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  1. SherB

    Does this look normal

    I had a ton of bruises but not near the incision, mine was only from the blood thinner shots. May want to have it checked out.
  2. I gained 8 pounds after surgery, yes 8 pounds and they didn't come off for two weeks. Don't compare yourself to others, we are all different. Some lose 1/2 pound per day consistently. I lose nothing, nothing, nothing then BAM 5 pounds. Just hang in there.
  3. SherB

    Coke / Pepsi

    I don't drink it anymore, my doctor said never. My issue is I loved soda too much, so for me I may not be able to have one a day and be good with it. If someone can and has no issue it is certainly their decision. Same reason I have not had a donut either. Cannot trust myself. LOL
  4. The doctor and NUT will give you a plan to follow. I have UHC and had to follow a 6 month plan, seeing the dr. monthly and then they were able to submit the paperwork for approval. Just follow the plan and you will do fine.
  5. Good luck to you. If you set your mind to it you can lose weight without surgery. I have done it several times and regained. Of course the same can be said for people that have had surgery.
  6. I am in Mesa, that is close.
  7. I am feeling pretty blessed. Everyone of my family members has been super supportive including a ton of extended family. A few of my friends may have mixed feelings but never voiced them to me.
  8. SherB

    Poop Post-Op

    Over 5 months out and still have the same problem. I believe it is just so hard to get enough fiber in truthfully. By the time I eat my protein I can't really fit in much more. Maybe a fiber supplement can help. I end up using a stool softener once a week but there must be a better option.
  9. Hello, I am 3 1/2 months out and am losing hair like crazy. I take biotin, use Nexion shampoo and conditioner, get all my protein in, all my vitamins and use a protein treatment. I have tried just about everything they say to do. Hair coming out by the brush full daily. My hair is thin anyway and I am looking older than heck now. UGH.... Any other suggestions?
  10. SherB

    post op 7 days pizza

    LOL DBLPATTYMELT7AM, You are probably right AND I also ate a few bites of pizza about 2 weeks out. Chewed the crap out of it and swallowed it CUZ I was hungry as heck!! Once you can eat more solids some of the cravings subside. =)
  11. SherB

    post op 7 days pizza

    I missed pizza too but now it tastes so disgusting and salty. Cant stand it. LOL
  12. I was allowed baked chicken at 3 weeks out. All doctors are different. My sleeve handled it just fine but of course I could only eat a few bites and it wasn't dry.
  13. SherB

    Need advise badly

    I would have the surgery while you have somewhat of a safety net. You are still together and if he has insurance do it ASAP. My stats were very similar to you, same height and surgery weight 285 AND same age. I am happy that I am losing and you need something to give you a boost of confidence. I wont lie, I am losing a lot of hair but know it isn't forever plus my hair was not very thick to start with. If you and your husband were meant to last then you will, if not you will be well on your way to feeling more confident and you will feel like getting into the world and supporting yourself if you need to. I am a single mom with a deadbeat ex so it can be done! Best of luck to you.
  14. Went looking for some tops since mine were literally falling off of me. Went to Plus size store Catherine's and realized that the smallest size tops were a bit too big. =)
  15. This will be a weird Thanksgiving for me. I really cannot overeat with my sleeve at this point but I really have to think through exactly 5 bites of "what" I will have. =)
  16. July 16th here. I am at 55 pounds lost but really we are all very close. I don't think we are slow losers, some are fast losers but we are doing pretty good. Think positive about what you have lost instead of where you think you should be.
  17. SherB

    Really discouraged

    Yeah, well I have lost 55 pounds since surgery and nobody seems to notice except family. I give up waiting for others to compliment me. My smaller, looser clothes compliment me. =)
  18. SherB

    Post-Op Frustration. HELP!

    Umm... Have you ever lost 21 pounds in one month? That is actually quite a bit of weight. Actually better than normal. Keep doing what you are doing and the weight will come off. Stalls will happen, and quite regularly. Good luck.
  19. SherB

    Soooo exhausted

    I was like that for about 6 weeks. It gets better, just make sure you are getting in all of your vitamins, protein and as much water as you can. I suck at the water part myself. =)
  20. Thank goodness I didn't have a pre-op diet. =)
  21. SherB

    How to deal with fat friends

    My personal opinion is to tell your friends, it isn't fair for people you love that are obese to watch you lose weight so quickly and not realize you had surgery. People then wonder, "why the heck can't I do that?". That is why I will tell any of my overweight friends the truth and the not so overweight ones that ask. What does it really hurt to be honest? Who knows, they may decide to join up and get surgery too! That being said, you have to do what is right for you.
  22. It took me about a month but I had excessive swelling and couldn't even get water down. Now no problems at all.
  23. Your body is still in shock from the surgery. Do not worry, you will start losing as your body starts to recover. Really, it is a good idea not to weigh for a week or so. You are doing everything right. Also I gained 9 pounds just from the surgery fluids and it came off within a few weeks plus a lot more. Patience.
  24. SherB

    Venting about bad news

    I am in the Phoenix location and my doctor may be one that does revisions. She literally saved a young lady's life that had to have some type of revision. She is top notch so if you have to come here, you will be in excellent hands.

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