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  1. 11 days from my 1 year surgiversary and I am officially 100 lbs down!! Goal #4 has been reached. :)

  2. MistyAnnMoon829

    Is my surgeon too easy-going and liberal?

    Exactly what @@Babbs said! If you eat that way it is really hard to put bad stuff in your body. Definitely do what feels right to you. And listen closely when your sleeve says no, one bite too many kills, especially in the beginning.
  3. I'm definitely in the same boat as you. I'm going through a break up right now, and at 11 months out I can definitely eat anything and when I'm feeling particularly emotional I want to. What I do is, if I just can't stop myself, I try to make a better choice. Like for instance on top of going through a break up, I'm starting my period and it makes me pretty ravenous, so instead of eating ice cream, or baked good (which I try very hard to keep out of my house), I heated up a Gordon's Fisherman Grilled Tilapia fillet, popped it in the micro, and put a little bbq sauce on it. It helped me feed the need and it was under 100 calories. Or I'll eat some celery with Walden Farms 0 calorie ranch/thousand island dressing and a little sriracha. Super under my cals and it has a nice crunch and feeds the flavor craving, or my last and more favorite go to is beef Jerky. 1 oz is about 80 cals and a nice amount of Protein. Or if I'm craving sweets I'll drink a pre-made Protein shake like the GNC Lean 25 Mint chocolate layer cake flavor (soooooooo good). Now this isn't something I do every time, sometimes my emotions get the best of me but I take it in stride, and tomorrow is another day, or I ensure my remainder of the day is as binge free as possible. I try not to be overly hard on myself as I am only human. I know a lot of people recommend exercising, but it's over 100 degree out here at almost any time of the day right now which makes me wilt. So if you have the ability flood your body with good endorphins, go take a walk, or go to the gym, call up a friend, go see a movie, or go shopping. I'm trying to exchange my emotional eating for emotional shopping, sometimes just the act of putting something on a wish list and not buying it helps as well. Good luck, hope one of my ideas helps!
  4. MistyAnnMoon829

    Is my surgeon too easy-going and liberal?

    Your surgeon sounds a lot like my surgeon and it worked out okay for me. I didn't have a pureed stage at all. I went from liquids to soft meats, and regular meat. I did take my time before eating tougher foods like steak and hamburger, but I had zero problems with anything I ate, so long as I started off with small bites and didn't try to overload my tummy. Double-edged sword that. So I am strongly working on my carb control sounds like you and I have a very similar journey. I'm a day over 11 months out and 97 lbs down. My biggest goal is to be at 100 lbs down by July 24th, my one year surgiversary. I was also at about 1000 calories but right around 6 to 8 months was when that happened, when I could suddenly eat much more. Now I try to stay around 1200, sometimes I'm over sometimes I'm under. I don't sweat it as I feel it all balances out as long as I'm not gaining.
  5. MistyAnnMoon829

    NSV shout outs

    I went in to my surg's office to pick up some more Protein that I can't find anywhere else, and to schedule my 1 year appointment for next month, and the lady comes up from that back and said "I saw you walk in and I had to ask, would you like to do a testimonial for us?" I was super flattered. Of course I said yes as I am very proud of my surgeon and the work that they did, but I was headed to a first date after, so she made a note in my chart. I'll be making a video for my surgeon next month!!
  6. MistyAnnMoon829

    Any Regrets?

    I don't think regrets is the right word. because I have not regretted this decision for one minute in my whole almost 11 months since surgery, but I do have things that I miss. I miss being able to just chow down on delicious foods. It's making me greatly rethink my relationship with food, and how I interact with other people. I don't do certain restaurants because there's nothing of value to me being served there, and I can't do rodizio anymore, since it is a waste of money, but I would give up all that a thousand times over to feel the way that I do about myself and my body. I also miss my muscles. Yes I was huge, but under all of that was a thick layer of muscle to move that weight around. I don't have the strength I once had with little to no effort, now I have to work for every muscle I have. Which feels pretty good when I feel them for the first time. Lastly I miss my butt. I had the cutest, firmest butt, and now I have a much smaller, much smooshier bottom. So now I have to work out that area of my body to have the butt I once had, that I didn't have to do anything to get. Again though I reiterate, all of that I would give up in a heart beat, even in my darkest moments to be able to feel the way that I do every day. Every outfit is a statement piece, and every compliment is well earned. I am finally starting to be the person on the outside that I have always been on the inside. I regret not getting this surgery the moment I heard about it 3 or 4 years ago. That's it.
  7. I remember doing HCG, only lasted 2 weeks. I was always starving when it finally came time to eat. The Sacred Heart diet was pretty rough too. I ended up hating that soup by halfway through. Though initially it was pretty good.
  8. I'm actually doing way better than I expected to. I wasn't expecting more than 65lbs lost or even 70 lbs. I had hoped I would achieve more and I did, but my expectation was very low. I'm at about 95lbs down. I'm hoping to hit 100 by my 1 year. I went into this knowing exactly what the averages were and expecting to be on the low end so that anything above that would be amazing, and it is.
  9. MistyAnnMoon829

    My One Year Surgiversary

    That is so amazing! I'm excited to read this! My 1 year is coming up in a couple months and I am just shy of losing 100 lbs. Then I strive to lose another 25 at most on top of that, and reading this makes me think that I can!
  10. MistyAnnMoon829

    Greetings from a sort-of newbie!

    The scale truly means nothing for the first month after the surgery. But yay! Everything sounds right on track, You are doing way better than I did immediately post op with your liquids. Kudos!
  11. MistyAnnMoon829

    Maybe I am atypical, but the sleeve didn't help with hunger

    I actually had the same thing happen to me, I didn't want to eat, at least not really for the first week after surgery, but once I was healed it was pretty much the business as usual. I do find however that the things that I eat when "snacking" are better now than the things I ate before. I think this new tummy just happened to turn us into the people who need to eat a small meal every couple hours versus three normal meals and the occasional snack. Protein does keep you full feeling longer (it didn't work when we were bigger because of our ginormous tummys), I also find that drinking flavored Water helps more than regular water and I LOVE regular water. Something about the flavoring tends to soothe the hunger pains that are in my tummy/brain. I'm pretty sure a portion of this is head hunger as well. We are use to eating junk whenever we want and that is a hard habit to break. A few recommendations that I have read are to drink a lot of water and if you still want to eat in 30 minutes, eat some Jerky or a Protein Bar. That should tide you over until your next meal. I agree though, thank goodness for the small stomach so that I can't overstuff myself because I think I'm hungry!
  12. MistyAnnMoon829

    Had a sleeve 1 year ago! Still Haven't lost!

    Hi! I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a struggle. Are you getting in enough Protein every day and tracking what you eat on MyFitnessPal.com? If you are seeing the weight coming back try going back to basics or even trying the 5 day pouch test. http://5daypouchtest.com/ I did it and I feel like it helped me get my head back on straight when I was starting to worry. Are you eating your meals protein first and when you are snacking are you making good choices (fruits, beef Jerky, veggies etc)? Definitely go to your appts and ask your surgeon for advice, or go and speak with your nutritionist and lay out what your eating habits are like and see if they can make some recommendations on how to help you. Though kudos on losing 50 pounds!!! That is really excellent progress!
  13. MistyAnnMoon829

    NSV shout outs

    @@IcanMakeit Thank you! I did, it was very boob flattering. Which we all know right about now is helpful.
  14. MistyAnnMoon829

    NSV shout outs

    @@IcanMakeit here you go!
  15. MistyAnnMoon829

    NSV shout outs

    Before my surgery 9.5 months ago I bought a cute bolero halter vest that ties in the back in a large, off Ebay for $6, and every so often I would take it out and try it on, and it wouldn't tie...guess what I'm wearing today!? I am so happy, I feel so cute.

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