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  1. *Lexie*

    Best Gastric Sleeve Book.

    The Beck Diet Solution book helped me with emotional eating. It doesn't have one scrap of information on dieting, which is nice because at this point, we know what to eat, we just aren't doing it. Instead it focuses on changing behaviors. I still use skills from this book and it's really helped me eliminate some bad habits. And finally, 2 1/2 years from surgery and I'm 2 pounds from goal.
  2. *Lexie*


    That is fantastic news! Especially about the no out of pocket part.
  3. *Lexie*

    Negative vibes go away

    I am sorry that you don't have any support on this journey. I was very lucky to have support and i think it really helped. I even made friends with a few people from my surgeon's office that had surgery around the same time as I did and we still get together every month. It was nice to have people that knew what I was going through to talk to. That might be an option for you. This site can also be very good. I did a lot of reading in the early days and it was motivating. You can do this and there are plenty of people here willing to offer positive support. :-)
  4. My pre-op diet was 2 Protein shakes and a healthy meal every day. Even with the one meal, that was a very tough 2 weeks. Good luck!
  5. @@Nibria56 You could look back almost 2 years ago and read almost the exact same post from me a few weeks out from my surgery. I was freaked out. But I did start losing steadily and I've maintained at goal for nearly a year now. Take a deep breath and trust the process. You will do great!
  6. Who knows, maybe it was a former patient that shared that tweet with him. I would definitely not judge him without meeting him and his staff. For me, I spent a lot more time with the support staff than I did the surgeon so liking them was very important to me.
  7. I think there's a spectrum of compliance after surgery. From those that follow every rule to those that are determined to eat wings and drink beer at one week post op (that would have killed me for sure). I think where the person falls on the spectrum determines what results they will get. This would explain why there are a few out there that don't lose any weight or very little after surgery. For me, changing a lifetime of bad behaviors has proven to be challenging, particularly eliminating snacking. Every time I fail, I get up, brush myself off and try again. I'll get there and coming here helps motivate me to keep trying. If coming here and reading posts encourages a new person to change a few of their behaviors, then that is a positive thing. Sadly, some people are too deep in denial to change. Those people will say the surgery didn't work for them.
  8. *Lexie*

    What Gets You Going for Your Workout?

    I'm motivated when my exercise has purpose. I sign up for races, 5K's, half marathons, etc. I have a training plan and if I slack, I'm going to suffer on race day. Now I'm far enough in that working out is almost as automatic as brushing my teeth. On days when I don't feel like working out I remind myself that the only bad workout is no workout.
  9. *Lexie*

    Wanting to eat

    I felt the same way, it drove me crazy. Just know it's in your head and soon you'll be able to eat again. I remember the first soft food I had tasted like heaven.
  10. *Lexie*

    3 meals a day only?

    At 2 years out, I am still working on creating the habit of eating only 3 meals per day. My nut also advised me to eat this way. I can say, I know for me, eating 3 meals a day is the key to maintaining my loss. When I eat many meals throughout the day, I overeat and gain weight. I can eat more than at 2 months out so those calories do add up.
  11. *Lexie*

    2 yr post op this month!

    Wow, congratulations! My 2 year is next month. I'd like to lose 10-15 more pounds and like you I'm not sure it's possible.
  12. Great thread! I agree with most of these. It is awkward when you go out to eat and the server approaches looking very concerned and asks if there is anything wrong with the food because you've not eaten much.
  13. *Lexie*


    People can be dumb! Good for you for working out, it will greatly help your weight loss. Good luck on your surgery.
  14. I had issues my first year and a half and a lot of foods made me throw up so I was afraid of a lot of food for a while. Luckily for me, my stomach grew out of that and I'm mostly better. I am afraid of ice cream because I've become lactose intolerant and it feels awful. From a behavioral standpoint, I'm afraid of pancake syrup and Peanut Butter. Sounds crazy but one of my favorite things pre-sleeve was mixing those two and eating it. Super fattening and delicious. I can have either food in the house without any temptation but never both. I haven't had syrup in the house since surgery.
  15. *Lexie*

    New and struggling

    Great topic, something I've figured out about myself is that if I don't permanently change my eating habits, I will gain at least some of my weight back. I have changed a lot of habits for the better but my worst habit is that I'm a habitual snacker (now known as a grazer). I am working very hard to teach myself to stick with 3 meals and 1 snack per day. I agree to get back to the basics and start tracking everything but I also suggest you figure out what your bad habits are, those bariatric rules that you are not following and work on them. Understand that you've spent a lifetime with these bad habits and it will likely take several tries to change. I've been working on this snacking thing for several months. I'll have a few good days and then fall off the wagon. I just keep getting up, brushing myself off and trying again. Don't give up!

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