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  1. Yes, you can. it took almost a year for me but it was the most wonderful thing. That C-PAP was so uncomfortable. However, it is not the case for everyone. Some patients do have to keep using it but your chances are very good. Also, in that year I had my pressure down graded twice. It got to the point that it was set at the lowest possible setting and it felt like I was sleeping in a wind tunnel. I remember telling my doctor, if we didn't watch out my brain was going to blow out the back of my head. It sounds like allergies are getting the best of you right now. I too suffer from allergies and I used a nasal spray about 10 minutes before placing my mask on. It helped clear out my nose. I also took Nyquil every night. Oh, I forgot to say, I no longer snore. Awesome!
  2. For the first 6 weeks all I could eat was 1/8 to 1/4 cup at a time and I had to go very very slow. At 6 months I could eat normally but I have to make good choices and chew well or I start feeling nauseous. You get good at figuring out what works for you.
  3. Beni

    Second thoughts?

    I had 500 thoughts. In fact, they would change from hour to hour. For an entire month I agonized. I can tell you now 'WHAT A WASTE OF TIME", if I could go back I would have done it years before. It was by far one of the best decisions of my life.
  4. Beni

    Surgery tomorrow!

    I was out of my mind worried. But it was so quick I am still amazed. Less then an hour. The first two days are easy because of the painkillers in the hospital. My surgery was 2:00 Pm so I ended up staying two days. Release papers are signed by by doctors early in the morning. I tried to visualize how good I would feel once the weight was gone and took comfort on the fact that at this stage it was out of my hands. My job was to be ready and nothing else.
  5. Beni

    Pre-op rant

    This too shall pass! Keep up the good spirits.
  6. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    Hi, Just checking in. Hope all ll is well with you all in this strange journey. I am doing great. I have settled on a 154 to 157 weight range. I am okay with it. A size 8 to 10 is perfectly fine. My relationship with food still has its ups and downs. I suspect it will remain the same forever. I have to eat slowly and make good choices. 80% of the time I do. I am just trying to inch up to 90%. Had a ice cream cone yesterday. A kid size, mind you, but I still got sick. I can handle one spoon full but even a kiddie cup is like 6 tablespoons. Do I learn? Apparently nope. Good luck on your move to CT @shadow427. Talk about stress! My heart goes out to you. @@PinkPolkadot619 No, you are not alone my friend @@browneyedgirl I agree the honeymoon is over. Strangely enough it lasted 18 months, exactly what the doctor said. Now we are on our own. Our choices are directly impacting our weight. We have reached the point were the surgery did its job but now we are in control. I have no doubt that if I spent my entire day eating snacking I would put weight back. I can easily gain 3 pounds if I don't watch out. Hope your home gets built quickly a camper sounds crowded.
  7. Beni

    need some help

    Bread, is still the enemy, lol!
  8. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    @@misstvb I think you may be right, it's boredom. I could have 10 Snacks in a day. My lowest weight was 152 but this morning I was 168. That's 6 pounds. Well, to be fair I had been at 154/155 for at least two months. Moving all day is key for me. But I somehow can't bring myself to move the way I used to. I'm tired of moving, lol. Don't I sound like I'm 4 years old! Winter was hard, especially this last month. I am hopeful the nice weather will bring a more energetic outlook. I also need to tone. My shoulders look like they are clothing hangers for my skin. Not the best look for sleeveless summer tops. I may have to wear sleeved shirts forever. I was looking through my closet this morning and surprise, surprise none of my summer stuff from last year (not the big stuff from before) fits. Everything is too big. Now that 18 months have passed and what is regarded as the "honeymoon period" for our surgery, we will have to work harder at both losing weight and maintenance. This period is very challenging for some, I was told. I am so worried I will put all the weight back. I can't have that happen, not after all we have been through. We can do this but we have to work at it. I so feel like a snack right now but I am going to make some tea instead.
  9. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    We are all doing so well. I think we MUST always remember (even though its hard to ever be satisfied) where we were and were we are. a 100lbs lost is nothing to sneeze at. It takes true grit to do what we did. It still takes grit to keep going, right?
  10. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    @@amylynns You look skinny my friend, good for you. I noticed your BMI is 23%. Well done! I'm around 25% which was my goal but I have been eating a bit more then I should lately. I am now at 155lbs. Can't wait to get out and about with good weather. I think winter has always been my biggest problem. I eat way more during the winter months.
  11. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    Hi Galdiators, Good to hear from you layknee. Misstvb you look gorgeous. Nice work! Question: Is everyone feeling a lot hungrier lately? Just wondering, and if so how do you cope? I don't think its real hunger but more like boredom hunger. But having said all that, I certainly can eat a lot more then I used to and it scares me.
  12. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    Hello, gladiators, It has been a while, sorry, life just got busy. But I think of you often and wonder how you are all doing. I am at 154lbs. Gained two pounds. I have read that it is pretty common for that to happen. To reach a low and then clim up to a more realistic weight. Of course any weight gain brings on the stress of thinking, I am going to gain it all back. It is very scary, I must say. I can eat a lot more then I should. At times I am astonished. I think the pouch opening streaches and the food keeps pushing out. Also, if you take a little break during your meal, 10 minutes later I find I can eat some more. I never felt the full feeling. I always went from hungry to sick. It's still hard for me to tell. The only thing that works is to have a plate with a reasonable helping and not have seconds. I can't do alcohol. I go from fine to roaring drunk to fast asleep in 5 minutes. I am exaggerating but it sure feels like it. My biggest problem is snacking. I can't seem to stop the munchies. Every hour I feel like I need to have a little something. Sometimes a little something is a lot of something. I had a restaurant size salad (big) for lunch then of course I could only eat about 1/3. I had leftovers, an hour later I had another 1/3 and finished it off another hour later. Wow! It's like I completely bypassed the physical limitations of my surgery. Not doing that again. However, if I do get a proper meal 3 times per day and a couple Snacks, I am fine. Why, why is it so hard to just do that? It's like I am ADD about eating. I can't focus on it. Other then that, everything is great. I feel great and my hair is coming back. I am at about 17 months past surgery and my new hair is like 2 inches long. I can see there is lot of hair that length throughout. It's coming in nice and strong. My energy level is great and I feel positively great.
  13. Before surgery I did a number of diets including WWs. It works (with extraordinary effort) but the issue is keeping the weight off. It was impossible for me. After RNY, I realized it was because I had out of control hunger. Before my surgery, I was literally hungry all the time. Even after a thanksgiving meal I was hungry, it was just that I couldn't physically fit any more food. Once I had surgery that hunger was gone. Yes, I do feel some hunger now but it is not constant. Something changed. The science behind my surgery changed things. I am still the same human, so if it my food issues were psychological, wouldn't it follow that once I healed they would remain the same? I don't have awesome food intake days everyday but my weight fluctuates within a 3 pound margin. Pretty good!
  14. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    I am boiling some eggs right now and preparing somethings to have ready to go. I think that will help my day. I NEED to plan my food intake ahead or I'll get in trouble. Yesterday was not a good day. Way too many tiny snacks.
  15. Beni

    OCTOBER 2014

    I have noticed I am getting in trouble because I don't eat. What I mean is I fail to eat a proper meal.This is not only content but portion size and length of time consuming it. I will eat a few bites and feel satisfied and move on. A few bites will satisfy but they will not keep hunger away. Then an hour later I will feel hungry and have a couple more bites. In the end I will eat more per day just in little portions spaced out. Funny enough I came to this realization yesterday, I am not eating enough at each meal. I think it's because I eat too fast and that makes me full too quickly. Could I be on to something here? Any thoughts?