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    as long as you are staying on track, the stall is just your body adjusting. Stay strong???? my last stall was almost 5 weeks and then I dropped 10 lb in about a week when it finally ended. Take ur measurements cause when in a long stall you still are losing inches????????????
  2. Down 55, had my 3 month this week and all is going good now that my last stall took a vacation! Lol
  3. 105 is really high, you should be in agony! Glad that u are not enjoy Beijing pain free! I'm jealous????
  4. I have had my ups and downs in the past 11 weeks post Sleeve. Never a regret, but a few illnesses n stalls... Leaving me frustrated! Well today I hit Onederland. I never thought I would ever see it again. No matter what diet I tried I never even got close. Thank you Sleeve and thanks to everyone's support!!!! I'm here???????? 50 lbs down Sleeved 9/16/14 CW 199
  5. Congrats on a great weight loss!!! Are you using a food tracking app? I use My Fitness Pal. It def keeps me focused. I also took a few selfie's of my full body. Looking at myself in a pic is motivating, the mirror everyday just doesn't have the same effect !! I also bought a Vivofit, on the recommendation of a fellow sleeved. It track steps. It make me conscious of my movement throughout the day and helps me to move, even when I don't want to...lol ????
  6. I was sleeved 2 days before you and my starting weight was 249 , CW 196. I just got out of a 4 week stall, it was very frustrating. Especially when we are not even 12 weeks post op. Stick with it, keep tracking and stay the course. My stall finally ended and I dropped 10 lbs in 9 days. It will happen to you too????
  7. That happens to me sometimes, depending on what I eat, how much time since I last ate or if I just drank a lot of water and didn't wait before I ate. If it's happening to you no matter what you eat you should call your NUT and doctor. In the meantime, embrace the weight loss! Lol
  8. Update, I just experienced the longest stall on record I think... Lol. And this is not one record I want to win! My stall lasted about 5 weeks, I tried everything everyone recommended, but I guess my body just wasn't ready???? Well, it finally broke and I dropped 7-8 lbs in a flash and am now in Onederland ????
  9. . If you are tracking everything you eat and staying on program with regards to carbs and protein, you just have to wait it out. Just got out of a 4+ week stall, it sucked!! But I stayed on track a dropped about 7-8lbs in a few days when it broke.
  10. I bought GENEPRO on Amazon, Because of some threads on BP. Everyone was raving about it! I was using unflavored Bariatric Advantage and believe me, you could taste it and had to use 2 large scoopes!!! The Genepro is great, only a tiny amount packs a lot of protein and you can't taste it. I've use it in so many things now, it's a great find! Genepro Genetic Tri-Protein Peptide Powder - Net Weight 453.5 Grams - 30 Servings http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00K6OSDYA/ref=redir_mdp_mobile/185-5910811-8736569
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    Before and After Pics

    @@Kindle congrats on an amazing transformation!!! You sound so happy and confident! Wishing you continued success and a lifetime of health !!
  12. BellaLuce4

    Waiting to get in to onederland

    I finally made it! 199 today. Longest stall ever!!!!!
  13. Hope you are recovering well! It sounds painful. I have been in pain with RA flare ups since surgery. I have just gone to bed early most nights to take the pressure off my joints. Ice, heat, Tylenol and sleep are my new best friends!
  14. WOW!!! congrats on a wonderful weight loss , you look great!
  15. BellaLuce4

    September sleevers

    YES!!! if does stink. Just got out of a 4 week stall, but then dropped 8 lbs in a week????
  16. BellaLuce4


    Be Patient and stay in track. Your body is adjusting. I just got off a 4 week stall. Then I dropped 8lbs in less then a week. I was frustrating too but we need to look a the big picture. If u are eating right it will come off. In the meantime, if you r in a stall ur body is prob still losing inches even if u don't see the weight loss at that time????
  17. Such a great feeling it must be, Congrats!!!!!
  18. I do not have fibro, but over the last year was suffering with sporadic arthritic inflammation. 1 week post surgery I did have a 5 alarm flair up, was bed ridden, could not sleep or even think. When I had my blood work done my inflammation was at 119, the norm should be below 30. The Sleeve Surgery part was a breeze. And once I went back on meds the inflammation went down ( not gone yet) I was finally diagnosed with RA and also my uric acid is at 11 from the high Protein diet. I'm now 8 weeks post op. I'm down 42 lbs, able to walk again and exercise mildly. I have been in a stall for 2 weeks???? Just my current weight loss has giving me more energy and renewed hope. Still have 80lbs to go, but no regrets here????
  19. BellaLuce4

    100 lbs lost!

    Congrats on an amazing weight loss !!! You look beautiful, younger and just fabulous???? You are an inspiration, and boy do I need that right now!
  20. friend me on it???? -Periwinkle180
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    Two NSVs today

    That is awesome!!!!! Great Job????
  22. BellaLuce4

    Feeling so depressed and tired

    Everyone is so right. It's just too soon. Took me 4-5 weeks to feel well n then I started on solids which is another adjustment. I go on the before and after threads when I am feeling down, frustrated, or tired , it is amazing at everyone's results !!! So hard to do, but try and focus long term, looking at the big picture???? you're prob gonna have lots of these moments, but we are all here to help each other and pick each other up when 1of us is down. Can't wait to see your before and after pic !!!! Good luck !
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    New to fifties group

    @traveler60. I couldn't walk at all in the beginning . Was in bed and it was hard, ( I have RA) But even when I was finally able to walk...was still sooo tired with no energy! About 4-5 weeks my energy came back a little at a time which coincided with the introduction of real food. Especially steak in the 5 th week. I read on another thread that some Sleevers are taking b12 from the beginning of surgery and haven't had weak/ energy issues. Some are doing shots or a nasal spray or sublingual.(spelling?) I didn't get that memo n went to bed every night by 7... Lol I just figured our bodies need extra rest after a surgery, especially beings my 50 's! ????
  24. BellaLuce4

    New to fifties group

    Good Luck tomorrow! Every step is 1 step closer???????? you are almost there !
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    NSV shout outs

    #FairySleeve you can never have too many clothes!! Especially if the price is right !!! Go crazy and enjoy ur new size????