'm still dropping weight, and I will keep telling my stories, my progress and my humble advice in case you need support.
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from "Henry" in Flight to Mexico   
    Some airlines do, but depends on how big you are, I understand your weight and height but can't figure it out how big is that, what I used to do is seat in the emergency exits.
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    Paulina Green reacted to SharonTX in June 2015 Mexico Sleevers   
    Here I am in Tijuana. Arrived yesterday at florence Hospital via Roberto and San Diego Airport. I am staying at the Sage (hospital hotel). It is located on the 5th floor. I had my EKG and Chest Xray yesterday. I arrived in my room at 4 pm and they brought me chicken broth, bottles of Water, and Jello, two separate times, at about 5 pm and again at about 7 pm. My husband and I walked around the neighborhood a bit, down to the boardwalk, and on the beach. It was nice, especially after coming from hot Fort Worth, which is currently experiencing heavy downpours ! We left just in time !
    Dr. Luna (the nutritionist) came by my room yesterday evening at about 9 pm to check on me and introduce himself. He was very polite. Dr. Luna told me that they would be coming to get me around 10 am to transfer to the actual hospital room, where I will be recovering for two nights. Then I will have labwork, and meet with both Dr. Luna and my surgeon, Dr. Zavalza. My surgery is scheduled at 2 pm today.
    I will check-in again, possibly tomorrow or Friday with an update on my recovery !
    Right now I don't care about food, just wish I could have coffee
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from judi23 in June 2015 Mexico Sleevers   
    Nothing to worry about, you are in excellent hands, I used him and have no regrets, him and all bp team treated me like a queen, I had no complications whatsoever, and Im loving my results, still way to go.
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    Paulina Green reacted to wolfmom71 in Anyone try this   
    No there was fuzz on it o let sit in full glass of ice of over a hour then slowly sipped on it I only had maybe a fourth of of it. No beer for me never much of beer drinker . Anne it was gas tried stuff for it today still not helping ..
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    Paulina Green reacted to Sharon1964 in August 8 is my date!   
    Who knew my surgeon works on Saturdays?!?!?! I just got my approval letter and my surgeon is booked into August. If someone cancels, they'll call me to see if I can do it sooner. I'm hoping for July.

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    Paulina Green reacted to legjan in Got my date- June 29   
    Thanks everybody! I am super happy, and getting ready for surgery.
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from eortega177 in At the airport   
    Good Luck eortega, I hope everything went great, you are in very good hand, keep us updated!!!
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from eortega177 in At the airport   
    Good Luck eortega, I hope everything went great, you are in very good hand, keep us updated!!!
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from "Henry" in Need Help Deciding to Go to Mexico   
    US is very expensive, first, doctors in Tijuana are very skilled, you just have to do a really good research because there are more than two doctors out there that have not so cool stories, true or not, I preferred to go after those who didn't, second, prices in Tijuana are more affordable plus they include you EVERYTHING, even meds and transportation from and to San Diego, and third but not least... they have coordinators, a nutritionist, an internal med expert, cardiologist, they give a whole team of experts that will take care of you + they make you feel at home.... with all that money you are gonna save.. you can rather spend it later on vacations. Wish you the best, try and do your research on Bariatric pal, I used Dr. J Lopez but they have a group of expert, I've heard Altamirano and Zalvalza are also great.
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    Paulina Green reacted to notforthefaint in Dipping a toe in the pool...   
    Hi everyone! I am new to the site and just took the first few steps last Friday in what I know will be a long journey.
    I met my surgeon Dr. Radecke who I absolutely adore and we are aiming for an early September surgery (VSG). I know I still have some bumps to overcome (meeting my insurance deductible in 3 months would be one of them? can I pull it off?? LOL!! I will be going to every freaking Dr. I can think of between now and then). I told my son on Saturday, he's 10 and I am so incredibly proud of how he responded and is being very supportive. I did also want to say thank you in advance for all the posts I have read so far. Everyone has something to offer and I have learned so much already! That's it for now, I just didn't want to be a post troll.
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    Paulina Green reacted to laguerr13 in Turn the page   
    Today after two years of researching and doing my homework, then several setbacks including no one ever bothered to tell me that even though my insurance would cover most of it, there were certain things that are completely out of pocket, I got my EGD last Monday And my final dietician visit Friday, because yesterday was a holiday I got a call after office hours to tell me my surgery is set for June 10th, I thought that at that point I would begin to worry but it was mostly worry over approval of my FMLA and leave monies, etc. tomorrow I start my diet, my wife who is a great supporter of Amy effort I make to prolong my Heath is taking this pretty hard, I did not expect that, she accepted me as I was 8yrs ago and her love has no limits, but she is worried about the surgery, and confused as to why I am not, I have been ready for this for a long time and I'm not going into it blindly, my expectations are humble, they are to not have so much pain, and to prolong my time with my family, my only indulgence is that when I lose enough I want a kayak, looking at a new chapter in my life and a second chance, here we go.......
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    Paulina Green reacted to JamieLogical in Packing for Mexico   
    Here was my packing list from when I went in September:
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from alicia54 in I'm tired of waiting, I want to be able.   
    And what's stopping you? you have a date scheduled? doctor? how can we help?
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    Paulina Green reacted to LousPeachy in Food Processor Suggestions   
    I made a few purchases over the weekend:
    Nutribullet-My Vitamix is too big for single servings.
    Bathroom Scale-A new one that is supposed to be VERY accurate.
    Kitchen Scale-Haven't had one for years
    The last two will be here tomorrow.
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    Paulina Green reacted to tpakkies in Travel/Support Buddies for Mexico Sleeve Surgery?   
    Hi Dr
    My name is Terence ,I would like to know how can I avoid DVT since I will be flying from South Africa to Mexico ?
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    Paulina Green reacted to alindsey in Travel/Support Buddies for Mexico Sleeve Surgery?   
    [quore name=tpakkies" post="3838226" timestamp="1432302473]Hi Dr
    My name is Terence ,I would like to know how can I avoid DVT since I will be flying from South Africa to Mexico ?
    The reason they worry about dvt when flying after surgery is due to prolonged sitting. Try and walk as much as possible on the flights! Get up every time you can! Try and get a isle seat and walk up and down the isle every hour 1/2 or so! Also change your seating position rotate crossed legs stretch legs out in the isle or under the seat in front of you etc.... Keep them moving! Good luck! Stay moving and you'll be fine!
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    Paulina Green reacted to Blue1213 in Self-pay sleeve along with insurance paid hernia   
    Well I can give you my surgeon's name if you are interested. He's the one that suggested to me I buy the eggs and milk together. ???? But he's in the Houston area
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    Paulina Green got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Serious about gastric sleeve surgery need some advice?   
    If you're going by yourself, try to contact a coordinator, I used Bariatric Pal, they give you full service, they can even pick you up at the airport and drive you back, you won't need to look for a hotel, after two days in the hospital, they take you to a really nice recovery house with 24 hours valet service, cable, long distance calls, wifi.. etc.. I had a great experience with them, my doctor was Dr. j. Lopez, but they have more doctors in their team, they are all well experienced, but most important of all, you won't have to worry about anything.. GOOD LUCK
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    Paulina Green reacted to Big Opie in I'm tired of waiting, I want to be able.   
    I see everyone saying how they're getting their surgery dates, and how their on the losers bench. I literally can NOT wait! It's driving me bonkers! I just want the surgery so I can have my own success story-so I can feel how everyone else feels.
    I want the feeling of being able to tie my shoe without having to sit down or tie it then slip it on.
    Or the feeling of running a mile nonstop without my joints hurting.
    Eating a meal and not being hungry 20 minutes after.
    Being able to buckle my seatbelt without having the safety lock come on.
    Being able to sit in a regular chair without it digging into my sides.
    Being able to close my car door without my butt touching the door and the middle counsel.
    Being able to save money, due to my food bill going down.
    Being able to walk up and down stairs without hurting.
    I just want to be able....
    Sorry for my rant.
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    Paulina Green reacted to staceymeaux in Approved!   
    I have been approved for the sleeve. No surgery date yet, but just getting the approval feels good. I am very excited and can't wait to start this journey. I have contemplated this option for several years now, but it was not an option on our insurance until this year. I am feeling very blessed. I love bariatric pal and plan to use it alot through this journey to learn from others and find support.
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    Paulina Green reacted to Lilee84 in Frequently Asked Questions   
    DISCLAIMER: This FAQ is in no way intended to replace or undermine the advice of your physician. Every person is different, every surgeon has different guidelines, and no two situations are identical. Therefore if any of the answers below are unclear or contradict your physicians’ instructions, always follow your physicians’ instructions. The responses given are a compilation from multiple sources and references.
    How do I embed the weight loss ticker? Click on the liquid stage? During your clear liquid stage you can have anything that you can sip through a straw that is translucent, meaning see through. For instance: Water, juice, broth, sugar free popsicles, sugar free Jello, Isopure Protein Drinks, Gatorade, Powerade, Decaf tea just to name a few. Once you move on to full liquids you may add liquids that are not translucent. For instance: creamed Soups, soups with the chunks strained out, milk, Protein shakes etc…
    When do I start mushies/purees? Every surgeon has different guidelines for the progression of your post-op diet. The majority of post-op diets progress as follows:
    Day 1-7 Clear Liquids
    Day 8-14 Full liquids
    Day 15-21 Purees
    Day 22-50 Mushies
    What’s the difference between mushies and purees? The major difference is that purees are anything that has been blenderized/pureed to a baby food consistency and has no chunks. These should not be watery, but instead a thicker pudding like consistency. Mushies are soft foods that have not been pureed.
    Should I be counting calories or carbs or both? Both. Again, every surgeon is different, but the majority of sleevers will be on a 600-1000 calorie/day diet with carbs kept at 60-80g or less. The general guideline is this: When eating, protein is always first, veggies are second, and if you have room carbs/starch last. The majority will rarely have room for the carbs.
    How much protein should I be getting per day? The recommended protein intake may vary from 55 to 100g per day, depending on your individual needs and the bariatric diet provided by your surgeon or dietitian. The generally accepted minimum protein requirement for women is about 50 to 60g per day and men need at least 60 to 70g of protein per day.
    How much liquid do i need for the day? About 60-80oz
    When can I eat salad? Once you reach the point where you’re on normal solids you can try salad. Start with a small amount and see how your sleeve tolerates it as it can be difficult to digest.
    Best Protein Shakes? This one depends on your particular tastes, however most seem to enjoy powders? utm_source=BariatricPal&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_campaign=CommentLink" target="_ad" data-id="1" >unjury.

    What else counts as a liquid? Anything that can be sipped through a straw or that will reduce back to a liquid. For example: Jello, sugar free popsicles, frozen yogurt/ice cream (these are generally no no foods)
    How long will my surgery last? Typically about 45mins assuming there are no complications or other procedures (ie: hernia repairs) being done at the time of your surgery. Every surgeon is different so for a more accurate answer you should consult your respective surgeon.
    Why can't I tolerate plain water, is this normal? It’s called water nausea and it is completely normal. This is very common during the first few weeks following surgery and should eventually subside.
    What is sliming/slimes? Sliming or slimes occur when you eat or drink something and then regurgitate a slimy, foamy, saliva like substance, usually when belching.
    What is grazing? Grazing is when instead of consuming your standard 3 small meals and 2 small Snacks per day, you simply munch all day grabbing a handful here or a bite there. The rule is that your meals should take you 20-30 minutes to eat and should be about 3 hours apart with only fluids in between.
    What do all these acronyms mean?
    In no particular order:
    WLS – Weight Loss Surgery
    NSV – Non scale Victory (ie: smaller clothes, compliments, climbing a flight of stairs etc…)
    NUT – Nutritionist
    PCP – Primary Care Physician
    VSG – Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
    TOM – Time of the Month
    SF – Sugar Free
    WFL/WFD – What’s for Lunch/Dinner
    How much did you lose at 1 month etc.? How much can I expect to lose in what time frame? Everyone’s body is different and so is everyone’s journey. There is no set amount you should expect lose in a set amount of time, and you should never compare your journey or your progress to someone elses. As long as you’re sticking with the program and following your surgeons guidelines, the weight will come off.
    What is a stall? How long does it last and how do I break it? A stall is a point at which the scale stops moving for a period of time. The length of the stall varies from a few days to a few weeks and sometimes a few months. Non VSG’ers typically call it a plateau. Stalls are perfectly normal and to be expected. As we lose weight so dramatically, our bodies need time to catch up physically - this typically happens during a stall. While the scale may not be moving, you may notice an increase in compliments. This is because while the number on the scale isn’t getting any smaller, you are physically getting smaller. There are many tips and tricks for breaking a stall (increase your fluids and protein, increase your activity, up your calories…) but the reality is it will break on its own.
    When can I have sex? When you’re ready. Keep it simple for the first few weeks post-op and don’t attempt any tricky positions. Be careful until you’ve been cleared by your surgeon for strenuous activity.
    When can I start exercising? Typically right away, though the types of exercises you can do will be limited. Most surgeons restrict weight training/resistance training for about 3-4 weeks after surgery, but you should be walking/speed walking at least 30-45min daily starting from the day you get home.
    What do I do with flabby skin? What's the best exercise etc.? The severity of the flab will vary based on many different factors. While there’s no way to tell how bad it will be or whether it will even be bad, there are a couple of proactive measures you can take. Make sure you’re using a moisturizing lotion with Vitamin E and Keratin several times daily. The vitamin E will help add elasticity back to your skin and the keratin will add moisture, both of which may help your skin bounce back as the weight falls off. The best exercises to target your problem areas are resistance and strength training in order to tone and build muscle to replace the fat. Lastly, be patient. Just as your weight stalls while your waist catches up to it, your skin will sag until it gets the signal to shrink. While it probably won’t ever be as tight as you’d like, it will shrink.
    Will I lose hair? How much? What causes it? When does it return? Do Vitamins help? The truth is, yes, you probably will lose hair. Because of the drastic changes going on that are caused by the extreme reduction in protein and vitamins coming in as well as the hormonal fluctuations caused by the rapid weight loss, it takes our bodies a while to adjust. Don’t worry, as our hormones level out and our bodies get used to the new us, it will come back. There is no set time frame for it to do so however.
    I’m constipated - what is it okay to take, especially in the beginning when newly sleeved? Will it get better? Worse? In the beginning a simple stool softener like Colace should do the trick. You don’t want to take a laxative or anything that may irritate your new sleeve. While you’re in the liquid/puree stage, constipation shouldn’t be an issue, but as you reintroduce solids you may have to go back to your stool softeners. If you do find that stool softners are only offering temporary relief, try increasing your fluids and Fiber and decreasing your cheeses.
    I’m having very loose bowel movements, is this normal? Totally. You do need to monitor stools of this consistency to ensure they contain no blood, but very loose stools, even watery stools, are completely normal for a few weeks post-op. When in doubt – ask your surgeon.
    Will I feel fatigue? Will fatigue go away? Yes and yes. Your body has just undergone major surgery and it needs to heal. While it’s healing you will feel more fatigued than normal. Subsequent to having such a large portion of your stomach removed is the fact that you can no longer take in as much food (read: fuel) and therefore your body has to adjust and find a new fuel source. Your body will eventually begin to burn fat for fuel and some of the fatigue will subside. Your surgeon should also prescribe a B12 supplement which will also help with energy.
    When can I go back to work? How much time should I take off? That will be entirely up to your surgeon. Most return to work within 2-3 weeks.
    How many days in the hospital? Your hospital stay will depend on your recovery. When you are able to keep down liquids, are up and about and walking as directed, and your surgeon and nursing staff are confident there are no complications, you’ll be released. Your surgeon should be able to give you an expectation of the length of your stay.
    Do the staples dissolve? No. The staples used to close the stomach are titanium and do not dissolve. The stomach tissue will eventually grow over the staple line. Your staples do not make metal detectors go off or make you ineligible for an MRI. They are completely benign.
    Why am I always hungry? The most likely culprit is either head hunger or reflux/heartburn. Head hunger is a false sense of hunger triggered by boredom/emotions/the clock or any number of things which make you think you’re hungry when you’re really not. Heartburn is the most common culprit of constant hunger. Even though you may not feel as though you have heartburn, you may find that a simple antacid will eliminate that constant hungry feeling.
    What is a stricture? A stricture is what happens when scar tissue builds up in your esophagus (sometimes caused by reflux) that causes your esophagus to narrow and makes swallowing difficult.
    What is a leak and what are the symptoms? A leak is an opening along the suture line of your sleeve that allows bile and other digestive fluids to leak into your abdominal cavity. The symptoms of a leak vary but the most common symptoms are pain radiating across the abdomen, fever, rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, dizziness, vomiting, nausea, fatigue, and abdominal cramping. It is important to note that leaks are rare and only occur in about 1 out of every 100 cases.
    Can you get a leak any time after surgery? Or is it just immediate? Most leaks happen very soon after surgery, but there is still a risk for about 4-6 weeks after. Again, it is important to note that leaks are rare and only occur in about 1 out of every 100 cases.
    Some of my incisions are oozing - is this normal? If they’re oozing a green or yellowish Fluid, absolutely not. Green and yellow are the colors of infection and should be reported to your surgeon immediately. If your incisions are oozing a pinkish or clear watery fluid it’s your body’s way of keeping your incisions clean and isn’t usually a concern. When in doubt, ask your surgeon.