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    as long as you are staying on track, the stall is just your body adjusting. Stay strong???? my last stall was almost 5 weeks and then I dropped 10 lb in about a week when it finally ended. Take ur measurements cause when in a long stall you still are losing inches????????????
  2. Down 55, had my 3 month this week and all is going good now that my last stall took a vacation! Lol
  3. 105 is really high, you should be in agony! Glad that u are not enjoy Beijing pain free! I'm jealous????
  4. Congrats on a great weight loss!!! Are you using a food tracking app? I use My Fitness Pal. It def keeps me focused. I also took a few selfie's of my full body. Looking at myself in a pic is motivating, the mirror everyday just doesn't have the same effect !! I also bought a Vivofit, on the recommendation of a fellow sleeved. It track steps. It make me conscious of my movement throughout the day and helps me to move, even when I don't want to...lol ????
  5. I was sleeved 2 days before you and my starting weight was 249 , CW 196. I just got out of a 4 week stall, it was very frustrating. Especially when we are not even 12 weeks post op. Stick with it, keep tracking and stay the course. My stall finally ended and I dropped 10 lbs in 9 days. It will happen to you too????
  6. That happens to me sometimes, depending on what I eat, how much time since I last ate or if I just drank a lot of water and didn't wait before I ate. If it's happening to you no matter what you eat you should call your NUT and doctor. In the meantime, embrace the weight loss! Lol
  7. Update, I just experienced the longest stall on record I think... Lol. And this is not one record I want to win! My stall lasted about 5 weeks, I tried everything everyone recommended, but I guess my body just wasn't ready???? Well, it finally broke and I dropped 7-8 lbs in a flash and am now in Onederland ????
  8. . If you are tracking everything you eat and staying on program with regards to carbs and protein, you just have to wait it out. Just got out of a 4+ week stall, it sucked!! But I stayed on track a dropped about 7-8lbs in a few days when it broke.
  9. I bought GENEPRO on Amazon, Because of some threads on BP. Everyone was raving about it! I was using unflavored Bariatric Advantage and believe me, you could taste it and had to use 2 large scoopes!!! The Genepro is great, only a tiny amount packs a lot of protein and you can't taste it. I've use it in so many things now, it's a great find! Genepro Genetic Tri-Protein Peptide Powder - Net Weight 453.5 Grams - 30 Servings http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00K6OSDYA/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/185-5910811-8736569
  10. BellaLuce4

    Before and After Pics

    @@Kindle congrats on an amazing transformation!!! You sound so happy and confident! Wishing you continued success and a lifetime of health !!
  11. BellaLuce4

    Waiting to get in to onederland

    I finally made it! 199 today. Longest stall ever!!!!!
  12. Hope you are recovering well! It sounds painful. I have been in pain with RA flare ups since surgery. I have just gone to bed early most nights to take the pressure off my joints. Ice, heat, Tylenol and sleep are my new best friends!
  13. WOW!!! congrats on a wonderful weight loss , you look great!
  14. I have had my ups and downs in the past 11 weeks post Sleeve. Never a regret, but a few illnesses n stalls... Leaving me frustrated! Well today I hit Onederland. I never thought I would ever see it again. No matter what diet I tried I never even got close. Thank you Sleeve and thanks to everyone's support!!!! I'm here???????? 50 lbs down Sleeved 9/16/14 CW 199
  15. BellaLuce4

    September sleevers

    YES!!! if does stink. Just got out of a 4 week stall, but then dropped 8 lbs in a week????