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  1. kimdlawson06

    Contrave After Sleeve

    I agree. If your body isn't getting enough nutrients it literally hold on to every calorie. Take a look at this article. https://www.womenshealthmag.com/weight-loss/a19998301/what-is-starvation-mode/
  2. kimdlawson06

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Good luck! I hope all goes well!
  3. kimdlawson06

    GERD after Revision! Please help!

    Hello. I had a revision on 11/5 and my GERD went away immediately. I’ve had a few instances where I felt slight heartburn but it went away quickly.
  4. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

  5. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

    Thank you!
  6. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

    Me too!
  7. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

    I'll be sure to try these! Can you have these during the soft food phase?
  8. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

    OMG!!!!! I had a sugar free jello pudding today and I swear it tasted like filet mignon!
  9. kimdlawson06

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    I had my surgery on Nov 5th as well. I hope all is going well. How long are you required to do clear liquids post-op?
  10. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

    Thank you! How long will you be on full liquids before going to puree?
  11. kimdlawson06

    Post op day 2

    Hello! I'm just curious. I had surgery this past Friday and was told I had to do clear liquids for 2 weeks. It seems as if some people don't have the same requirement. How soon were you told that you could start full liquids?
  12. kimdlawson06

    November Surgery Buddies!!!

    Underwent a revision and hernia repair on Nov 5th. Lots of bloating but it’s getting better. Good luck everyone!
  13. kimdlawson06

    I've gained weight...

  14. I know! I’m excited but nervous. I keep hearing that you don’t lose as much weight during a revision.
  15. Hello surgery buddies! Revision from VSG to RNY! Just got my date yesterday. November 5th for me! I was surprised at how fast the process moved this time!

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