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  1. dr. Jesus Lopez from bpal paid 3,899 but now the are offering a deal that includes hernia repair, Medical Tourism insurance and 2 years of follow up with nutritionist for 4399 ... very skill doctor, great bedside manners and wonderful staff.
  2. Paulina Green

    How to convince hubby Mexico is OK?

    when I was planning and doing my research, I came across bariatricpal, my surgeon was willing to skype with me and my brother at the same time, he gave us one hour of his valuable time to answer all our questions...I know all the surgeons form bp do skype with no commitment..I chose dr. Jesus Lopez, but they are all great and they even have support groups on facebook, I hope that helps. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BariatricSurgeryDeals/?fref=ts
  3. I also had mine with Dr. Jesus Lopez and bp...YOU ARE IN GREAT HANDS!! I had no complications whatsoever and the bp staff in tijuana, it's amazing, they really give you warm hugs, make you feel comfortable, visit you at the hospital, walk you arond tijuana, order your meals, they are great, you'll love the Jenn!! Wish you the best.
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    Where to go in mexico

    I went with dr. Jesus Lopez and Bariatricpal patient services, I recommend them with all my guts...I really appreciate what the whole staff did for me, you can even go alone and its like visiting friends...give them an opportunity, you can join Dr. Lopez facebook support group and also bariatrics deals page, there's a lot of support there and plus you learn a lot about other patients experiences, plus, I believe they running a special deal that includes Medical Tourism insurance...ask them, they can give you more information, when I had my procedure done, they did not have the medical tourism insurance package!! GOOD LUCK. https://www.facebook.com/groups/482115818611623/?fref=ts https://www.facebook.com/groups/BariatricSurgeryDeals/?fref=ts
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    Where to go in mexico

    There's this great great SUPPORT GROUP on Facebook.. go in there, it will help a lot, still helping me, and I had my surgery done a couple of months ago...there's a lot of real patients, but it is a really active group, even surgeon answer your questions..it's call Dr Carlos Altamirano Support Group, he's not my doctor, but he also works for bariatricpal, but even though I didn't use him, they left me in. And here is my experience... I will like to share my experience after 9 months because now I'm closer to my goal, but first of all because I know I made the best decision ever, it's not just how I look, but how I feel inside, I'm a healthier and happier person now, I have improved my relationship with family and friends. My self esteem was in the ground, therefore I wasn't too friendly, now people like to be close to me, and it's only been 9 months like a I said, Im doing all kinds of outdoor activities, I'm going to the gym, I have a new wonderful wardrobe, I'm dating, I love myself more than ever.... and everything started like this…I tried all kind of diets and diet pills before going to surgery, they helped, but only for a short period of time, and if I dropped 10 pounds, after a couple of months I gained 15, I kept going like this FOR YEARS, I just couldn't keep that weight away FOR GOOD, I went into depression, the worse year of my life, but yet the better, in January of 2014, I wasn't getting out of my house or job, obviously my family was a bit worried, I even went to therapy, I felt petty about myself, then I signed up in forums of people with the same issue I had... OUR WEIGHT, met this girl that was doing the same thing as I'm doing right now...sharing her story and helping people, I had made my own research, I looked up for doctors in Tijuana, and this girl told me about Bariatric Pal, they were so helpful, I started with them from nothing.... and they guided me in every decision I was taking, first, they gave me my options, I visited the doctors they recommend, and I stayed with Dr. Lopez,I felt really comfortable with him, It felt like he knew me, well to make the story short, Bariatric Pal made all the arrangements for me, the day of my surgery, they picked me up in San Diego, they took us (my brother and I) to the clinic, as I hoped, they made me feel so welcome, I signed up, a few papers, they explained to me everything I was signing and they gave me my room, they did all kinds of pre-op tests, EKG, etc.. they gave me a pill to calm me down, since I was really nervous,I had Dr. Lopez visited me before surgery, I liked that, because sometimes you never get to see your surgeon, I think he gave the attention every patient deserves, we deserve to be treated as humans, if it is not too much to ask, well SURGERY went great, no complications, afterwards a Lil bit of dizziness, nauseated, but that's just normal, I stayed two days in there, then Mike from Bariatric pal drove us to the recovery house where my brother stayed while I was at the hospital, they didn't have a room for him, but the guys from BP take great care of him as they did for me the two extra day we decided to stay at their RH, then they drove me back to San Diego the day Dr. Lopez discharges me...I will be in debt with all the staff the rest of my life. My recuperation, had its ups and downs, but I did a lot of reading, about what I could eat, which is one of the hardest parts of it, I learned my vegetables, my Protein, and I learned to eat, I would cheer myself up every time I felt this was too much to handle, my family and friends helped a lot also, but now I know it was the BEST DECISION EVER, I'm proud of myself, and telling my story because I want people to feel the same way I do, I'm still dropping weight, and I will keep telling my stories, my progress and my humble advice in case you need support.
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    Flight to Mexico

    Some airlines do, but depends on how big you are, I understand your weight and height but can't figure it out how big is that, what I used to do is seat in the emergency exits.
  7. I think that's how we all feel when we have no other option, but now I can say, it was the best decision I ever made, I used Dr. Jesus Lopez with bariatricpal and I cant's say nothing bad about them, he is a very knowledgeable doctor, he has all his credential, I had a Skype consultation with him prior to my surgery, I also had an internist going over my medical history, a nutritionist calling me to explain everything that was going to happen to me, what I was going to eat, my pre op diet, she asked what kind of food I was use to eat, so she gave me great Ideas and recipes for my post op, Dr. Lopez answered every question I had, I still have follow up with my nutritionist, my results are just great, had no complications, I hardly had pain, they keep your two days at the hospital for the leak test and two additional nights at their recovery house, they won't let you go if they don't see you ready for your trip back home, they took really good care of me, I had my guy Johnny taking us to eat, walk, and one thing TIJUANA IT'S NOT DANGEROUS AT ALL, their recovery house is in a really nice area, you have a supermarket pretty close, Johnny came along with us everywhere with my brother and I, we had to pay our trips on taxi, our food, of course, but anything else, was included... I had the best experience, I swear, you should give the a try... you won't regret it, actually, they work with other 2 great surgeon, I was between Lopez and Altamirano, but since I contacted Lopez first and he was really nice, I chose him, but the other guys it's also very good, I've read reviews about them.. and I only hear good things... do your homework and listen to your guts, choose whoever makes you feel comfortable, you must trust your doctor.
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    Great to hear your experience, I had also a wonderful time with them, dr. Lopez GREAT, I'd do it over!! only they did pick me up in person, something must had happened there, but it's good to let them know. how are you feeling now, how are you doing with your diet?
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    A little about my experience with BP. Got in touch with David, he introduced me to the surgeons they work with, visited them and chose Dr. Lopez, I felt really comfortable with him, he explained everything so well, even did SKYPE with him before and after surgery, they scheduled my surgery for me, I only paid 3,899 dollars all inclusive.... transportation, surgery and medical fees, two days at the hospital, and an extra 2 days at the recovery house, my brother was with me all the time and they also took good really care of him, we had wifi, long distance calls, they are great people, my surgeon, nurses, coordinator.. everyone treated me like a queen, like one should be treated. They picked me up in San Diego, took me directly to the clinic, signed up papers, got my EKG, pre-ops, x ray.. etc.. they gave me something to calm myself down, I only remember being back in my room after the surgery, I didn't feel great right away, I had nauseas, dizziness, but it got better, I stayed there for two nights, since they didn't have a room or a bed for my brother, they took him to the recovery house and back to the clinic the next day. Everything went just GREAT, after two days at hospital, they took us back to the recovery house where I had 24 hour valet service, Dr. Lopez came to visit me, did my leaking test, I had no complications, I have been very positive from the very moment I decided to have this done, I trusted the people that was helping me, I trusted my surgeon, and everything got into place. Well, after Dr. discharge me, they drove us back to San Diego, got in touch with my primary Dr. he was very supportive.. and here I am... 55 pounds under and really really happy... THANK U GUYS for every single touch that made my journey a wonderful experience.
  10. Paulina Green

    Anyone try this

    Maybe it is because it has gas... I used to drink beer, know it's a NO/NO!! I change it for whiskey mix with plain water, tastes good I can drink a LOT of it when I party..lol.
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    August 8 is my date!

  12. Paulina Green

    June 2015 Mexico Sleevers

    Nothing to worry about, you are in excellent hands, I used him and have no regrets, him and all bp team treated me like a queen, I had no complications whatsoever, and Im loving my results, still way to go.
  13. Paulina Green

    I still can't believe it.

    Very nice!
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    Need Help Deciding to Go to Mexico

    US is very expensive, first, doctors in Tijuana are very skilled, you just have to do a really good research because there are more than two doctors out there that have not so cool stories, true or not, I preferred to go after those who didn't, second, prices in Tijuana are more affordable plus they include you EVERYTHING, even meds and transportation from and to San Diego, and third but not least... they have coordinators, a nutritionist, an internal med expert, cardiologist, they give a whole team of experts that will take care of you + they make you feel at home.... with all that money you are gonna save.. you can rather spend it later on vacations. Wish you the best, try and do your research on Bariatric pal, I used Dr. J Lopez but they have a group of expert, I've heard Altamirano and Zalvalza are also great.
  15. Paulina Green

    bariatric pal and its doctors

    I totally feel you, and you are pretty young and really beautiful, I'm happy that you finally decide to do something about yourself, healthy life is the way to go if you want to REALLY enjoy life and not only food and things that you are able to do being overweight... you deserve better than that, and don't blame yourself for being like this or no one else, just focus on this new future that you want to live. I also chose Bariatric pal as my coordinators and Dr. j. Lopez as my doctor, I also have my nutritionist and a whole team taking care of me... they really help me through all the journey, from the moment I decided that I wanted this till nowadays, I still Skype with them, especially my dietician, it's not easy going by yourself, sometimes you have new questions everyday and who better to answer them that your medical team, then the price that you pay is really fare, since they include you everything in it.. just have to bring money for tips and food which you will consume very little at their recovery house. Well, pretty young lady, I had a great experience, and after you do your research I hope you have your own success story, I wish you the best.
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    At the airport

    Good Luck eortega, I hope everything went great, you are in very good hand, keep us updated!!!
  17. Paulina Green

    Eating off plan-ok, cheating- 5 days post op

    I hope now you're doing better, look for suppert on your medical team, nutritionist and if it is necessary…a therapist, because what you have is mental hunger.
  18. Paulina Green

    I'm tired of waiting, I want to be able.

    Fingers cross for you!!!
  19. I agree, don't go for the price, look for both PRICE AND QUALITY, first of all make sure they have all of their credentials, how experienced they are, how many surgeries they perform in one day, their accommodations, their staff, what do they include on the price, if they work by themselves or they assist you with a coordinator (they help A LOT, I used Bariatricpal), how many days you stay at the hospital and if they include a hotel or a recovery home, their follow up (very important also, I still Skype with my surgeon and nutritionist). I did mine with Dr. j. Lopez, they gave me a very good deal, but they didn't cut off quality, they are very attentive, from the moment they picked you up till they drive you back to the us. I never had issues, my surgery went well, no complications, the hospital wasn't all that fancy, but it was nice, clean and neat, the nurses were so sweet, the recovery house where I stayed for two days was really nice and cozy also, I can say great things but you should do your research, get in contact with them and if you feel comfortable with any of their doctors, I highly recommend them.
  20. Paulina Green

    Food Processor Suggestions

    Nutri/bullet works perfect for me!!! shakes, SOUPS, SMOOTHIES!!
  21. Paulina Green

    help, where to start

    It's just what you need to get it done in TJ, they have really experienced doctors over there, I can share a Lil bit of my story, I did a lot of research, I MEAN.. a lot!! I wasn't going to put my life in the hands of just anyone, I wanted the best, but I also was looking for “price”, so thank to God, I found BariatricPal, they worked with doctors that are very active, they have all their credentials, they’re experienced, they don't do like 10 surgeries a day, they all speak English, my surgeon was Dr. J. Lopez, they even Skype with yours, they work with a nutritionist, they give you 2 years follow up, well, I can tell you all the great things they do, but you should do a research on them and give them a try, your life and your health can't be in better hands, I did great, I had no complications, they did everything for me and I paid less than $4,000. you just have to get to San Diego and they do the rest for you.. I wish you luck!!
  22. Paulina Green

    I'm tired of waiting, I want to be able.

    Have you consider Have you consider going to Mexico to get it done, they also have financial aid and the have appointments available within 1 o 2 weeks, they have a ER Trauma doctor talking to you on Skype, he does a research on your medical history, you can also talk to your surgeon and nutritionist, bariatric pal has a really great team of doctors and a really cool staff that takes good care of you, if you can't take anyone with you, they'll be your friends, and they help with all the arrangements, they even pick you up at the border and drive you back.
  23. Paulina Green

    I'm tired of waiting, I want to be able.

    And what's stopping you? you have a date scheduled? doctor? how can we help?
  24. Paulina Green

    STILL UNDECIDED ????????

    TOTALLY do it, focus on your health more than your looks, though you will look great afterwards, but thing about everything you are going to be able to do….don't think twice!!! TOTALLY do it, focus on your health more than your looks, though you will look great afterwards, but thing about everything you are going to be able to do….don't think twice!!! TOTALLY do it, focus on your health more than your looks, though you will look great afterwards, but thing about everything you are going to be able to do….don't think twice!!! TOTALLY do it, focus on your health more than your looks, though you will look great afterwards, but thing about everything you are going to be able to do….don't think twice!!! TOTALLY do it, focus on your health more than your looks, though you will look great afterwards, but thing about everything you are going to be able to do….don't think twice!!!
  25. Paulina Green


    Congrats and my best wishes!!!