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    2 questions.

    Hey everyone. I have 2 questions...I was banded on 5/6 and have been working out pretty much everyday for about the last week, maybe week and a half. Today my port sight is so sore. I sneezed and wanted to slap myself lol. Have I been doing too much, too soon? I have been reading stories about port flips and stuff like that and now I'm super nervous. Another thing is, my stomach has been fluttering all day long. Maybe it's gas? Has anyone experienced that. I have my 1st follow up Wednesday and I'm worried! !! :/ thanks
  2. shantelw75

    taking bites every few minutes

    Thanks sandy. It didn't take 3 hrs for the oatmeal to go down I just set a timer on my phone to take bites every 2mins and that's how long it ended up taking to eat. I was better that day after I drank lemonade and nd have been doing better ever since. Glad to hear u did t experience bandster hell. I think I'll be ok even if I do. I've lost 18 lbs and that has been motivating me to do what I need to do. I have been wondering about energy pills though if anyone knows of they r ok to take? I forgot to ask. Nothing new to me I've been taking them for yrs but will they affect anything? As long as I drink plenty of water and take my vitamins? !
  3. Hello everyone. I was banded 5/6 2014 and I'm ready to be movin and losin. I've been working out all day. I took a stacker 3 tho. Does anyone know if it's ok to be taking energy pills? I took it n powder for so I didn't swallow the pill. I've been taking them for yrs so it's nothing new. I meant to ask my surgeon but completely forgot. Thanks
  4. shantelw75

    taking bites every few minutes

    I've been seeing the term bandster hell used alot. What exactly is it?!
  5. Hey guys! I was banded 5/6 and this week I am able to start eating things like oatmeal and small curd cottage cheese. I am having such a hard time waiting to take another bite! I am hungry lol plus I often forget. Now, since last night I've felt like I had something stuck in my throat. What can I do to get it down? I've tried jumping up and down, coughing, hot lemonade... nothing is working. And how did u guys learn to break the bad habit? Thanks
  6. I have aetna too. The point is to show them that when you get the band you will be dedicated to it. I only had to lose 2 lbs b4 surgery. Like you I would eat things thinking this is probably the last time I'm going to eat this so let me stuff my face lol. You can do it. My nutritionist told me if I gained a lb. Or 2 She Wouldnt Mark It So That I Would still get approved. Anyway I got to thinking about the point of it all. I didn't want her to have to lie I wanted to follow the rules bc the rules after being banded are alot more intense than the 2 lbs I was ordered to lose. You can do it! Walk the whole week of your apts. And drink as much water as possible. Water really does wonders for your body!! Good luck!!!
  7. shantelw75

    chest discomfort! !

    Thanks everyone. I was feeling pretty bloated all day today. Decided to get on the elliptical for a few minutes, and go over a few bumps in the road when I was driving lol. Actually helped. I feel much better now! Good luck everyone
  8. shantelw75

    I band!

    Yes! Thank u!
  9. Hey guys! I am 4 days post op and as of last night I've been having g really bad chest pains. My hearts (or what seems to be my heart) feels very crampy and my collar bone as well. I thought I was starting to feel better until that happened. Started around 2am and hasn't stopped. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it the gas? I'm a little worried to be honest

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