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  1. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments! As for those that were wondering why i had gastric bypass over the sleeve, it is because I had bad acid reflux (sometimes I still do but nothing like before). My surgeon said that if I went for the sleeve, the sleeve might make my acid reflux worse, so he did not recommend it at all. He actually performs a lot of sleeves, so it's not that he's opposed to it. He just said I was not a good candidate and why risk a lifetime of acid reflux. Also, I've heard that gastric bypass provides more weight loss, so it was a win-win situation for me. As for the excess skin, it was around 4k. I also had a breast lift/augmentation with my arm lift and my combined surgery costs were about 13k (cash for breast and arms, insurance did not pay for mine). I stayed with family after surgery, so I didn't have to pay for nurses or recovery or hotel. I waited 14 months to do my arms and breast. I knew I was at an optimal weight and I couldn't take my arms anymore. No amount of exercise would prevent excess skin. It's like pregnancy. Some get saggy skin and the lucky ones don't. Of course, I knew I would be one of the unlucky ones. For workout, I did twice a week with a personal trainer. Not consistently, but for a good 5 to 6 months. It was mainly light cardio with a mixture of strength training. We used 5 pound dumb bells and resistance bands. So nothing too rough or like cross fit lol. Truth be told, I would much rather restrict my calories than do cardio. Now strength training, I do like. So, I think honestly my weight loss contributed from my surgery. I ate smaller and healthier. Can't do sweet or a lot of food. and then working out here and there really worked. For the first year, I tried to high protein and eat low carb. This really helped as well. Now I eat carbs and protein and I maintain my weight.
  2. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments <3
  3. For those interested in my excess skin on my arms, here are some pictures of what they looked after WLS. My arms were big in my opinion and I had a lot of excess skin. It wasn't as noticeable when I had my arms on my side, but if I raised my arms, then you could see. I would always wear blazers or long sleeve shirts. I'm so glad I chopped them off. It did wonders for my psyche.
  4. Thank you! My arms were really big, I just knew I would have saggy skin. I don't have the best elasticity and I'm prone to stretch marks and keloids. I just started saving for surgery instead of preventing it. LOL It's like pregnancy, your skin stretches and there will be some saggy skin. People that don't have lose skin after WLS are completely blessed!!! I don't think any amount of cream would've helped me I'm posting some of my pictures of what my arms looked with the excess skin. Thank you everyone, you guys are the best!!!!
  5. I did have an arm lift!! I think those that don't need it are extremely blessed. I won't lie, I felt very conscious about it and didn't feel better until I had those suckers chopped. Lol Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. Thank you!! Yes, I needed plastic surgery and still need it. I had an armlift and a breast lift in January 2016. My breast were not that bad since I haven't had children, but I completely lost volume!!!! I've never had smaller breast and I missed having my girls hahaha.. Now, I was really self conscious about my arms. My friends told me it was in my head, but believe me, i NEEDED the arm lift. My arms before surgery were pretty big, so there was a lot of excess skin. Having the arm lift gave me so much confidence. I will be doing a LBL and then eventually a mini thigh lift. My stomach isn't as bad as it should because I had a previous tummy tuck, in 20, but I still need a second tummy tuck which will be done with the LBL. I can't wait to do it all.
  7. I wanted to share my story and pictures. For those, that are considering surgery or going through the process, hang in there and just DO it!!!! the benefits are ultimately worth it Anyway, here are my stats: I'm 5'3 and 30 years old: HW: 263 lbs SW: 257 lbs CW: 139-142 lbs fluctuate around this weight GW: 130-135 I don't know if anyone wants to read my lenghty experience, but if you do, I posted it on RealSelf under my same user name. Oh yeah and people.com got a wind of my story, and posted it on their page. I really hope whoever is struggling doesn't give up and know that is hope and always light at the end of the tunnel!!!
  8. Hello, I am planning on doing a combined surgery of a breast lift (with implant) and also an arm lift. Has anyone done both surgeries combined? If so, how long did you take off from work to recover from surgery? Did you need like two weeks or more like three? If you can share your experience, that would be great. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Thank you so much!!! I'm going to check him out. I totally forgot to say that I can do VA/MD as well. I just amended my post
  10. Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has used a surgeon in DC or FL and was happy with the results since I'm in the hunt for a good plastic surgeon for a potential breast lift with augmentation, arm lift and thigh light........ I can use someone in DC/MD/VA (where I live) OR also use someone in South Florida since I have family there. I've researched some surgeons already but I'm not really too sure. Also, some are super expensive. Someone in DC is quoting me over 11k for just the breast...sigh... Thanks in advance for your help!!!
  11. bluedreams86

    Clothing size

    Started at 257 size 18/20 and now im 160 and size 8
  12. Well it has only gotten worse and it is definitely acid reflux with God knows what else I now feel it on my stomach, chest, esophagus and throat. Feels like I drank acid and it hurts. Also I've been producing like a white clear mucus in the back on my throat. Probably from the reflux. It feels like food is rising on my esophagus even though I haven't had solid food since yesterday at noon. >_< I called my doctors office and apparently it could be an ulcer or a small stricture. I barely ate yesterday and I was soooooo full. Within a few spoons I felt like I had swallowed a cow. I hope it's a stricture and not an ulcer. It's probably easier to fix My doc recommended liquids for the next few days and I see him this Wednesday (darn holidays). If it gets worse he wants me to go to the ER immediately. I could only do like 4oz of Protein shake last night. We will see today. Oh yeah, I was taking 40mg twice a day of Pantoprazole (Protonix) and it didn't do a damn thing. Nexium has worked a little better so I grabbed the over the counter Nexium and double up several times. Yesterday I took close to 80-90mg. It made a difference compared to the protonix but it's still pretty bad. I am just going to drag myself to the ER today or tmw.
  13. Steamed chicken or shrimp with broccoli. It has no sauce. The sauces will make you gain weight like crazy. If I have Chinese food again, I will try to make my own at home. It's easier to track what is going into the meal.
  14. bluedreams86

    Hard time taking my vitamins

    My B12 is a nasal spray (use once a week only) and I do just fine. Also I have dissolvable vitamins. You can suck them like candy (grape flavor). The brand is BariActiv and they come free with my Nascobal nasal b12 spray. I only pay 25 a month for all of this. My doc did all the processing for these for me.

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