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    What Are Your Hobbies?

    As of this Friday I am officially retired. I love to China Paint but because of my busy schedule I have not been able to do so for a long time. Looking forward to get to paint once again. I am still fighting the urge of food for comfort. I sit behind a desk all day and cannot get up unless someone relieves me...now that I can move around and not be stuck behind a desk...I am hoping to conquer my battle with food.
  2. Retirement Party today! Eight more working days....starting a new chapter in my life. Lots of mixed emotions...I have worked since I was fourteen years old! Might finally have time to do all the things that I just couldn't get around to!

    1. ShrinkingPeach


      Congrats on your retirement, sounds like you have earned it!


    Crystal light

    I only drink the Lemonade one......rest are to sweet. I drink it every day with GENEPRO to get all of my Protein in. I have been drinking it for the last year and have not had a problem

    So....how much weight have you lost?!

    I always say "not near enough.....got more to go....but I'm working on it...Thank you for noticing"! That is usually end of conversation but if they keep pushing for amount....I just say I won't know until I weigh at the doctor....or I haven't been to the doctor lately.
  5. Before surgery on my liquid diet I mainly used Atkins. After surgery my taste changed and I could not stand any Protein drink...so I went with a unflavored protein powder. When I first tried Premier I could not get them down. I now love them and use them all the time.

    Has anyone tried protein shots?

    They are Nastey! Tried to gulp them down......no way

    To tell my coworker/friend or not...

    I wouldn't tell anyone if I had it to do over. One girl at my office found out and she told "EVERYONE".....even the mailman!!! I am older, no thyroid, and bad knees...I have lost real slow. I have failed at every other diet that I have been on. It may be just me....but I feel people are very judgemental and I feel they look at me and wonder why I haven't lost more and "if" I will lose it.

    Konjac noodles/pasta/rice?

    You can make rice out of Cauliflower and you can get a spiral cutter and make you noodles out of zucchini. Rather tastie...you can also get spaghetti squash.......all healthy.

    Genepro protein!

    Hoping this works for you....remember you can add this to anything. Add it to your eggs, yogurt...etc. If you add it to hot...mix it with something first...it does better.

    Ability to Exercise

    I bought mine from Amazon

    Ability to Exercise

    My knees are worn out. I want to lose at least 50 more lbs before I look into a replacement for one. I cannot walk. I started going to a pool at the hospital and just walking in the Water. I'm going to get another shot in them this week. I had stopped going because I got worried about getting in and out of the pool...but plan on going back. I bought a elipitical that fit under my desk (I sit all day)...but it makes my knees sore also. I plan on retiring in two months and I am hoping to be able to work out more at the pool then.

    Quest bars

    I usually just eat a half at a time. I like it with a cup of decaf coffee in the mornings. Put it in a ziploc snack bag for later.

    Genepro protein!

    I have used it for over a year now. After my surgery I had a hard time tolerating any Protein drinks....could not stand Premier (I like them now). GENEPRO is still my go to for extra protein.I have been able to keep my protein up...between keeping the protein up and Vitamins....I did not lose any hair...in fact my hair is thick like it was when I was young and I have curls...never had curls before. I have lost my hair with other surgeries in the past. I drink mine with Crystal Light.....I get in my protein and liquids at the same time. All of my blood work is good.

    This food is my new best friend !

    Please show the Nutrition label

    Anything get stuck?

    You will learn real quick what you can and cannot eat. Bread, Pasta and rice weight real heavy on my stomach and just will not stay down. I cannot even pinch off a piece of tortilla....it seems to get stuck....which is all good since I don't need any of this. Lots of meats are still hard on my stomach. I have to have lots of moisture to eat meat. I always say that I can tell as soon as it goes in my mouth if it is not going to go down.